Black Seed Oil - Nigella Sativa: Benefits, Properties?


Black Seed Oil - Nigella Sativa: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?
Nigella sativa, the plant curative That Nestle wants to patent

The Nigella sativa is said to have Property Right era and useful riferendovisi What Muhammad said, "Heals Everything, except death." But if we want to go further the oral tradition of some countries, Also Silla main Database medical science, the U.S. MedLine, Studies on the therapeutic properties of this plant are Over five hundred

The Nigella sativa or black sesame is attracting greater Lately UN INTEREST for Therapeutic Properties That attests to the Most Recent Scientific Literature. For Example:

-. Type 2 Diabetes The Nigella sativa is able to reduce fasting blood glucose, decreased insulin resistance, beta-Cell Function Increases and decreases glycosylated hemoglobin (1).

Helicobacter pylori infection. UN Can Be Useful Against agent THIS bacterium (2).

Epilepsy. The Nigella sativa And note to sue the anticonvulsant properties. One study in 2007 of children with epilepsy, refractory to conventional drugs, has Concluded That the aqueous extract of this plant is able to reduce Attacks (3).

High blood pressure. Daily use of Nigella sativa seed extract has been shown to cause months of being able to lower the pressure in patients with mild hypertension (4).

Asthma. Animal Models in the main constituent of Nigella showed RESULTS Superior Drug fluticasone (5). Another study in humans has found That the extract of Nigella UN has powerful anti-asthmatic effect (6).

Acute tonsillopharyngitis. Capsule Nigella, in COMBINATION with the plant Phyllantis niruri, I managed to relieve sore throat and the need for painkillers (7).

Symptoms of Exposure to Chemical Weapons. One randomized study has shown That seed extract reduces respiratory symptoms and the need for drug treatment (8).

Colon cancer. On cell studies have shown that the extract of the seeds of Nigella has efficacy in blocking the growth of colon cancer; rats seed oil of Nigella UN showed significant inhibitory effect of Colon Cancer Without Side Effects observed (9).

Opioid dependence. One study of 35 people dependent on opioids has shown That the seeds of Nigella represent A Therapy Effective in Long-Term Treatment of this dependence (10).

Prevention of Damage by Radiation. The oil of Nigella sativa and Its Active Component, the thymoquinone, protects the brain Fabrics From From Radiation-induced nitrosative stress (11).

Protects Against Damage Products infarction (12).

Prevents Renal Damage Associated with diabetes (13).

Helps prevent post-surgical adhesions. Cover the surface with the oil of Nigella sativa peritoneal AFTER A trauma decreases peritoneal adhesions (14).

And yet ah Properties antipsoriasiche, And Effective In Preventing brain disorders associated with Parkinson's disease and has shown ability to kill certain cancer cells.

It Interesting Yet Know That Nestle, Just Across The research center Nestec, presented in 2010 a request to use the International Patent Nigella sativa in the Prevention of Food Allergies (15). We then attempt to Front of A Multinational possession of a natural resource that may be of Property Nestle when USED will come Ingredient in Food and Drugs. In May 2012, the Third World Network Posted UN report (16) According to which the request of the Swiss multinational has no validity because the properties of Nigella sativa were well known and applied before Che noticing Nestle. The good news And the Moment That the request is not accepted.

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