Propolis: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?


Propolis: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?
Property, Plant and alternative USES

Propolis and a resinous substance produced from bees That is Collected From Plants and then transformed by These Small, ed Operosi Insects using wax, pollen and enzymes (also of own production), realizing the UN totally natural product dalle Features Very SPECIAL and extremely beneficial for Our Body.

The MORE Properties of propolis have been confirmed by several scientific research, during which we focused particularly on the effects antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal substance of this. It is not a coincidence That the bees use propolis to isolate and disinfect external agents From The Beehive, it is in fact All The Effects of UN and anti-viral natural antibiotic.

What Can It therefore curare with propolis? The list of issues and concerns ESPECIALLY And Long flu symptoms and small wounds. This substance and excellent in Case Cold or sore throat (pharyngitis or laryngitis due to), and Show All ESPECIALLY IF ITS Effectiveness takes At the first signs of these, disorders. Propolis Can be used later in the function case of canker sores and irritation of the oral mucosa, come DISINFECTANT for small wounds and healing (it is in fact Degree of promoting regeneration of tissues), to treat herpes and the Emergence of mycosis.

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There those who use propolis also in. Manner prior to strengthen the immune system and AVOID seasonal ailments. But there are probably other more effective natural products in order to come to THIS Example juice Aloe, Echinacea, and Astragalus.
Come and use the propolis

Generally for respiratory disorders SI uses of propolis tincture, or a water-alcohol solution from Hiring drops (25-30) UN Couple of Times a Second Day of the problems you want to deal.

There are, however Also products based on propolis Alcohol (suitable for children), dry extracts in tablets or herbal found that this substance combined with AND OTHER Active Ingredients: Enhancing the Effectiveness specifications or to solve problems. In the case of sores or irritation of the oral mucosa SI can rate several times a day rinse of water-based and propolis or put a few drops of the mother tincture directly on the inflamed area.
where to find it

Unlike other natural products, propolis is easy to find since it is much used and appreciated. You can buy it in a health food but Also In Any area municipalities pharmacies.

vegetable alternatives

For those who do not use propolis Chosen As in animal products, there are viable alternatives. The mother tincture of Echinacea Sample ad and great for on the ACT Early symptoms of influenza WHILE tea tree oil can be used for Problems of canker sores, small wounds or fungal infections of the skin.

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