Shea Butter: Benefits, Uses, Effects?


Shea Butter: Benefits, Uses, Effects?
What is Shea Butter?

Shea is a natural product that comes from Butyrospermum parkii, a tree that grows in the savanna in central and western Africa, in countries such as Nigeria, Senegal and Burkina Faso.
The fruit produced by this tree look inside nuts and almonds and naturally fat white hide. When these almonds are handled becomes a yellowish mass: shea butter. Each year, a tree produces an average of twenty kilos of dough.

Shea butter can be bought in bulk or directly transformed incorporated in cosmetic products sold in specialty stores, supermarkets and other stores.


This product has many restorative properties: in addition to smooth the skin, brings flexibility and deeply moisturizes. It is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, is composed by latex and components that prevent the butter from becoming soap. It is a natural care with multiple uses.

The cosmetic uses

If you decide to use the dough, check the appearance of butter you have nothing to do with creams or milks sold in traditional stores. It comes in a much more consistent product and difficult to implement. It is normal before applying must vigorously rubbing the butter between your hands to warm it and turn it into oil.

Do not try to do it with a hair dryer or placing it near radiator, much less introducing it in the microwave.

Shea butter and face care

This is an excellent product for facial care. Its benefits include elasticity, hydration and skin protection. It can be used as a lip balm, and is very effective, especially in winter. It is also useful for the area of ​​the nose, if you have irritated due to constipando in winter or allergy in the spring.
In regard to men, the treatment can be used as aftershave to soothe irritated skin. Pay attention to the result that leaves oily butter, do not forget to clean with a wet wipe.

For body care

Shea butter is particularly recommended for very dry skin. If you buy in bulk form have different tricks here to apply:

  • In the Bath: Add to water a nut butter. A thin layer of product will cover the body. It's great to relax and notice a great feeling of wellness. When you get out of the bath your skin will be very gentle.

  • In massage: as moisturizing milks, shea butter can be applied giving a massage to relax the muscles. Dátela arms and legs. You will see that the effect is immediate if you have muscle soreness.

  • After epilation: apart from its moisturizing, shea butter soothes the skin thanks to its soothing and relaxing properties.

  • Antiestrías: if you're on a diet or if you are pregnant, apply butter in areas in which you lose weight or gain weight soles, like the legs, for example. You will serve as action to prevent stretch marks. It is a preventive action does not already have stretch marks disappear.

For hand care

There are many brands that have selected the care of the properties of shea butter to create a nourishing cream. Heals the cracks and moisturizes hands cross.

For hair care

It is also an excellent solution for a healthy hair, especially if you have dry off, as butter restores the vitality missing. It is fantastic for that curly, naturally, tend to be drier than other hair types.

If you want a moisturizing action: Apply a knob of butter the night before wash your hair. Do not need to use too much product because it will cost then rinse. You should wear it from the ends to the roots and let the hair sit wrapped in a warm towel. After about 15-20 minutes to dry your hair will not stain your pillow. The butter will act overnight and hair will absorb the keratin.

In the morning, wash your head to remove any remaining butter. You may have to repeat the wash several times. Our advice is to wash your hair with soap of Aleppo, previously applying it on hands. But do not worry if you do not have this particular product, you will also shampoo daily.

Where to buy shea butter and at what price?

Internet is where we find more easily. There are many online stores offering this product. But pay attention and do not buy from the first site you find. Ensure product quality and that you acquire a serious site (in terms of online payment, delivery terms, etc..).
Also find shops specializing in organic products, in some drugstores or even supermarkets.

Prices vary but are usually between 100 ml € 10-20. In any case, it will depend on where you buy it and its origin.

Shea butter can be used all year round. In winter repairs dry and dehydrated skin. In summer, when the sun damages the hair, corrects 'straw' and alleviates potential heat stroke.

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