Tiger Balm: Benefits, Properties?


Tiger Balm: Benefits, Properties?
This balm called TIGER BALM Tiger Balm or, without carrying any ingredient in this animal, has made a great improvement in my legs and I have the problem since September.
The balm that I have is ... well since 1982 that I had my mother, hardly new, tucked in a drawer I found last week, has been moving, and we is expired ... but I have been me pearls and I have already ordered another because there is still in stores.

It's called Tiger because its creator's name was or his name.
There are 2 varieties, RED and WHITE: ie heat and cold effect effect ... I have the RED that is what interests me, for the effects ... but I have not impotaría WHITE. Its smell is the Bisbaporús or whatever it was called, MENTHOL smell, so I get the idea. And now a fairly currao pupurri what is this balm and why they use leg.

Tiger Balm is a product internationally to relieve all kinds of used muscle pain (arthritis, bruises, strains, poor posture, etc..) Being the most used for this purpose red range.

Originally it was part of traditional Chinese medicine and is called and not the urban legend circulating around that formerly were used ointments made based real tiger organs for this function. I do not think this is nothing more than anything because the name of their inventor means Tiger, so I called Tiger Balm.
They say that soon the use of these organs spread throughout Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand ...), countries currently are world producers of this medication.

Tiger Balm is composed of menthol, camphor, clove essential oil, Cajeput essential oil and essential oil of Chinese cinnamon. It has a very strong menthol smell. Remember that I speak only of the red variety, which is what I have. In my case it is pulling to garnet red, smeared perfectly fine and is absorbed more quickly and gives warmth.
They say it is still called Tiger because this name is used in its day but no longer carries this animal bodies because it is forbidden. I do not think anything new and I commented later the name of its creator.

It is in my case a 19 gr boat, with a golden tibujo with a tiger and a large print that reads TIGER BALM cap. In my boat there is no paper stuck with the ingredients because I guess my mother took in his day. The boat is hard and thick glass and has many pictures and sobrerelieves supposedly Chinese symbols.

Developed in Rangoon, Burma, in 1870 by the herbalist Aw Chun Kin, this balm was developed using the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, I doubt I killed Siberians to use tigers, but the man and anything expected, seeing what they do with the kill whales live in crushers in boats ... I prefer not to think about the urban legend and still think it is called by the name of Tiger Aw Chun Kino countryman with his child, which was commercialized.
After the death of the inventor, Aw Boon Haw children and Aw Boon Par perfected manufacturarla ointment and started an industry.

Today, the Tiger Balm is manufactured and sold by the pharmaceutical company Haw Par Healthcare Singapore, which was founded by brothers Aw.
Although the name might make him understand, the ointment

not contain any ingredient that comes from the tigers.
The name of Aw Boon Haw, Haw ¨ ¨ whose name means'' tiger'' 'is who gave the famous name, and let us be the story that if done with bodies Tiger, please.

To dwell a bit more and clarify the 2 ranges, we can find in health food stores and physical and online drugstores, two types of Tiger Balm,'' 'red and white.'''
The only difference between them as I said, is that'' 'red balm contains the essential oil of cinnamon Chinese''' while'' 'white contains essential oil that'''.

Indications summary of the 2 varieties:

  • Red Tiger Balm: Commonly used for muscle and joint pain and has a warming effect.

  • White Tiger Balm has a cooling effect and is often used for headaches,'' ''' migraines' and respiratory congestion.
    Tiger Balm ('' 'Tiger Balm''') is, in short, a fat and semisolid ointment smeared fine if you heat a little in the light of a lamp or hot air dryers, herbal based ingredients.

And summing up even more, much to sell it for massage, Tiger Balm can also be applied in cases of muscle pain, headaches, migraines, cough and mosquito bites, yes, because it is anti-inflammatory, for pimples, acne or pimples dispersed, etc.

There are more products from tiger balm, but the best known are these 2 I tell you, and most widely used is red.

Properties RED Tiger Balm

  • Has a'' ''' rubefacient effect', ie, which dilates blood vessels causing a heating effect that causes the muscles and tendons thereby alleviating pain loose. For my legs begin to comfortably warm, not burning and heat of a typical gel unbearable heat Deliplus effect against cellulite, but skin gets hot but you notice it cool by menthol, but you touch the skin and is very hot. I have seen that it gets a little red at first but nothing major.

*'' 'Camphor''' is'' 'potent anti-inflammatory''' while'' 'menthol and clove''' act as'' 'painkillers''', this coupled with the antirheumatic action ' cajeput'''' 'makes the tiger balm gives very good results in cases of any skeletal-muscular disease such as sprains, minor sprains, arthritis or osteoarthritis. I use it for poor circulation to legs and internal varix is ​​logical that since I have a foot and a swollen ankle ... and the other is because there is a varicose vein in there I do not know see, will 2 years old ... and I notice more things to tell you then.

The fact is that my mother used for migraines but he was wrong, because in this case the white balsam, which is refreshing to be used. I do not remember if the migraines are caused by a tightening of cerebral veins or against its expansion ... as if by constriction, you use the red, and if dilation, you use white, ok? The refrigerant cools and relaxes.
* It is also a good remedy for'' 'headaches or neck pain tension''' and it's true, I used it two days for a tremendous shoulder contracture and disappeared within 2 days.


Red White
Menthol 10% 8%
Camphor 11% 11%
Peppermint Essential Oil 6% 16%
Cajeput Essential Oil 7% 13%
Clove essential oil 5% 1.5%
Cinnamon essential oil 5% 0% China


'' 'Insect bites'''

If a bee stings you, first carefully remove the stinger, you can never get into the skin. This is very important. Then you take a jar of tiger balm, red or white, and you just rub this topical remedy onto the affected area. The pain relieving ingredients quickly give the desired effect, the swelling goes down and the pain subsides. This fits all insect bites, avoiding the happy huge welts.
'' 'Before and / or after sports'''

Use some ointment, is easy to extend if you apply a good deal, if you apply enough, quickly absorbed and disappears. Allows you to quickly warm the muscles to open the blood vessels preparing for the sport you want to do. Red balm is more difficult to extend because if you throw a little as you extend it absorbs and spreads seems very little, in fact I have ventilated mine in 2 weeks.
'' 'Dolores and muscle contracture'''

The pains and muscle spasms such as spasms, calluses and engarrotamientos may be terminated easily by rubbing the painful area gently with RED Tiger Balm, which smells like menthol backing down. It gets in the nose and I decided, if you put a little mucus in the nostrils and if you stand the heat, remember that you're not burning ... you'll quickly cleared. Red balm is absorbed completely and not stain clothes, leaving the skin shiny, little fat but hot and painfully intense camphor pine forest or woodland ay winter ... smells yummy!
'' 'Tiger Balm Back Pain'''

Too rigid and relaxes tired back muscles. Just rubbing the painful area by circular movements from the bottom as I did in my shoulder and neck, already achieves relaxation but the pain disappeared in 2 days and hardness too.
The healing ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin and rub while you glad, watch TV while doing this, so get stimulate blood circulation. Same for neck pain and discomfort of the neck.

'' 'Headache and migraine'''
So many men and women have these happy headaches, headaches that are NOT the same as the horrible migraines, or have the same origin. Still, in the case of migraines are advised to use oil-scented balm white tiger balm mint.

Slowly rubbed his temples and allowed it to take effect, it can also result in the neck cause you know that migraines come from there, blood vessels in the brain stem, or so they say ... when they sit they're coming, put a good glob and a massage there and forehead.
Looking online I leave this summary:
* Red Tiger Balm '10g'''' 'Red Tiger Balm '10g''''' (red)
Tiger Balm Red "Extra Strength" has been used to eliminate symptoms such as headaches, stuffy nose, insect bites, rheumatism, arthritic pains ... Remember that prevents the symptoms but not the causes, never will heal us if we do not heal the causes of our illnesses ... that's what you need to look first, and while relieving pain.

  • White Tiger Balm '10g'''' 'Tiger Balm White 10g''''''' (white)

The White Tiger Balm "Regular Strength" has been used for symptoms such as headaches, stuffy nose, insect bites, rheumatism, arthritic pains ...

Tiger Balm Red '19 .4'' g'' 'Tiger Balm Red '19 .4'' g''' (red)

White Tiger Balm 4 g'' '19'' 'White Tiger Balm '19 .4'' g''' (white)

Tiger Balm Red '30g'''' ''' Red Tiger Balm '30g''' (red)

White Tiger Balm '30g'''' 'White Tiger Balm '30g''''' (white)

My experience

Well, I've since September with horrible itching knee down every time I come out of the shower, I had never happened to me and I did not mind until 2 months after I exploded all over my body and I wanted to die. After going to the doctor and make analytical where everything goes normal, I ordered a medication that took away the pain of itching but no itching, so I was almost month and a half to finish the medicine I thought I was dying because it's like if you fell acid on the skin, but by the whole body itches more million ... well, following certain guidelines recommended by a naturopath and going to my regular doctor, family, they gave me anti-anxiety medication, and part cream very moisturizer that also have to comment ...

Eventually itching are gone entirely, but of course, I'm medicated to the gills ... I have left the drug takes away the pain but not the itching ... and have not appeared, but I'm taking another night that also removes itching and pain ... when I leave it, see if they have definitely gone.
Meanwhile, I shower properly following the dietary guidelines naturopath and shower habits he always did and failed to do to be in other housing ...

I miss moisturizer and found this balm and started blame me legs, in order to improve circulation if the itching also have to do with it as they started down the legs and climbed throughout the body ... be Anyway, after the match in summer time, when you're tan, after showering, and last 15, 20 minutes ... If you do not brake, spread throughout the body in a chronic urticaria may be well and honestly not worth worth living, because it's horrible. I had not braked that ever happened to me, and do not really know why they occur though my naturopath told me why they think they occur.
When you stop taking all medication and see that they are gone, I will make a review telling experience because I know there are many people who will spend it for many years, but take mediation that I took and did not improve and yes, although it seems that perhaps it is not. Right now I have no itching but is bothering me some filthy little itch on the legs, do not know if the socks are or what the hell, but ... the fact is that I have two weeks throwing her first red tiger balm, and when the skin pore is open and warm skin, is when I miss the moisturizer to penetrate well.

It is not known if I itch because the skin pore is saturated with sunscreen, if resected by the sun, if you have something to do tan, say the itching when the tan will be ... well this is not I tell it because it is for another review.
Anyway, I use this red balm for whole legs, get a little bit red but very very hot, very pleased to put on pajamas and use it after a shower and I'm taking a shower now and I say ... I'll use it.

Also use for my thousand and one contractures backs ... I did not give that a pain ... and for many years no longer with them and I know when I hurt but sometimes are unbearable if not let me turn the neck, I put it on and disappeared contracture, which supposedly makes the body to protect something ... the muscles contract to protect bone

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