Tiger Balm: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?


Tiger Balm: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?
Tiger Balm, a remedy for many ailments

Tiger Balm is an ointment prepared Asian herbal aimed alleviate various pains such as aches, insect bites, cough and inflammations. The product has two forms: the red formula and white formula. The first provides heat to the affected area and the other, by contrast, serves as a coolant.

The name of this ointment is not related to the big cat, is just how the son of the creator herbalist, who along with his brother sold the product throughout the Middle name. Its ingredients are menthol, camphor, peppermint oil, root oil, clove oil, eucalyptus and cassia oil, make-up of the medical principles of ancient China.

Today is the best selling salve the world as it has proven to be very effective. Its properties not only reduce pain, but causing bodily relaxation that combats stress of daily life. He often used to combat muscle myalgia produced to make great efforts to the extremities. It is also very helpful in relieving chronic migraines or headaches caused by environmental situations.

This balm gives excellent results in cases of flu states. If applied to the chest and back with soft friction relaxes the respiratory system; also clears the way of breathing, it may be inhaled directly or from a bowl of water to which is added a pinch of the compound.

When a person has stomach pains, a solution is to extend this ointment belly area and gently massage. Also, if you are suffering from cystitis takes a little balm and placed on the pubic bone discomfort with this remedy so that the patient can sleep decreases.

A very common use is used to reduce itching provoked by insect bites and the resulting inflammation. You should only spread a little and rub gently for relief in minutes.

In chronic diseases such as arthritis or rheumatism, the Tiger Balm is an essential analgesic, as applied regularly promotes joint mobility and reduce acute pain penetrate deeply and makes life easier.

Tiger Balm: a small miracle
Happy Sunday girls! Such llevais the weekend? Today I start my days off, so here I still have 7 days of rest and to enjoy the warmth of the terraces and shopping! because I'm Climbing up the walls! lol

Today I bring a Chinese remedy, tiger balm.

Tiger Balm is a product made of herbs: Menthol, clove essential oil, Cajeput essential oil and essential oil of Chinese cinnamon. I explain:

It is rubefacient effect, ie, which dilates blood vessels causing a heating effect that causes the muscles and tendons, thereby alleviating pain loose.
Camphor is a potent anti-inflammatory while menthol and cloves act as analgesics, this coupled with the antirheumatic action cajeput makes the tiger balm gives very good results in cases of any skeletal-muscular disease such as sprains, minor sprains , arthritis or osteoarthritis.
It is also a good remedy for headaches or neck pain tension.
We can find two types of Tiger Balm, red and white. The only difference between them is that the red balm contains the essential oil of Chinese cinnamon while white does not contain the essential oil.


Tiger Balm Red is often used for muscle and joint pain and has a warming effect.
The White Tiger Balm has a cooling effect and is often used for headaches, migraines and respiratory congestion.

I as you see, I have tiny red cap canopy, the copper on iherb to see how it went, and large, I got several years ago because it gave me. To give you an idea, I'll show you:

Podreis not well appreciated xq my camera is "great" but it is a kind of creamy ointment with a strong menthol smell, come on, you put it on the affected area and you'll be smelling menthol average day. It is white, but when applied on the skin, it is transparent so we can put wherever we want.

I use it whenever I have a headache, as some have studied pharmacy, it remains in very good place to ibuprofen (kidney damage), paracetamol .... and yes, they are wonderful and I am not at all to discover medicine (and I'm a whiny doctor for all) but I think if it hurts a bit the head first and then taste it and if I need something stronger, I take the pill. My headaches and migraines often seem to have the heart in the temple (not sure if any will know what it feels like), and I do? I put a little cream in each hand, and I miss scrubbing action.

Personal Opinion:

I like a lot. You put it and after a while noticed as pain disappears and gives me peace of mind, as I said the smell is quite strong and there are people who can dislike a little much menthol, because it gets in your nose and go, I also served as vaporu vicks jajaj. But it is an alternative if you buenisima it illegal? Medicating with many things, or just your not assail the pill because ye turn eaten anything before and have seen a very empty stomach, because you feel bad or because you win does not!

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