Sun : Much More Than Vitamin D!


Sun : Much More Than Vitamin D!
7 benefits of sunshine
How do you say goodbye ?
When you bask in the sun , be careful to keep the sense of time ! The first few days , do not stay more than a quarter of an hour in the sun and go gradually.

I have a healthier complexion
Infrared have an antiseptic effect on the skin , they " sanitize " somehow. It seems more clear in the sun. But the rally lasts only time infrared : summer.
The benefit is valid only for skins without problems since returning from vacation may hold surprises for acne skin. If infrared remediating they thicken under the effect of UV , the pores become clogged and buttons reappear with a vengeance . Therefore better protected with a non-greasy sun spray , special acne skin. Sometimes positive role of IR should not be confused with the negative UV , which in high doses, weaken the immune system of the skin. In particular, they inhibit the production of proteins involved in the protection against cancer.

My skin diseases improve
The sun is beneficial against psoriasis , a disease where the skin is reconstituted in 10 days instead of 20 . It has the advantage of slowing down this process. Earnings also extended eczema when the heat makes you sweat and sebum that moisturizes diluted lesions .
But beware, the sun is not good for all skin conditions , including lupus and lucite .

My bones are stronger
Calcium is an essential molecule in bone architecture . Metabolism and blood concentration are regulated by vitamin D or calciferol . But to summarize , it needs sun , particularly ultraviolet B.
This is why vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin . Needless to expose for hours sunshine 15 minutes a day on the face and forearms enough to trigger its synthesis and to make strong bones. The light should not be too high to avoid the risk of sunburn , especially the need to expose themselves without sunscreen , otherwise it is useless . So the right niche : coffee break at the window between 10 and 11 h and between 16 and 18 h , the ideal time to take a walk . So we abandon self to please the bone !

I eat less
In winter, the biological clock often stops. Normal: 1,000 lux light intensity against 10,000 in the summer, it changes everything . Lack of serotonin hormone ( good mood) , moral decline and sweet nibbles for reassurance. In summer, light forces , serotonin is the top: there is less temptation to snack !

I give an anti sunburn ...
... If tan smooth . Sunlight stimulates the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color tan , but they especially favor the progressive thickening of the skin , both of which eventually form a protective barrier against UV , if you do not burn steps! How effectively tan ?
Exposing themselves only before 12 am and after 16 pm . In the intermediate niche, the UV index is too high (too much UV B): you burn more than you tan.

little trick
Here is a simple benchmark to know when to flee the beach:
• Standing watch your shadow. As it is bigger than you , it will !
• Equal to or less than your size , is that the rays dart increasingly vertically and become very dangerous.
Here's a tip :
fold luggage !

To avoid sunburn , it is mandatory cap and T-shirt. Because no cream is effective at these times. But even outside of this sensitive period, are harmful UV . Sun protection is essential. Always choose a high index . If the tanning develops a little slower in the beginning, after four days the pigmentation of the skin is the same as a subscript . In fact today , it is more chooses his cream only in terms of his skin but also the UV index !

I sleep better
The sun can sleep better. Through receptors in the retina, the light stimulates our secretions of melatonin , a hormone that regulates our sleep but not only. It is considered the "conductor " of our biological clock, since its operation depends on that of other hormonal secretions .
A kind of chain reaction but delayed because melatonin is active only at night to allow other hormones going on stage throughout the day. To sleep well at night , you must have received enough light during the day , the peak of melatonin being 3am ! Dazzling , right?

I have the moral zenith
Cloudy days , our mood is gloomy , especially in winter where sunlight is minimal . Is that our biological clock needs light !
It promotes our secretions of melatonin , which themselves influence other hormones such as serotonin, the hormone mood and dopamine pleasure hormone . In fine weather, easy to refuel light by exposing 10 to 15 minutes , without sunglasses , so at a time when the rays are not likely to damage your eyes (before 11 am and after 18 pm ) .
Needless to look at the sun , being in the light enough. As useless to go to the Bahamas. Here in summer, there are 10 times more light than the recommended dose !

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