Ayahuasca: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?


Ayahuasca: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?
Biochemistry of the ayahuasca

"The psychological effects of ayahuasca consumption have been studied by psychiatrists and psychologists for years. It was determined that the use of psychoactive substances in some plants can alter states of consciousness and produce positive therapeutic results in the treatment of diseases such as drug abuse. " (Zavala Lopez 1995).
There are many scientific research on the chemistry of ayahuasca and its physiological effects, being able to state the following: toxicity is nil; consumption within a controlled context has no side effects and no addictive, one of its uses precisely the addiction treatment in detoxification of drug addiction.

Josep M ª Fericgla says: "... after thousands of years of consumption in the Amazon there is not a single record of abuse, poison or accidents as a result of its use. There have been no cases of abuse or addiction to this substance is not toxic, does not generate dependency and not a single case of crime associated with their consumption. "

The first study on the chemical composition of the ayahuasca vine was conducted by a Colombian chemist in 1923, Fischer Cardenas, who isolated an alkaloid which he called telepathine. The name was proposed almost twenty years ago by one Zerda Bayon. During the twenties of the last century several chemists isolated several alkaloids which suggested names like yajeína, yajenina, banisterine and finally, harmine, a name that is because studies of Mediterranean plant Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue or harmel) and demonstrated all these were the same alkaloids, harmine, a well known since the nineteenth century alkaloid (Göbel 1841 Fritzsche 1847, Fischer 1901).

From all this I summarize the main alkaloids present in the liana Banisteriopsis caapi are harmine, harmaline and tetrahydroharmine. Harmaline and other related beta carbolines are inhibitors of MAO, i.e., inhibit the effect of the oxidase enzymes, digestion destroyed the other active ingredient present always in ayahuasca: DMT (dimethyltryptamine). The tryptamines are psychoactive orally, experience only effects in combination with MAOIs.

Translating if only bebiésemos or comiésemos chacruna leaves containing DMT, stomach enzymes destroy it immediately without experiencing the slightest effect, so thanks to MAOIs present in the vine, which acts as an enhancer, we absorb the DMT. Psychotria viridis, chacruna plant contains DMT as the major alkaloid, which also occurs naturally in our body.

"While passing, it is worth the effort to remember that our biochemists have revealed that the human body secretes components (methylated tryptamines and beta-carbolines) whose regulation is related to the time with some mental disorders and states of spiritual elevation, and these are the same substances that contain most of entheogens products, especially ayahuasca. In most cases little is known about how such psychoactive substances act in normal people, but we do know that they are related to sleep and onirogénesis ". (Fericgla 2001).


For more entheogenic containing a component (DMT), Ayahuasca can not be considered a drug. Its consumption is never outside the context of sacred ritual, spiritual and therapeutic properties; deep introspection that reveals pleasant or repressed experiences occurs, so playful, recreational use or dependence is unlikely and inappropriate. Instead of creating addiction causes the opposite effect due to the unpleasant taste of the brew and depth of experience, being necessary time between takes to process what happened and integrate learning.

"It is the tool for opening and a path of knowledge and health. (...) Fortunately it has not jumped the barrier to mass consumption. Its effects are too solemn for people who just seek frivolous experiences. " (Fericgla 2001)


Within the ritual session, participants should respect rules that ensure the proper development of the same:

1 - Whenever possible stay seated. "The physical posture reflects to some extent with-mental-spiritual attitude also receive medicine. A stand or fall blasted implies a not very firm attitude. (..) In the eastern systems reflected the same when practicing sitting meditation. It is also easier to control the effects when sitting than when you are lying, where sometimes we can feel a lot of confusion "(Palma, 2005)

2 - It is important to keep silence, and that experience is essentially introspective and individual conversations much disturbing to other participants, as well as other noises with hands or feet. The ayahuasca intensifies perception and acquire all sounds great intensity.

The shaman guide opening ceremony snuff smoking, asking blessing and protection of God the Father, the Mother Ayahuasca and the spirits of the forest so that he and participants can receive healing and openness that often gives the Ayahuasca. Then everyone comes to sit in front of the healer to take the concoction and personally thanking asking for your personal purpose.

The effects come from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the individual, body weight and personal psychological process. Called mareación the effect produced, similar to being sick. manifesting through colorful visions, scenes such as live in dreams and / or deep introspection we so clearly it is much easier for this state of heightened consciousness solve everyday issues (such as relationships) and have a better outlook on life daily.

As a purgative medicine ayahuasca, is very likely to experience within the mareación a moment of trigger nausea vomiting usually will allow us to release trauma, stress, anger or painful emotional wounds, leaving room for forgiveness, love and openness spiritual.

"Thanks to the ecstatic effect of ayahuasca and its ability to reveal the unconscious, is used as an effective tool in psychotherapy to treat compulsive behaviors and processes of personal growth." (Fericgla 2001)

The whole ceremony is led by the shaman through songs. In the traditional ceremony, these songs are called ícaros and sung to Mother Ayahuasca for her to give you access to the healer to see and heal the patient. The intent of the shaman, with edges employees, will reveal very important ingredients in the participant's experience, facilitating the integration and assimilation of the new understanding of oneself.

Having the opportunity to receive the Ayahuasca Medicine is important, is not a "coincidence", leaving us know that maybe it's time to go beyond the process of self-discovery came. Usually, a before and after because the decisions subsequently taken to decision usually better adapted to focus on relationships, work, creativity and of course, the consideration and integration of spirituality in everyday life.

After the experience participants are to rest and is best not to eat or drink until the next morning. In addition, for a period of not less than 15 days abstinence from alcohol and pork, and 3 days for fruits like papaya or substances such as cannabis is recommended.

The integration process experience is essential, it is preferable not to have to go back to the daily grind and the daily worries at least two or three days if possible. The experience, has been easy or hard, happy or sad, deep or just cozy, let us all a mark, sometimes a real shift in our life, or perhaps the desire to continue looking tools.

I will always remember my first taste of ayahuasca and numerous changes and benefits brought to my life. Many of them were not apparent until months or years later, and may even doubt their direct relationship with ayahuasca, were it not that the same benefits in the warmth and quality of personal relationships I have witnessed hundreds of others. It is important the attitude of respect for this ancient medicine and for yourself, and if you decide to participate in the experience (know yourself), have conviction, responsibility and sufficient sincerity to enter minded, ready to learn the vital wisdom Jungle and Mother Ayahuasca.

MEDICINE. Our first contact with the plant teacher ayahuasca heal demand. Requests overcome our physical and mental ailments. Ayahuasca is medicine for the body, mind and spirit par excellence. The purge is the sacred ayahuasca, and produces a deep cleaning of all our organs and revitalizing them. The purge occurs through vomiting, evacuation, perspiration, breathing, crying, laughing, etc., etc..

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. By revelation or awakening of consciousness during the ayahuasca trance, or in the following days, weeks or months, the awareness is growing, maturing, developing, and goes specifying an authentic personal development in all aspects, that is, in the emotional, marital, family, social, occupational, spiritual-mystical personal level. This practice and / or training leading to discover the full meaning dela personal existence.

MYSTIC, development or personal growth to be achieved, is the truest expression of our personal mystique. Life with more meaning and fulfillment that one is achieving, is the development of our personal mystique. No blinding dogmas, without disturbing obscurantism, not sickly rigidities or fanatical. This spiritual maturity implies tranquility, balance, stealth, wisdom, humility, tolerance and broad wisdom. God is in himself; our mystical practice, the true touch with our inner teacher.

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