Potato: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?


Potato: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?
20 alternative uses for potatoes

The potatoes are suitable to be used in numerous recipes and cooking are among the most popular vegetables to bring to the table, much appreciated by children for their good taste. They can be a valuable aid as a real natural remedies for health care and beauty, but also of the house and the garden.
Here are twenty alternative uses of potatoes to their culinary uses. Do you have other suggestions on this?

1) Sunburns
Slices and potato peels are one of the best known natural remedies to be applied on the skin in case of sunburn. The calming effect of soothing the redness and burning of the potatoes is attributed to their content of starch.
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2) Anti-aging Treatment
The cooking water of the potatoes can be stored and allowed to cool or to cool, and then be used for the cleansing of the face. It is given the beneficial properties such as anti-aging treatment.
3) Bags and Dark Circles
A natural remedy to alleviate dark circles and bags is made from the affected areas of thin slices of potatoes. Their action will reduce the swelling that is caused by the signs of fatigue.
4) Headache
Among the natural remedies to relieve headaches, there is the use of potato slices to rub her temples in a circular motion and gently, so as to relieve the discomfort. We know that the headache can be quite annoying. Put to work this natural remedy is very simple and quick. Try not harmful.
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5) Insomnia
It is said that eating boiled potatoes for dinner can promote a good night's sleep. This would be due to the ability of the potatoes to balance the acidity of our stomach, so that we do not disturb digestion problems during sleep.
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6) Warts
The use of potato is a natural remedy typical of the folk tradition in order to accelerate the disappearance of the warts. A slice of potato should be rubbed on the wart every day, until his death. The content of potassium and vitamin C in potatoes could be the key to solve the problem.
7) Face Mask
A face mask emollient effect can be obtained by mixing a potato, boiled and then mashed with a fork to a teaspoon of lemon juice. The mask must be applied on the face and left to act for ten minutes, before being rinsed with lukewarm water.
8) Hot and cold compresses
The potatoes keep for a long time temperatures both hot and cold. For this reason they can be used to make compresses to the desired temperature in lieu of the bag of ice or hot water, after being heated or cooled and wrapped in a gauze or a handkerchief.
9) Acne
A simple natural remedy for pimples, blacks spots and small imperfections on the affected part is to rub a slice of raw potato, so that the juice contained in it may come in contact with the skin and can be left to work for a few minutes before rinsing , so as to promote healing and the disappearance of imperfections.
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10) Rheumatism
The raw potato juice is regarded as an excellent natural remedy for rheumatism. The popular tradition also sees the use of wraps based potato on areas affected by pain, with particular reference to the neck, in order to alleviate them.
11) and glue stains on hands
In order to facilitate the removal of stains and glue from your hands, you may want to rub on them a slice of raw potato, prior to normal washing. The action of the starch softens the skin and facilitates the removal of adhesive residue and dirt.
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12) Excess salt
If you have exaggerated with the addition of salt in the dough or in the broth for the soup or the soup, and you realize it while the pan is still on the heat, add the preparation a small whole potato, which will absorb the salt in excess.
13) Cleanliness shoes
To clean the shoes waterproof and made ​​of materials with regard to rubber soles, you can facilitate the removal of dirt by wiping the affected parts with a slice of raw potato, before moving on to using a cloth or a brush shoes.
14) Compost
Do not forget to keep the potato skins and to use them to your compost bin from tipping balcony or compost that you have positioned close to your garden or in the garden. In this way alleggerirete the amount of waste produced daily for disposal.
15) Garden
You might think to keep some of your potatoes to try to plant them in your garden or in a pot. Before planting potatoes, it is necessary that they begin to sprout. For this to happen, they must be placed in a bright place for a few days. If the potatoes stored in the cellar or pantry some buds have started to sprout, take the opportunity to use them for the birth of new seedlings. And 'advisable to cut the potatoes sprouted in various parts before planting.
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16) Cleaning rusty tools
To clean rusty tools, we recommend first using the same rub slices of raw potatoes and then the wood ash. The use of potatoes should help to facilitate the removal of rust.
17) Cleaning Silverware
A simple remedy for cleaning and polishing the silverware is to keep the cooking water, not salt the potatoes. The potatoes should be removed from their cooking water and the silver must be left immersed in lukewarm liquid for an hour, before being rinsed.
18) Decorative Stencils
Here's an idea to make simple decorative stencils that children can use for chores. It is simply split a potato in half and carve the geometric shapes in his flesh. The potato will be immersed in tempera paints and used as if it were a stencil.
19) Flower Pots
If you have decided to decorate the table with cut flowers long stem, but do not have available the materials used by florists in which to secure the stems so that the flowers remain in the desired position, replace everything with a potato cut in half by use as a base.
20) Gerani
A raw potato can be used in transplant your new geraniums, in order to give these flowers the nourishment they need. Drill a hole in the potato, insert the stem and planted all in a pot filled with potting soil ..

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