Green Tea: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?


Green Tea: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?
10 reasons to choose green tea

Why green tea is good for? To stay in shape! A phrase that to some may sound a bit 'obvious, but to others it might seem at least new. Many, however, are the virtues and the beneficial properties of this natural remedy, with outstanding presence of antioxidant protective activity against certain harmful diseases for circulation and memory.

In case you have not ever tried here for you 10 reasons to consider this really tasty and healthy drink. If you are a lover of green tea, but underestimate its many beneficial properties here is an opportunity to discover a little more about your favorite drink:

It helps to maintain dental health. Thanks to the strong presence of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), green tea counteracts the harmful bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) in the oral cavity by reducing the risk associated with them such as tooth decay;

Drinking green tea helps prevent the possible occurrence of ovarian cancer. To support a study of Curtin University, according to which regular consumption (better if more than once per day) of this drink favors the protection of the ovaries from tumor forms. Men can also take advantage of its properties, as a 2010 study published in Cancer Science argues that some of the substances in this natural remedy induces prostate cancer cells to self-destruction;

Recent studies attribute to green tea also the ability to inhibit the metabolism of some cancers such as breast cancer and the lung. This latter form also suffer a real arrest of proliferation of cancer cells;
Speech analogous as regards cancer colorectal cancer: many studies attribute to green tea the ability to arrest the progress;

It is rich in antioxidants, not least the aforementioned EGCG (responsible for almost all of the benefits described so far). Thanks to these valuable allies can fight free radicals as well as contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and chronic conditions such as arthritis;

Consuming green tea on a regular basis helps to protect the skin from UV rays, reducing the phenomenon of premature aging and preventing other damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Also a great help in fighting wrinkles;

It helps to stay in shape and burn fat. Its action of acceleration of metabolism enables to burn more calories and lead, as reported in a study of Tufts University, in a weight loss in the belly area increased by 77% compared to normal;

Green tea can, using once again the EGCG, to balance blood sugar levels by optimizing the insulin response and preventing dangerous spikes in blood sugar;

It is the March announcement of the National Center Nippon Cardiovascular and Cerebral about the ability of green tea to prevent stroke. According to the data provided by Dr. Yoshihiro Kokubo reducing the risk of developing the disease would be in the order of 20%;

Become fans of green tea may be easier than expected. Although the first taste may be unwelcome to some, the invitation is to not give up right away. There is a wide variety of flavorings ready to make your drink closer to your tastes. It can also be eaten cold, pure or some of its variants moolte (eg with extract of bergamot or lemon).

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