Sodium Bicarbonate - Baking Soda: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SODIUM BICARBONATE - BAKING SODA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Nowadays soda is used as an aid in following health problems :
- soda for combating psoriasis - psoriasis.
- soda in candidiasis.
- soda prevents the fatigue of muscles.
- soda as an aid in body detoxification in Crohn's Crohn's disease.
- as soda Main remedy for insect bites.
- soda for controlling fungi and some other health problems (cancer) - Dr. Simoncini.
- soda against acidified organism and cancer diseases.
- soda and cancer
- soda for maintaining the pH balance in the body:

  • With soda caused by sunburn pain can be alleviated - get ready for a bath, in which you 100 ml added pour soda . - soda for the control of fungi.
  • A bath with baking soda relieves itching associated with insect bites or skin conditions. Poisons from stings can be neutralized with a mixture of soda and water by brush the stitches with the mixture and let it dry on the skin.
  • For allergic to detergents and fabric softeners, it is ideal if the laundry is washed with soda.
  • soda can reduce the craving for cigarettes and the desire for sweets. It reduces the level of acid in the blood and alkalize the body.
  • The soda can reduce the corrosion of acidic drinking water and thus reduce the excretion of lead and copper in some pipes.
  • A bath in which a glass of soda is poured, helps to detoxify the body. Another variant is a reinigungsentschlackendes footbath.

Baking soda everyone knows. Namely, as a leavening agent for cakes, pastries and sometimes for bread. That baking soda also a valuable resource in the home or may even be an effective remedy is the least known. Natural baking soda was prescribed earlier for various ailments and for some years it is successful part of many alternative cancer therapies.
Baking soda Baking soda is a healing and aids.

Baking soda in the sense of pure sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), there are extremely low in supermarkets and drugstores. However, it shall be of really pure, completely additive free of sodium bicarbonate. Conventional baking soda in fact contain additives such as phosphate-containing acidulant and sometimes aluminum-containing compounds, neither of which is certainly of value added health.
sodium bicarbonate is also known under the term soda. At least earlier - - quite common designations sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate or soda occasionally used, although chemically wrong, but be. Soda because this term is used often abbreviated in English-speaking countries for "baking soda", or "raising agent". In German, however, soda actually means something else and that is what can sometimes be confusing. The so-called. Washing soda or sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) has nothing to do with baking soda. It is used in the glass industry, for the manufacture of bleaching, washing and cleaning agents in the textile and leather industries as well as in many other industries. But in this text is all about pure sodium bicarbonate or baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate - hereinafter referred to for convenience only baking soda - is a naturally occurring substance. It was discovered around 1840, at first only in bakeries, but then often used in the early 20th century also in private households for cakes and bread.
soon observed to the cleaning properties of baking powder and its ability to flu , colds, but also chronic diseases quickly To make it disappear, which has a very simple explanation: Baking soda has a high pH , is so basic .
those who suffer from poor health and are prone to diseases of all kinds, are usually too acidic , that is, the pH values their tissues are rather low. Take a basic baking soda, so the excess acids can be neutralized and the body's pH levels rise again.
Finally, we found more and more uses for the cheap but extremely useful powder:
With flu and colds, it helped the people when they to a whole teaspoon mixed half with water and drank this solution over a few days away several times a day.
Baking soda in Fußbadewasser made sore or tired feet kicking.
50 to 100 grams of baking soda as an additive in the bath had rejuvenating effect.
Sprinkled baking soda in shoes, sales odor.

Skin - even in the face - was smooth and soft when they are washed with baking soda solution.
Deodorants were superfluous when baking powder powdered in the armpits.
After heavy meals or unfamiliar food (for. B. abroad) needed only a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and bloating or discomfort disappeared.

A pinch of baking soda helped people who constantly had to burp after heavy meals.
Mouth rinses with baking soda made ​​halitosis finished off and inhibited the formation of caries .
Often, the teeth were cleaned with baking soda, resulting in brilliant white teeth in no time. However, this tip is recommended only in truly perfect tooth enamel because baking soda could attack the enamel under circumstances and in tooth enamel defects, these could strengthen.
Baking soda in lemon water helped against heartburn . But we must not take too much baking soda - particularly immediately before or after meals - because the stomach acid could then be neutralized and thus the digestion would be impeded. Therefore, they recommended, either to dose properly or take the baking soda along with lemon, molasses or maple syrup.

With the proliferation of pharmaceutical products and the generally accepted recommendation to consult with each Symptömchen best doctor immediately, the personal responsibility of the people went for their health more and more lost.

doctors and they prescribed expensive drugs made ​​for the disappearance of simple but highly effective and at the same side-effect free medical aids, such as sodium bicarbonate was one. Interestingly, now just two doctors began several years ago in order to successfully baking soda in their cancer therapy use.

The Doctor Mark Sircus explains in his book "Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment" (sodium bicarbonate: Cancer therapy for rich and poor people), the use of sodium bicarbonate as the cheapest, safest and perhaps most effective cancer drug that had ever existed. Sodium could destroy cancer cells, according to Dr. Sircus .
Interestingly, it will also be used in orthodox medicine based cancer therapy. He tells of oncologists, the bicarbonate in combination with chemotherapy administered. They do this because bicarbonate helps to protect vital organs from the poison of chemotherapy. He even says that all chemotherapy patients would die without the addition of bicarbonate.

Dr. Sircus even given his patients the baking soda orally (in conjunction with maple syrup) and intravenously. He also recommends high magnesium dosages - usually through the skin in the form of liquid magnesium chloride - as healing support not only in cancer, but just as with many other diseases.
lives in Rome oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini contrast injected sodium bicarbonate directly into the cancerous tumor regions to this downright "wash out". Simoncini maintains the oral intake of sodium bicarbonate only for diseases for helpful that at any point in the digestive tract - have made ​​wide - from the mouth to the anus. Both scientists have already achieved great success in their cancer patients.

Dr. Simoncini is convinced that the antifungal properties of baking powder constitute the reason for its healing power. He observed that cancer could flourish especially in areas where the fungus Candida was present. Therefore, he keeps cancer for the sequence of Candida infections . Accordingly, the immediate elimination of the fungus could also lead to the disappearance of the cancer.

Mark Sircus however, believes that the question of the triggering factors for cancer is much more complex. After all, it could also be so that the fungal infection first appearing as a result of cancer. However, he also made ​​the experience that Candida infections including the cancer cells are destroyed with baking soda. Baking powder increases the pH of the patient's organism and supplies oxygen. But cancer cells can be as little as Candida fungi thrive in an alkaline and oxygen-rich environment. Therefore, it is at this point completely irrelevant, who came first, the fungal infection or tumors.

There are now many wonderful testimonials from people who have themselves cured with baking soda. Vernon Johnston from California, for example, was inspired by Mark Sircus to treatment with baking soda, healed his prostate cancer with bicarbonate and molasses. Either he had regularly taken orally and refuted with his healing success the thesis of Dr. Simoncini, according to which could help orally ingested baking soda only for cancers of the digestive tract. Accompanying this Vernon Johnston had breathing exercises performed in order to increase its oxygen uptake. Read about the wonderful story of Vernon Johnston in the article " Baking soda cured of cancer - a review ".

Recently discovered even orthodox medical researchers that baking soda or bicarbonate contained therein could soften cancer tumors so far that you could achieve much faster results with a much lower dose chemotherapy (or radiation), as this was normally the case.
, this research result may help those people who do not dare to go through with a cancer treatment without conventional medical therapies. Make your doctor aware of these new findings, so he also with sodium hydrogen carbonate - may treat - at least in addition to chemotherapy.

Sodium bicarbonate is in addition to all these wonderful same effects on health also an excellent tool in the household. With his support can be all the toxic fumes of expensive chemical cleaning agents to avoid.
Baking soda binds foul odors in drains, carpets and in the refrigerator: To do this, a bowl of baking soda in the refrigerator and sprinkle a little of it down the drain and on their carpets. The latter must be dry during treatment. Let it work for baking some time and then suck it off.
Clogged drains are free again with baking soda and vinegar.

Also ashtray smell not so uncomfortable when you sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom.
Clay flower pots with white water marks on the outside you simply put in a hot water bath with baking soda dissolved therein.
Dishes, in particular wood tableware, losing fish or onion smells when it is rinsed in a baking soda solution.

Added to the wash water for fruits and vegetables, baking powder makes these foods clean.
Hot water with baking soda can be musty odors disappear in thermoses.
If you forgot a pot on the stove, then remove burnt-on food rice by boil in the corresponding pot a little baking soda in water.

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