Ayahuasca: Benefits, Uses, Effects


Ayahuasca: Benefits, Uses, Effects

The use of ayahuasca is expanding increasingly in Western society. In Internet and other media can be found references to the ayahuasca with increasing frequency. However, it is difficult to find objective information about the potential risks and benefits associated with their use, as well as what you can find when you choose to participate in a session. Here you will find this information to help you help you make responsible decisions, reduce risk and maximize potential benefits.
Deciding to take ayahuascaLa decision to participate in a session always has to take the individual, not a family member or friend. This decision must be based on a clear understanding of the potential risks and benefits in relation to medical history, mental health, and overall mood. Ayahuasca is sometimes presented as a panacea for many ills, and sometimes may seem an easy way out to solve personal problems. However it is only a tool, in the case of being well used, can catalyze the therapeutic process or the process of personal growth.

Each person is different, much of our internal emotions and mental processes is unknown territory. That's where this tool can have its function may allow to gain more awareness of emotions, thoughts, behavior, body and relationships. This increased awareness in these areas can afford to work on these aspects to achieve our strategies to improve sesionesLas vida.Tipo of ayahuasca sessions usually done in a group setting of about 5 to 25 people, although there are sometimes up sessions 100 or more people. Sessions take place mostly at night, although infrequently can have meetings during the day.

Ayahuasca session usually lasts between 3 and 7 hours. There are centers or groups where one is to sleep after the session, but is not always the case. The session is always led by a facilitator who can be a healer, a shaman or neochamán, therapist, padrinho or Mestre in the ayahuasca churches, or any other person who in principle has been widely experimented with it and knows how to lead sessions. In the beginning of the session you can take a little time to share the intentions of each in relation to the meeting, did you decide to participate, and once the wheel of intent, ayahuasca is shared experience and start tomas.La ayahuasca may have many phases.

Sometimes exploring the inner worlds is accompanied by emotional pain, or some kind of suffering or stress relief, so is not uncommon in ayahuasca sessions, especially those more oriented to healing, has tears and even screaming in the room throughout the night. Also the purgative effects of ayahuasca cause vomiting may occur, which is done in a bucket inside the room or outside in a place intended for that purpose. In general, using music facilitator is leading the experience, although there are guides that also work with silencio.

****En generally there are 3 types of sessions:

Traditional / shamanic, religious and therapeutic, although all three types of work are highly interconnected : a shamanic or religious session can have therapeutic effects as well as a therapeutic session mystical experiences can occur religiosas.La session chamánicaHay a range of traditional and shamanic sessions. These sessions are usually led by shamans, also called 'healers' or 'vegans' originating in South America or their Western disciples who have been trained in these indigenous traditions, sometimes called neo-shamans.

These jobs are very oriented to healing, with a spiritual focus and may involve pre-purging making ayahuasca practices, eg with snuff, in order to "cleanse" the body of possible toxins. The sessions are usually held in the dark or around a fire, where the experience is guided by the whistles and chants of the shaman and may have live music with instruments like maracas, drums, mouth harp, etc.. The type of music is different in different countries and traditions. For example, in Peru use songs that are called shaman or curandero Icaros.El usually accompanied by assistants who help participants on practical issues such as toileting, or in difficult times and also participate in musical performance. The shaman can use techniques like blowing smoke snuff participants, arrange the room and participants with perfumed incense stick or florida holy water, besides leading the session with music and / or singing. Sessions that are intense personal work is required.

The worldview of these sessions is based on traditional indigenous worldview, which has a spiritual and spiritualist approach, unlike most sessions occidental.La therapeutic approach terapéuticaEn session contexts with therapeutic approach, understood within a framework of Western psychotherapy, ayahuasca is considered a useful therapeutic tool for work or personal growth processes. These sessions usually incorporate a preparation work for the taking, and work back to the same integration. Such sessions will vary according to the facilitator and style you have.

Some variants may be the possibility of individual sessions, the use of different types of music, alternating digital music with the music, or work with the silence of most frequent maneras.Es find different sessions that will perform pre-and post-therapeutic decision in the therapeutic context in shamanic, which usually does not work usually extends far beyond the context of the decision and the best work session integration in the morning siguiente.ReligiosaEn many parts of the world are Brazilian origin syncretic churches that use ayahuasca as a sacrament. The most important are the Santo Daime, the União Do Vegetal and Barquinha.

The members of these churches often take ayahuasca often between 2-4 times a month. While the context of the churches are religious, there are jobs and other cures, so that religious, healing and community cohesion are often intermingled purposes. Such sessions are highly ritualized and have very specific rules and guidelines on how to participate and behave during the sessions. The ceremonies usually sing hymns, but there are also sessions in silence and concentration. In some groups the participants during the sessions to ask questions about Mestres philosophical and religious issues. There are sessions that are performed while seated and other dancing simple and repetitive steps. Depending on the group, after the ceremony the participants go home or not, doing or having done integration work.

There are actually much variety as churches. In any case, because it started small communities, usually a process monitoring of each person who may be more or less formally supervisado.Como choose a centroSi've decided to take ayahuasca, it is important to choose an appropriate context in line with your intentions and what you want from this experience. In general, it is best to avoid attending sessions where not offer any preparation and, more importantly, integration. It is also advisable to choose sessions that bidders perform some monitoring of people, as well, if you experience long lasting problems or difficulties integrating experience longer can receive help. In general, it is also advisable to choose a site where one can stay overnight after collection, or spend all semana.

Para to most people's experience with ayahuasca is an introspective experience in which one is most of the time with his eyes closed looking 'inwards', although the group factor plays an important role. It may be that you feel uncomfortable for being in a group surrounded by strangers with whom you will share this session. Knowing your teammates before taking, or sharing intentions group that often help relax incomodidad.

Otros important aspects to choose a center or a group meeting is to be counted with exclusion criteria, ie, previously interviewed such person is not allowed to participate who suspected that the ayahuasca experience, rather than benefit, may harm. If no exclusion criteria, if not ask for medical history or possible psychiatric history, or do not report on the risks of taking ayahuasca presenting it as a panacea that cures everything, then there is a context of making responsible and safe .

If a healer or other facilitator has an appearance of guru, sold as the best ayahuasquero the world or is not sensitive to your personal situation or the reasons why you want to join, is also highly recommended that you put your faith in that person. The same approaches if by the guide with sexual connotations.

Neither is good indication if the person promises guarantees about the results of the sesión.Básicamente, if information about the ayahuasca provided by the organizer prior to the session has an objective approach, consistent with the information that is provided in this text, directing groups are small with no more than 20 participants per session, there are wizards that help to guide and pre-selection of participants, then it is good sign is made.

Yet it is always a good idea to hear reviews of centers and groups in social networks or acquaintances who participated previamente.Cuando I've decided who take ayahuasca sure you have a previous interview with him / her a few days or weeks prior to the session. Many guides put restrictions on daily habits, like stop eating salt or abstain from sex a few days before the shooting.

Each guide has its own criteria and if you'll take him and place your trust in him, follow his advice but not entirely share the reasons for such restrictions

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