Konjac: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


KONJAC: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?
Because of its low calorie content (less than 10 kcal per 100g), its high fiber content (2-3 g per 100g) and a strong satiating effect, konjac is a product particularly suitable for diets. It is also used by Japanese women for 2,000 years.


Low energy
Without sugar
Rich in fiber
Gluten free
Balance cholesterol
Satiety and weight loss

Konjac dietary benefitsRich in fiber and appetite suppressant effect

The benefits derived from konjac its main component the glucomannan , a soluble fiber. It has the ability to absorb and helps eliminate toxins from the body. In contact with the water volume is increased, swelling and it will take up space in the stomach making no calorie.

It has a real effect detox capturing toxins it encounters: in Japan it is used in detoxifying treatment to clean the intestine.

This technique eliminates the sensation of hunger faster and therefore eat less. This is an effective hunger effect cutting mechanics: eat less and therefore fewer calories you ingest.

It gives many benefits to this fiber: regulation of intestinal transit, lower lipid levels in the blood and better glycemic control.

Very light

Konjac contains only 3 kcal per 100g, even less than the cucumber! It contains no vitamins or minerals, so it must be consumed as part of a varied and balanced diet.

Benefits weight konjacTransit and absorption of sugars

This plant is a true ally for slimming lose weight because it promotes the regulation of transit , trap calories, fats and sugars ingested .

Its richness in fiber promotes bowel transit and acts as a purifying. By trapping fats, konjac can "clean up" the digestive system.

Konjac also traps the sugars, it reduces their absorption and therefore the glucose spikes often present after a rich meal.

Use of konjac advice

Never skip any of the three meals and use of konjac in your kitchen every day. Konjac will then become part of the ingredients with which you confectionnerez your dishes. This slimming method will enable you to discover new flavors and make a culinary journey. Just have to buy konjac !

Perfect for all those who love cooking. What is great with konjac diet is that you can eat anything as long still remain on reasonable quantities! Take time to enjoy your meal and stop eating when you are full.

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