Konjac: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


KONJAC: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?
The konjac or konjac Amorphophalus , is a vegetable that comes straight from the South-East. It grows in forests in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan, so it's no surprise that we see that it is the main consumers of konjac. Although common in many Asian countries, the vegetable of the family Araceae is cooked and consumed primarily in Japan who are the official experts.

He appeared in the eighteenth century in Japan. At the time, the konjac was mainly used for its qualities "medicinal" , it would be effective as a treatment against diabetes or cancer. It was called " devil's tongue "because of its peculiar shape. Its roots into flour, are used to create the famous konnyaku .

Today, it is widely used in the food industry. Extracted from glucomannan roots into a thickener effective.

Good food for health

Glucomannan: Konjac extract of the roots

Konjac is known for many qualities , and is considered by some as a drug belonging to the herbal medicine . It is used in many systems, and is especially recommended by Dr. Dukan for its famous Dukan diet .

Konjac as natural appetite suppressant

Its roots contain glucomannan , this substance is a powerful gelling agent "lining" the stomach when ingested, so the satiety effect is very fast, and penetrate much less fat in the stomach. This is where this effect is appetite suppressant which is famous for the food. And on top of that, the konjac contains approximately only 3 calories per 100g.

Its medicinal properties

Konjac was used in Asia against cancer and against diabetes, but it also has a laxative effect and soothing to the stomach, useful for stomach pain. It allows to reduce the rate of bad cholesterol .

It is therefore useful to fight against excess weight and obesity. By cons, of course, for any health problem, even if the konjac is completely harmless , it is important to consult a health professional.

How to eat konjac?


The konjac noodles are very useful to cook a good meal diet, or to replace a pasta dish sometimes a little too heavy and calories. There are also pasta konjac , widespread months now, but that approach more conventional pasta we know.

Konjac noodles
Konjac noodles


Noodles, or shirataki konjac are made ​​from flour konnyaku , water and calcium hydroxide. It is very low in calories, of course vegetarian, and suitable for many dishes.


gelule konjac
Transmission capsules konjac

Jelly made ​​through glucomannan can not eat directly, but it is used in the preparation of many foods.


Capsules konjac are generally eaten as an appetite suppressant . They take about 1/2 hour before meals, the effect lining limits the hungry, and are fat absorption during the meal.

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