Potato: Benefits, Properties?


Potato: Benefits, Properties?

The potato is a tuber native to South America, imported into Europe by the Spanish navy in the sixteenth century, the cultivation of this tuber spread in the Old Continent in the eighteenth century, especially in the central northern countries.

Since then it has become a very popular food, especially due to its high nutritional value.

The potato contains a minimal amount of atropine, which at high concentrations is lethal in small doses but has antispasmodic effects.

The potato also contains proteins, starches, minerals and vitamins B and C.


Also contains trace elements and minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron

In natural medicine the potato is an element of the first order is for the benefits it can provide, and for the many uses that it can be done through decoctions or poultices. In general, it performs a purifying and retains many of its active ingredients cooked well.

II of potato juice neutralizes stomach acid therefore helps in case of upset stomach, gastritis and even ulcer.

Hot packs with potato stimulate blood circulation and soothe, for example, muscle pain.

The potato water is an effective treatment for the bowel cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body.

Wash a large potato, cut into small cubes and leave to soak in everything quarter liter of salt water for a night.

In the morning drink the water on an empty stomach after filtering.

To combat water retention is recommended a diet of potatoes.

For 2 days to eat 5 times a day 200 grams of unsalted potatoes and cooked in their skins and drink plenty of water.

The high potassium content helps to eliminate standing water and they waste and toxins, thus purifying the blood.

Many active ingredients found in the skin of the potato.

The herbal tea with potato peels stimulates liver function, combats water retention and eliminates waste and toxins.

Boil in 1/4 liter of water peel a large potato for 5 minutes, strain and drink the decoction.

The potatoes ...

The products That Nature offers are Numerous and varied, and each Provides benefits to the body.
In many fruits of the earth are enclosed property almost medications, or other preventive for many ailments, but some are difficult to find, or latitude for the period in Which they are available.
Others are common blackberries,: such as the potato, Whose properties and benefits are Numerous, valid, and always available.

But many of the benefits That Provides the organism with the potato. Rich in starch and potassium, Also contains phosphorus, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper and good percentages of vitamin B and vitamin C.

Vitamins counteract free radicals, while potassium is an ally against hypertension.
Potatoes Contain a lot of fiber, combined with the amount of water, is a good aid to the digestive tract and intestines.

Despite what you may believe Because of Its slightly higher calorie intake to vegetables, the potato is Also an ally of the diet, either Because It Gives a sense of satiety, and Because It contains complex carbohydrates That releases energy gradually, making feel less hungry.
It is a good idea to cook the potatoes in Their skins, Because even though most of the substances is contained in the pulp, rind preserves them.

Being a tuber That grows underground, the skin Develops protective substances against the external environment; That are Also effective defenses for the human organism.

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