Propolis: Benefits, Properties?


Propolis: Benefits, Properties?

What are the therapeutic and healing properties of propolis? Interesting question, whose answer requires mandatory UN good depth.

The properties of propolis are endless, propolis sue because of the properties has sparked many debates among Scientists of All the World, and that of all the information available so far Silla composition of propolis, we could be summarized in three aspects essential ones you can define the peculiar properties resulting from the use of propolis for therapeutic purposes: antibiotic, anesthetic, healing.

propolis properties

The use of propolis preparations, because of your property, mainly concerns:
the respiratory system,
"In almost all broncho-pulmonary diseases and nia CASES Specific angina, pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, otitis, ì Possible use of propolis What exerts a particularly evident in the disorders described what they represent, for the product in question, a sphere of action particularly Privileged "(Dr. Yves Donadieu).

In dentistry the use of propolis It indicated Visit Dental Hygiene, Against halitosis, curare for gingivitis, stomatitis, mouth ulcers, abscesses. E ', however, recommended the use of propolis Also if you are not concerned directly with these disorders, caused by using mouthwash come in Daily Oral Hygiene, For An Effective Preventive action.
"In the dermatology RESULTS excellent nia species CASES bruises, abscesses, boils, scarring slow and laborious, eczema, fungal infections, herpes zoster, psoriasis" (Dr. Yves Donadieu).

The prof. Luciano has Pecchiai Summary So the properties of propolis in the medical-biological
Antioxidant and antiirrancidente with vast possibilities of Use for the Preservation of Food, replacing the Chemical antioxidants.
Bacteriostatic and bactericidal due to a various substances, but certainly the galangina, all'acidobenzoico and all'acidocinnamico. The antibacterial action has been demonstrated in light mode on bacillussubtilis, proteusvulgaris Sul, on numerous salmonella, E. coli sull'escherichia, On Golden strafilococco and hemolytic streptococcus On. (Remember That In the past the balm of Tobu, consisting of cinnamic acid, benzoic acid, benzyl benzoate and cinnamate, vanillin and resins WAS Used DISINFECTANT come catarrh and respiratory tract).
Antimocotica mainly attributable to the presence of acid caffeinico, pinocembrin, pinobancsina, p-benzyl cumarato.
Antivirals, demonstrated for some influenza viruses and some viruses piante.Questa Action (On Plants, ed) And mainly for the water-soluble fraction.
Anesthetic due benzoic acid, caffeic acid and flavonoids come the pinocembrin. This action is superior to that of cocaine and novocaine.
Healing, particularly in the direction of Tissue Regeneration, In Case of Injury and Repair of the fractures.
Immunostimulant, for stimulation dell'immunogenesi and thymus. What to Remember propolis extracts have shown inhibitory Also A Live Action on Growth of neoplastic cells.
Protective Silla Circulation, permeability and capillary fragility, due to the Fact That Are Part of Flavones and flavonoids vitamin P. Factor
Stimulating the metabolism of muscle tissue, striated What IS smooth. In particular stimulates the intestinal peristalsis.
Stimulating exchanges of membrane and water diuresis.
And 'to emphasize the May these properties propolis, mainly due to the flavonoids, are largely comparable to the other party of Those falvonoidi Factor Vitamin P That may be so summarized:
protective permeability of capillaries;
favoring the intake of vitamin C;
favoring the intake of calcium;
stimulating immunogenesis;
improving the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal peristalsis.
The use of propolis in Sense preventive and curative
From this review of the biological action of propolis Quick, appears evident Both come reductive to limit your use to one antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, like a natural antibiotic, being well-motivated UN His Use More Vasto, which can be summarized as:

Local treatment with creams made from propolis
Cosmetics, salves and ointments, in case of intertrigo of the infant, fissures Breast, sores, erosion of the cervix, traumatic and surgical wounds, with particular regard episiotomy; burns, acne, blepharitis, styes, mouth ulcers, stomatitis, rhinitis and otitis, hemorrhoids. What should be remembered UN Day with ointment treatment for SOME UN - Propolis ointment - It should be before you start treatment for UN mouth with propolis, to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Oral treatment aimed at the treatment of a particular pathology come:
Streptococcal pharyngitis and strafilococco and candida, which heal with normalization of laboratory tests.
Forms of influenza and catarrh of the respiratory tract, of Which is accelerated healing, with REDUCTION bronchial complications.
Urinary tract infection by E. coli bacteria, prostate and intestinal dismicrobism, with particular regard to the phenomenon of so-called Healthy carriers of salmonella.
Oral treatment
An action aimed at eutrophic and probiotic General, That is part of a preventive medicine. In this regard it should be remembered Che propolis added to the chicken feed, the proportion of 30 parts per Million And in degree substitutable for Antibiotics Used in Systematic Way, came Comparisons of Pathology Environmental Protection nia. Propolis fact, Cosi Come locally stimulates the reparative process of cutaneous wounds and fractures, performs a eutrophic General Action and enhancing the body's defenses, by virtue of property to sue Stimulation dell'immunogenesi and redox processes Phones, through A Better assimilation and utilization of vitamin C.

Conclusions On the Properties of propolis
You can then conclude That propolis and Substance A particularly interesting from a point of view of preventive and curative, especially for Property sue to upgrade the defenses of the organism. Natural medicine eubiotic assigns Propolis A place of relief, a Merit Everything constituting the UN Fundamental factor for the preservation of health.

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