Cannabis: Benefits, Properties?


Cannabis: Benefits, Properties?

9 medical benefits of Cannabis / Marijuana that could make you go for it at the pharmacy

In several U.S. states, it is legal and not just as an alternative medicinal therapy, but also as a drug for entertainment, as are cigarettes and alcohol snuff.

Also known as marijuana or cannabis, is the name given in Spanish to the plant Cannabis sativa, referring to his preparation for psychotropic or health uses. Its use, possession and cultivation is illegal in much of the world, despite being the most consumed in the world (according to the UN) illicit substance. For this reason being debated around the world regulate the consumption of this plant, either for recreational or medicinal uses, Uruguay it being the first country to legalize the production, sale and consumption of marijuana from December 2013.

We talked at length of this beautiful plant, which is abundantly criminalized for their use in many parts of the world, mainly by prejudices that have established legal parameters that do not allow you to enter scientific criteria to support their consumption.

If you do not think "healthy" and think that this cure is worse than the disease, you can check the indexes of mortality by type of drug in the U.S. or not marijuana damages the brain tissue as alcohol.

Below is a list of scientifically proven to ailments that can be treated with cannabis sativa benefits:

  1. Stops the growth of cancerous tumors: That's according to the U.S. Cancer Institute and discuss recent research that found that a compound derived from marijuana may stop metastasis in a variety of cancers.

  2. Reduces the possibility of diabetes: Lowering blood sugar levels in the blood, despite the "slump" may be a good treatment to combat this disease. So it raises the American Journal of Medicine says that a lower prevalence of obesity and diabetes mellitus on consumers of cannabis sativa.

  3. You can help in cases of fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis: While research is always, marijuana has a palliative effect in painful diseases that affect the nervous system and muscles. Were published in the journal Arthritis Care & Research, some lights what could the benefits of treatment with cannabis, but are still inconclusive.

  4. Fights glaucoma which is the pressure in the eye, because it dilates the capillaries or veins decompressing eyestrain. So the phenomenon of red eyes when this plant is consumed.

  5. It would be key in preventing Alzheimer: Raphael Mechoulam, professor emeritus of biochemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, found a component that prevent neuronal death several years ago. We joined the recent discovery that the hypothalamus is the organ of aging, would be closer to refine the solution to this increasingly common disease.

  6. Support not experience migraines. A nightmare is suffered by millions of people affected by severe headaches. Some specialist sites give credits to cure marijuana. If you do not believe in this solution, you can make worrying front of your diet.

  7. would be a successful treatment without side effects for children with attention deficit disorder and emotional problems: How marijuana is not exclusive to the smoke, having other forms of benefit, many parents adopted this controversial treatment.

  8. Reduces menstrual cramps: The Big Book of Cannabis, Queen Victoria have consumed to prevent menstrual cramps, concerned that eventually was replaced by the encapsulated pharmacology. In the documentary The Union, which reveal the true reason for its ban, multipurpose speak to combat common ailments like gastritis or caused by menstruation.

  9. Marijuana reduces sugar levels in the blood according to the study: Previous epidemiological studies have found a lower prevalence of obesity and diabetes mellitus in marijuana users compared to people who have never smoked marijuana, suggesting a relationship between cannabinoids and peripheral metabolic processes, but ours is the first study investigating the relationship between marijuana use and fasting insulin, glucose and insulin resistance.

Addiction and Side Effects

While there have proven medical benefits of marijuana in some cases, experts agree that the use of this plant may have side effects and addictive in some users.

"Among those who use marijuana, have been having trouble concentrating, anxiety can have a change in the perception of time and space, confusion, tachycardia, dizziness and palpitations," said the doctor.
When it comes to people who have smoked many concentrations of the plant-added-expert could present something known as "deprivation syndrome". "When they run the effect of marijuana, such individuals may feel agitated, present irritability, sleep problems, and also have nausea and vomiting."

Rodriguez explained that marijuana may have additive effects in some cases due to the feeling of comfort and calm that offers people who use it.

"Patients who are ill and are using marijuana for pain obviously will not want to leave if they calm the pain. If you are undergoing chemotherapy and vomiting obviously not going to want to keep feeling these symptoms. Then a psychological dependency is formed out of necessity, "he said.

"The important thing is that people are informed and follow the rules and directions that will have by the Department of Health of New York well," he urged.
The governor's proposal would allow Andrew Coumo 20 hospitals in the state, appointed by the state Department of Health to deliver the grass by patients who need prescription prescriptions.

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