Black Cohosh: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?


Black Cohosh: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?

The black cohosh comes from northeastern North America, where it grows on the hillsides and in shady spots of forest edges and hedgerows. The plant reaches 2-3 m tall.
Parts used

In the fall, after ripe fruit, the root is dug, cut and dried.
The dried root is used to make tablets and liquid extracts prepared.

The root is rich in substances that mimic the effects of estrogen (a female hormone). Contains triterpenoid glycosides inflammatories and antioxidants, and salicylic acid, which acts like aspirin. the root contains tannins, which are antibacterial and help heal wounds.
Medicinal Uses

In 1998, a German magazine on the benefits of black cohosh in the treatment of menopausal symptoms were documented, such as hot flashes and depression. In a study conducted in 1987, revealed that tablets containing black cohosh extract alleviated the symptoms of menopause.
The black cohosh is also prescribed for gynecological problems, including menstruation (lack of, painful or heavy) and premenstrual tension.

In 1998, Japanese scientists demonstrated in vitro the effects of piscídicos acids - present in the plant on veins and arteries. In previous clinical studies (1962), Italian researchers found that the plant could cause dilation of blood vessels without adversely affecting blood pressure.

In traditional Chinese medicine, black cohosh is used to treat inflammation, pain and fever. In 2000 it was reported in Planta Medica of the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant, which suggested its possible use in treating rheumatism. In addition to exercising a sedative effect, it is very useful to cure anxiety. It has also been used as a cough remedy.

It grows in moist, rich soil, ideally under some shade.
Preparation and dose

Whether used as tablets, liquid extract or other pharmaceutical preparation, treatment with black cohosh should only be used under supervision of a doctor or medical herbalist.
If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

While there has been no observed toxic effects, it is imperative to use black cohosh as an herbal doctor prescribed.
Pregnant women who are lactanda or should not use, nor women with a history of breast cancer or any other cancer linked to estrogen.
The black cohosh should not be taken with reducing blood pressure medications unless under the supervision of medical herbalist.
Do not take if you are allergic to aspirin.
It can cause gastrointestinal disorders.

Black cohosh herb woman

The black cohosh is a species of wild plant found mainly in the United States and Canada. In the specialty of gynecology is very famous for the benefits provided to women who use it.

Native Americans used the herb to treat black sore throat cohosh, fatigue and bites of rattlesnakes; even they were pioneers in delivering benefits to women of their tribes.

Benefits of black cohosh for women

The black cohosh acts in the body of women as an antispasmodic, so if during your period suffer from those pesky cramps and colic may help you with this plant much prowess.

Its antispasmodic action is focused on relieving the muscles, nerves and blood vessels, in fact one of its components is the famous salicylic acid, a major ingredient of aspirin. It also contains isoflavones, tannins and aromatic acids among others, that significantly react excellently in our body.

When black cohosh consume the uterus relaxes, in many women stress can cause disruptions in the flow of menstruation and this plant does is promote menstrual bleeding, eliminating this tension.

The herb black cohosh is recommended before pregnancy a few days to relax the uterus and produce more efficient contractions. It is also recommended for women who have had difficult births and is useful for preventing miscarriages.

During menopause black cohosh consumption is also recommended, as this herb has an estrogenic effect on the body, activates estrogen target tissues which is great for older women. Even research confirms that black cohosh reduces hot flashes, night sweats and improve sleep, and other symptoms of menopause.

Other benefits of black cohosh

But the properties of black cohosh are not just for women, it is also a stomach tonic that helps improve nutrient absorption in the stomach and waste disposal. Also, some doctors recommend to treat infectious diseases such as whooping cough and smallpox.

The black cohosh has become a very famous herb in alternative by major medical health benefits, although the fresh herb is difficult to achieve in countries outside the United States, its processed marketing is much more frequent. Even in some pharmacies can be achieved as a tablet.

Now you know, the black cohosh is a medicinal plant either, but one that seems especially designed for large stages that women around the world. The discovery of its benefits has been a major breakthrough in what has to do with menstrual cramps and other issues related to women, such as menopause and pregnancy.

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