Propolis: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?


Propolis: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?
The properties of propolis

Sore Throat, Colds, inflammation of the mouth, small mouth ulcers and wounds: These, the main disorders that benefit from the use of propolis, known ESPECIALLY sue for Antimicrobial properties. Deepen Characteristics and Methods of Taking THIS natural antibiotic.

And 'in Gender assimilated to the Products phytotherapy Because the raw material and of vegetable origin. The propolis derives in fact from the resin of some species of plants that bees add pollen, wax and enzymes, to obtain Nightlife A substance that utilize both come from Building Material, WHETHER be insulating and protection DISINFECTANT a hive.

Le Virtu bactericidal properties of propolis IS ESPECIALLY have to Suoi flavonoids, galangin and come pinocembrin. These, Active Principles, with strong anti-inflammatory properties Also, make propolis UN Natural Remedy Effective In Treatment of respiratory infections Upper: First symptoms of the socket, propolis Sharpen the onset of Colds and sore throat and pharyngitis related to a laryngitis.

To support the reputation of propolis come natural antibiotic (More CORRECTLY but should be defined as antimicrobial, Seen That does not act alone against the bacteria) provide numerous scientific studies. As an example we mention A search of Phytomedicine Appearance and Conduct of PEOPLE suffering from Herpes simplex virus HSV-2 (variant That What a provocation LEVEL genital infections), which demonstrates come propolis reduces injuries and fights infection with herpes efficacy comparable to That of antiviral drugs, if not higher.

Anché several CONDITIONS an inflammatory component Affecting the mouth Painful or Meno (canker sores, small lesions of the oral mucosa and palate, gingivitis, periodontitis), benefit from the use of this natural remedy, the Acting SIA come antiseptic How come healing .

FINALLY, His They antifungal properties of propolis valid UN Help Against Diversification Types of fungal infections of the fingernails and alarm.

The preparations of propolis available are numerous, among which the most noted are the mother tincture and tablets dry. The mother tincture of propolis, Also usable for oral rinses and gargles, at a dose of 30-50 drops in half a glass of water due or three times a day, however, may exacerbate the burning function in case of canker sores and other lesions of the mouth . So better to resort to these, a CASE-free formulations of alcohol. WHEN serve not only local action, come to Example In the Cold, I am particularly indicate the tablets dry extract of propolis. Those favorite titrated and standardized flavonoid galangin Total Expressed in at least 8%, Che SI take 2-4 times a day.

One final note: It is not un propolis significantly effective immunostimulant, come in many mistakenly believe, That used to prevent influenza and influenza-like syndromes. THIS AND purpose in using a degree in Natural Remedies More specifically strengthen the immune system.

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