Black Seed Oil - Nigella Sativa: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?


Black Seed Oil - Nigella Sativa: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?
Nigella sativa L.

The seeds of Nigella sativa for Them Beneficial properties were used spices come but reputed carminative, diuretic, and emmenagoghi galattogeni and THIS may be interesting for your Application In antihistamine allergies come in and headache.

Common name: Nigella
French: Nigella; Faux black cumin or caraway
English: Nigella; Common fennel flower
Family: Ranunculaceae
Part used: seeds

Nigella Main Constituents:

Nigella sativa L.
Nigella sativa L. Bitter substance (nigellina), 25% fatty oil, <1% volatile oil (nigellone - thymoquinone)
saponoside (melantina)
Main activities: antihistaminic; carminative, choleretic; emmenagogue; diuretic
Therapeutic use of Nigella: allergies; dyspepsia, flatulence, colitis
In Indian medicine the seeds of Nigella sativa are used come asthma.

The plant expresses a dual Activities: What Justifies the antihistaminic and vasoregolatrice in the ITS Action Party and your use of the migraine diathesis and the forms cefalgiche.

A trial MADE using the oil of the seeds of Nigella sativa showed a LEVEL depressoria action in the CNS and strongly analgesic in rats and guinea pigs tale Activities Both seem to be attributed to the presence in the oil of the UN Principle opioid.

The infusion WAS used against flatulence, in catarrhal affections, to promote menstrual flow and in dysmenorrhea.

The diuretic action also helps to reduce premenstrual water retention.


In addition to the Nigella sativa, YOU know Nigella arvensis L. and Nigella damascena L. Nigella Nigella arvensis L. And wild the seeds, which contain alkaloids solo tracks, they would have properties similar to the ones grown Nigella (or sativa).

The presentation Nigella damascena L. seeds contain UN Principle That bitter, the damascenina, soluble in alcohol, and 1.5% of essential oil.

Curiosity Silla niogella
Nigella derives from the Latin Nigellus-niger - black, one cause of the color of the seeds.
In France, the seeds take the prefecture of poivrette.
Nigella sativa ...

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