Green Clay: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


GREEN CLAY: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?
Green clay is an amazing way that nature gives us for many ailments in an extremely efficient manner. It was already known and used in ancient times. Gandhi recommended. Nowadays, many people close to nature still use it. Animals, themselves, have never forgotten, they always took baths clay mud to heal their wounds.

German naturopaths have contributed to the renaissance of clay for over a century, so its use is known again. It is a land that is extracted from quarries and are dried in the sun. It can be found in organic stores, health food or pharmacy for domestic use.

Introducing the clay
The colors of clay
Properties of green clay
Using clay internally
Using green clay externally
Dusting of green clay
Where to find clay?

In nature, there are clays of different colors: white, red, pink, green, gray, blue, yellow, brown different regions of the globe. They each have their specificity. But in general, green clay is the most commercialized and can meet practically every need .. It is presented powder and crushed. If you have the choice, prefer clay that is harvested in the area where you live.

Properties of green clay

By analyzing chemically green clay, he was discovered many things, but the way it is still a mystery to scientists. Nature still holds mysteries that mankind will explain when it has acquired sufficient for this humility.

Here is the list - indicated on the green clay packs - minerals naturally present:

- Major components: Silica - Aluminium - Calcium - Iron - Potassium - Magnesium - Sodium - Manganese - Phosphorus - Titanium
- Minor elements: Copper - Cobalt - Lithium - Molybdenum - Selenium - Zinc

As for the properties of green clay, here indicated by the books (see bibliography):

Clay is ... with discretion hinders the growth of microbes or pathogens, that is to say, any parasitic body, while promoting healthy cell reconstitution.
... Treated clay, a festering wound heals at an astonishing rate.
The clay will ... where's the harm: used internally, both by oral, anal or vaginal, clay goes to the nidus and attaches itself sometimes for several days, finally cause pus, black blood, etc ... in its evacuation.
Clay ... has bactericidal and healing soothing effect, absorbing (of all toxins).
... It cleanses and purifies the blood. It has a restorative action of the blood cells that is easily justified by testing the blood count. Within a month, there has been a dramatic increase in red blood cells.
... If a body is malfunctioning or if a function is performed only in part, it is not a remedy that enter the body the substance not elaborate. We must go further and clay going. It stimulates the deficient organ and helps restore the failing function.
For all ... irritation, ulcers of the digestive organs, clay is a dressing of extreme activity, eliminating the destroyed cells and activating their reconstitution
Agile ... cures diarrhea.
... Wherever there is deficiency, clay fills these gaps.

Using clay

- Internally: superfine green clay powder or ultra ventilated we drink a glass of water - or sometimes white clay superfine powder for very sensitive people

-by externally: green clay poultices crushed, placed on an area of the body.

Clay internally


- Infection: In all cases of internal or external infection, the clay will help clean the body from the inside (and therefore complete any poultices).
- Diarrhoea: fast acting to stop diarrhea.
- Anemia: reconstitution of red blood cells, packed clay mineral deficiencies
- Endocrinology clay helps to stimulate or soothe deficient glands
- Disinfection: clay cleanses the blood,
stops the microbial proliferation in the intestine and restores a healthy microbial flora
deodorizes chlorinated water and causes the removal of unwanted substances from water.
- Wormer: clay can remove the worms in the intestines.
- Ulcers: against irritation and ulceration of the digestive tract, clay is an excellent dressing.
- Colds, tonsillitis: suck small pieces of clay
- The treatment of green clay is recommended oral one, two or even four times a year when the seasons change, but mainly in the spring to clean the body and deal with any deficiencies.


- No need to use large clay, regularity and duration of treatment acting more doses.
- If high, do not take too much clay blood pressure because it enriches much blood. No more than two teaspoons spread throughout the week.

- Constipation: Regular clay outlet can result in constipation. This is because the resulting clay waste in the bowel. If these are important, this can cause "caps" on the highway! Several solutions have been proposed: increased water use for drinking throughout the day to help the evacuation; clay drink only water leaving the clay deposit in the bottom of the glass; take a laxative tea. Above all, do not let them settle constipation.
- In addition, it is important not to absorb paraffin oil during the treatment because the oil hardens clay and intestines do not appreciate. Also, as a precaution, limit its edible oil consumption.

- Medication at the same time as the cure clay can sometimes be accepted and in other cases, not be appropriate. Clay can cancel the effect of certain drugs. Check with your health care professional.


- It is advisable to prepare the green or white clay half a day before eating: that is to say, in general prepare clay evening and drink on an empty stomach in the morning at sunrise. One can also drink it at bedtime. Otherwise, during the day, always drink half an hour to an hour before a meal.
- It is better to use glass or stoneware and not plastic; again, do not soak spoon in water.

- Fill a glass of pure water three quarters and pour a teaspoon of green or white clay powder for an adult (half a teaspoon for children up to 10 years).
Wait for the night (so that the clay can release its elements) and drink in the morning. The first few days to accustom the body gradually to the action of clay, drinking only water. Then, the following day, mix the clay with water and gradually drink a little clay with water, each day a little more. After a week, drink the water and clay entirety.

Warning: when you clean your glass, do not throw leftover clay in drainage basin or sink pipes. Indeed, the clay is a sticky soil that may accumulate along the pipes and clog over time. It is best to throw it into the compost.


- The treatment of green clay spring is recommended for a period of three weeks with a glass a day. If one wants to extend the benefits of clay, it is possible to continue for three months (with week break).

- For diarrhea: two to three glasses of water a day clay.

- For all other cases: a glass of water a day clay as long as the disease, continue a few days to a week after symptoms disappear when short-term problem.
If the treatment takes several months, you must stop a week after three weeks of treatment. Then alternate a week of treatment, one week off.

Possible responses

Green clay has a powerful action and will cause changes in the body.
While the usual medications asleep evil and reduce symptoms, natural methods can cause unexpected reactions. This is because they act as indicative of underlying problems. And the body tries to eliminate the clutter.

Thus, a course of clay may lead to the removal of blood, other substances in the body ... ignored, or diarrhea or constipation. If this is hard to bear, lengthening the clay taken or alternate with another natural care. Do not worry. It is the process of elimination that starts. It is a bit hard at the beginning, it will fade eventually.

Green clay externally

With the crushed green clay, a paste which is used are prepared cataplasms. These are applied to the body parts that need it in case of injury, pain, impairment of organs etc ...


- The beauty, well known, such as facial masks.
- Burns: the quiet green clay quickly the pain, prevent blistering if applied quickly, avoid infection and promote the recovery of the skin.
- Injuries and all trauma blows, bumps, sprains, cuts, wounds heal quickly even open with clay. Indeed, green clay cleans the wound by removing dirt (gravel, broken glass will become embedded in clay), removes swelling, stop pain, absorbed the blues, prevents infection and heals . Even if you have to then go to the emergency services at the hospital, the clay used in first aid already soothe your pain considerably.
- Scarring, postoperative same: green clay accelerates healing and is used in some hospitals for this purpose.
- Fever, heat stroke: the clay poultices placed on the neck and abdomen absorb heat too.
- Teeth: poultices placed on the cheek alleviate dental pain but do not prevent the visit to the dentist! After the tour, take poultices to suppress pain (we can avoid the absorption of drugs) after tooth extraction and the disposal of anesthetics injected into bite faster. Thus, there is no risk of infection. It is also possible to set the clay directly on the tooth or in the hole of the extracted tooth.
- Abscesses, paronychia: the green clay poultice accelerates ripening, openness, healing.
- Inflammations, infections (conjunctivitis), tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis: clay can stop inflammation in its early stages or treat effectively if it is already installed.

- The green clay poultice can also be used to treat deep organs for serious but it will not be detailed here disorders. For these cases, it is necessary to resort to the diagnosis of a health professional and refer to very detailed data entries in the books on the use of clay. Examples: liver, gallbladder, kidney, abdomen, benign tumors, hepatitis, arthritis, sciatica, arthritis, hernias, cysts, stones, bleeding etc ...

Preparation of crushed green clay

Flat green clay crushed

Flat clay soaking

Flat clay poultice

- Bring a dish stoneware or glass (no metal or plastic).
- Fill it halfway or three-quarters of crushed clay (for several poultices)
- Add water to completely cover the clay (about a half to 1 inch above the clay)
- Wait half an hour to an hour. Green clay disintegrates on contact with water and the mixture is done alone. (bring your ear and listen to the clay sing!) No need to knead, it would reduce the absorption power of clay.

The amount of water to bring the next may be different clays, this requires a small start learning. The consistency of the dough should be neither too hard nor too soft. If the clay is too hard (sound absorbent decreases power) add a little water; if the clay is too thin (the poultice will drag), add powdered clay to the surface.

If the wait is too long (an emergency: burning, crushed finger ...), immediately prepare a mixture of green clay powder and water, because it can be used immediately.

Preparing the poultice

Poultice prepared to ask

Knee sprain

Burning finger

- Take the clay with a spatula or wooden spoon and place on:
a fabric (which will wash between each application) or
absorbent paper (like paper towels) which flows after use (this is preferred) or
a cabbage leaf (which keeps the moisture in the clay and does not tear as the paper)
It is essential that the media far beyond around the poultice because, during installation, the clay will be spread out a bit.

- Size of the poultice: it must exceed the size of the wound; it takes two inches more around the area to be treated.

- Thickness: generally, a thickness of two inches is required to give the green clay adequate absorbency and the poultice dries too quickly. But in some cases and depending on the location of the body (near vital organs) and sometimes used the place for hurt in the beginning, we start with small poultices, thin. Then, gradually increase the size and thickness of the poultice.

- Temperature: clay can be used cold or warm, depending on the problem being addressed. In cases of fever, inflammation, congestion, clay should be applied cold as it will absorb the heat of inflammation and cool the body. If the poultice should be placed near a body such as the stomach, kidneys, bladder, liver, it should be applied warm to not use energy to heat one clay. When applying cold poultices, a sensation of heat must occur within minutes after application. If the sensation of cold persisted, it would mean that the body does not have sufficient energy to warm up and therefore it would be exhausted. Then heat the poultice.

- How to heat green clay: especially not with too strong a heat "would cook" clay and nullify its effectiveness.
Use the water bath, sun, radiators, stoves ... with a gentle heat. The temperature should be warm and close to the body, which is 37 degrees.
Heat only the value of the poultice used immediately, and not the rest of clay which will be used for the next poultices.

Laying the poultice

The clay poultice arises directly next to the skin. Press it so that the clay adheres very well to the desired location, completely adhesive to the skin.
If the poultice is very wet and the paper tears, you can rest absorbent, or better a linen fabric that will absorb excess moisture and maintain even better poultice paper. For example: to surround a wrist, ankle or knee.

Then it is necessary to bend the poultice to keep it in place for the time required. The wet clay weighs quite a lot. If it rests after fitting, there is no problem; but if you must perform an activity, the poultice may move. So use one or more bands (like Velpeau) which intersect to maintain the poultice as recommended known aid.

Note: In some cases it may be useful to ask a gauze bandage between green clay and skin in anticipation of difficulties in removing the poultice. It is recommended for installation of clay on the lid of the eye as well as on very hairy body parts. Apart from these cases, direct contact is preferable.

Duration of poultice

It is variable depending on the condition: fifteen minutes to overnight, but in general one to two hours.
For most conditions, leave the poultice for two hours unless the inconvenience listed below (*) occur. For burns, festering sores, painful accidents, should be renewed quickly: let the poultice first 15 minutes, the second 30 minutes, the third one hour, depending on developments.

(*) Note that the green clay until it is moist. When dry, it no longer has to share.
In addition, when it becomes increasingly hot is that it has absorbed the inflammation, fever, in short, evil. It is therefore necessary to remove and renew the poultice to continue treatment. Conversely, if a cold feeling uncomfortable you feel, you also remove faster.
We can say that when the poultice causes discomfort, we have problems to bear the pain returns missing, or that you feel that the poultice detaches itself from the skin, that is he has finished acting and it takes it away. He partially dried and removed with ease

After removing it, scrape any remaining clay, rinse with water. If the clay has dried too and we have difficulty removing it (it pulls on the skin or hair) pour a little water between the clay and the skin, it will take off better. Open wounds or poultices renewed immediately, no need to clean the following poultice will.

Note: A green clay poultice can be used only once, you should never use it again. It should throw because he was able to absorb toxins, bad elements and it is devitalized. If you have a corner of the garden or woods, you can drop the clay that will take care of the weather dissolve in a few months (as long as nobody comes to touch).

Cadence Application

In cases of emergency, poultices be renewed one after the other without interruption. We also continue all night if necessary. These are the cases of burns, fevers, maturation of an abscess, inflammation diminishing, accidents, injuries (crushed finger, strain, deep cut). Early termination of application of green clay allow evil to recover.
Then, when things are better (usually after a day), a break is allowed between two poultices, time will increase with the evolution of healing over several days: one hour, three hours, five hours a half day ....

In other cases, falling under the Emergency:
. two poultices 2 hours or 24 hours
. four poultices of one hour per 24 hours
. if the working day, a poultice can be laid at night.

The results will be faster and therefore more effective if we apply green clay frequently.
It is certain that its use requires learning is acquired through experience.


Poultices can cause unexpected or surprising effects, which should not worry when you are warned. One can have the impression of a resurgence of evil when the first poultices are removed. For example, applications on wounds will enlarge the wound, growing wider. Or the clay will draw blood, pus ... It is the act of cleaning and drainage of green clay exerted by attracting all the toxins to the body part being treated. Then, when the toxins have been removed, the wound closes gradually until complete healing. But in general, there is also a decrease redness quickly when there is inflammation, evidence of positive action green clay.

It may also happen that appear, when there was none, redness, pimples, as well as hard to bear itch. This is because the poultice draws to itself of toxic substances from the body. They pass through the tissue and clear through the skin where is placed the poultice. It is best to stop momentarily poultices and resume when the disadvantages are gone. Take herbal teas to help with the evacuation.

Given the draining action of green clay, it is recommended in many cases ask poultices on the lower abdomen. Toxins are thus attracted to the bowel or bladder and quickly escaped through them (instead of escape through the skin, which is more annoying).

It is not advisable to put together several poultices in different places of the body. They must alternate. For example if you are nursing a sore throat, you will put a poultice on the neck for two hours. Then, after it has been removed, you can then put a poultice on the abdomen.

Duration of treatment

Depending on the case, poultices will be placed for one or two days to several months ... to DMARDs.
It depends on the problem. The poses should continue until complete healing, pain relief, healing.
But it is important not to interrupt treatment started ... to resume a few days later. Earnings already acquired, it is as if we took up at the start we would lose a second time, it would be a shame.

As explained above, it is sometimes beneficial to improve the laying of a cure poultices internal clay. This will accelerate the process of elimination and healing.


The benefits of green clay are such that we have the precaution of always having to be ready to use its proximity to prepare a poultice. There are also tubes of clay dough practices, which can take anywhere, on vacation or traveling.
At home, it is possible to have a dish of green clay is ready. If we do not immediately used, to avoid drying out, it should cover the top of the clay with a little water from time to time.
If the clay was skipped and begin to dry, it can be allowed to dry completely. Then it is crushed into smaller pieces. It is possible to reuse as a first time in the fully covering water.

Quick response is also of great importance. If the clay can be applied immediately after a failure, the pain is very short, faster healing occurs. There are no blisters after burning, the nail does not fall in the crash of a finger etc ... it is worth it

Dusting of green clay

The green clay powder has been used successfully for outpatient care such as:

- Dusting of baby talc instead of when the rash is red or even slightly irritated: highly effective and all natural!
- Redness, eczema, itchy pimples, sores children, small wounds: calming and disinfecting powder green clay that is placed on it. Even bedsores.
- In case of bleeding due to a cut, the powdered clay at this point will stop the bleeding.
- Brushing teeth, soaking wet brush on green clay, brush your teeth and gums - but twice a week maximum.


Animals respond very well to natural treatments and especially clay. They feel even better than humans how they can be relieved by medication. Long since horses have benefited from its work successfully. It is therefore appropriate to use in many cases that may arise, for reasons similar to those of human problems, mainly diarrhea and injuries. (Healing of FMD have been identified even).

The biggest disadvantage is that a clay poultice can be heavy to carry or difficult to keep up in some places. If animals do not stay quiet enough during the exposure time, it runs the risk of being displaced or falling. We must therefore keep well with bandages.

If we want that animals absorb green clay internally, there are several possibilities:

. sprinkle clay powder on their hair (cats will lick and swallow the clay at the same time).
. fill a large syringe with clay water and inject all between their teeth (without needle).
. available pieces of clay in their water container, clay will dissolve and they shall drink water without clay. (4 tablespoons per liter of water).
. mix powder to their food (grains, vegetables, mash etc ...)

Even as a preventive measure to clean or Outbreak, you can add green clay water to drink, or have buckets of powdered clay available that animals will consume according to their needs.
It is still recommended to sprinkle animal bedding and on the walls and floor of stables ... after cleaning. It's a good way to sanitation.


Here is a list of some problems (among many others) that have been effectively resolved by green clay, according to testimony gathered in Europe by Raymond Deixtreit:

. stomach ulcer
. ovarian cyst
. drop
. vertebral fracture
. rheumatism
. kidney stones
. sciatica
. hay fever
. bursting of the cornea of ​​the eye
. moved and replaced bone (clavicle)
. osteoarthritis
. microbial dysentery
. shingles
. warts
. abscesses and early gangrene with amputation planned.
. polyps
. whitlow
. birthmark
. sprain
. calluses
. crushed or severed fingers
. sunburn

Clay goes beyond healing and sometimes "fix" what was believed to be irreparable. Thus we found that attacked and eroded by bone infection could recover. Similarly, there has been rebuilding tissues of a gangrenous wound.

Some treatments involved the application of green clay for 2 years. But patients were suffering so much that they had the patience to persevere with the clay, while all other therapies tried had failed.

The clay can it cure everything? Obviously not. Any natural therapy will be effective over the long term, only if other conditions are met. It not only treats the symptoms of a problem, it is essential to find the cause and eliminate it. This often requires a reform of its power and its lifestyle as well as a thorough review of the psychosomatic diseases.
Read in conjunction conferences "food" "Medicine" "cause disease" "technical EFT- Emotional Freedom"

We are often asked if the clay can cure this disease or that problem! We do not know all the problems for which the clay is effective. In case the problem is not listed above, feel free to try taking care that the instructions given on this page. It may well be that there is a good outcome. But in the case where clay was no improvement in the 48 hours following the start of treatment is that the clay will not be effective. You can also further document by purchasing a book on the clay (see our bibliography).


herniated discs
I was suffering from herniated discs proud. I was operated on three hernias, 2 left and right simultaneously. A month later, I was lumbago and some time after surgery, recurrence and unbearable pain. I fear infiltration or epidural. I decided to treat myself with clay poultices placed on the vertebrae. I made 3 poultices the first 24 hours and I already feel a huge improvement, it's amazing! Even if I have to wait to make a treatment for several months, I am ready to do to heal.

Other evidence in the record ARTHRITIS
drop - rheumatism - sciatica - arthritis - osteomyelitis - herniated disc - osteoarthritis - decalcification - osteoarthritis - arthritis of the shoulder -

Dentist: after each tooth extraction, I fill the hole in the tooth pulled with clay paste. In addition, I apply a poultice on the cheek question upon my return home. When the effect of the anesthesia wears off, I have no pain with clay! And I continue to put a poultice on the cheek for two nights to avoid infection or other problem.


As soon as someone gets burned at home, clay (always ready in a jam jar) is applied as soon as possible on the painful spot. This prevents blisters. If the clay is put on the burn very quickly, it will follow any pain. If the clay is applied after the pain starts to hurt, you can count on the disappearance of the pain in about ten minutes. Once the pain returns is that the poultice has finished acting, you have to put a new and it makes the pain go away again. Sometimes you have to change the poultice after 30 minutes, depending on the depth of the burn.


I cared for a child injured his finger, he was playing with my little neighbor. He was injured, moms are absent, there was no one to look after him and I noticed his grimaces, his wound was hurting. I have it applied a poultice of green clay. He did not know of its existence but was willing to try anything to ease his pain. Shortly after he came to thank me, exclaiming: "I felt sick to my finger for two hours and ten minutes after laying the poultice I had more pain I have never found that. pain could stop as quickly after getting hurt. This is a true miracle. "


Almost all athletes suffer injuries during games or training. After a torn cruciate knee ligaments, I refused to have surgery. It was in the 80s, the operations were not very safe, I do not want to risk remain disabled for life! I put clay poultices (one on each side of the knee) each day for three months and I healed. My knee has remained fragile and sometimes the ligaments have been stretched again. I continued to treat me with clay whenever a problem occurs and always with success. Also, I decided one day to consolidation therapy although I'm not hurt me. I applied a poultice of clay or two at various locations knee every night for three months. My knee is getting a new youth and remarkably strengthened.


For all the wounds of my animals, I use clay. It works very well, the animals accept it easily. I healed and open wounds, sprains by poultices, itching powder coated ...

Where to find clay?

We inform you that our association sells no clay.

Green clay is sold in many countries around the world under various brand names in paper bags of several sizes:

- Clay powder: 300 g, 1 kg, 3 kg, 25 kg
- The crushed clay: 1 kg, 3 kg, 25 kg

This is mostly in natural food stores, diet, natural products that clay is sold and also in pharmacy.

On the Internet, the clay can be purchased:

- In France from the company ARGILETZ (link on the store)

In the world:
Check the list of distributors worldwide ARGILETZ
If you are looking clay in a given country, we can not deliver to addresses other than those above. Needless to ask us about it.

In some African countries, local clay, unmarked, is sold in herbal stores or markets. These clays are traditionally used for a long time without special supervision; we must refer to the advice of the herbalist. They are definitely recommended because it is always better to treat with from where you live products. These clays - usually brown - sometimes are not as pure as green clay, they contain some sand, but they can be effective. We must test them and choose the one that seems most appropriate.

A particular point: the Rasul or ghassoul the tfal ...
These clays collected in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa are traditionally used for hundreds of years, mainly for body care and hair. They are considered combined washer and softening clays, and therefore used in shampoo and purifying mask.
However, in tradition, they were also known to cure once, as a poultice for wounds, for example. They were advised to pregnant women as well to suck when grains had digestive problems.

We therefore tested the Moroccan Rasul to treat a wound poultice and verified its effectiveness. It was crude Rasul, in broken pieces or lumps found in the souks. We therefore recommend its use to North Africa who could not find a purer as green clay, clay in their country. This clay has proved very effective as a poultice.
The Rasul powder or pads that is marketed, has already been washed and cleaned of its sand, we assume it would be less effective than the crude lumps in Rasul, as part of outpatient medical care.

To buy clay in France in large amounts (per 25 kg), here are two possibilities:

Lafaure Company SARL -
The Got - 24550 Mazeyrolles

sale of bentonite clay (gray) powder per 25 kg bags - presentation, marketing and explanations on the company website:

The company sells the clay for use on animals and for fruit, it does not consider its valuable clay or approved to treat human beings.
But we have tested for outpatient care - so in poultices for over ten years on people and animals - we were very pleased.
This clay is more practical than the green clay poultices pose because it removes easily from the skin and requires little cleaning.
It is also a big advantage for the application of poultices on certain parts of the body that are sensitive, others are hairy and the hair. Removing the poultice is made without pain as if green clay has dried around the edges, this may cause a little trouble, or it takes a long wet clay and it takes time!

At the effectiveness of clay, we found that bentonite clay was slightly less effective than green clay, bentonite clay but still very valid and convenience we did prefer in a large number of cases. Especially for caring for animals: cleaning the clay in the hair or feathers of animals is far from easy! The bentonite clay facilitates care tremendously.
The price of bentonite clay is also very attractive: 5-7 times cheaper than green clay. For very long process requiring tens of kilos of clay, that's interesting!
As the company does not sell its Lafaure bentonite clay to human health, it is necessary to provide to them, to ask for clay care with animals or for use in his orchard (useful to discover on their website uses!). They are dealers who can deliver to your home bags of 25 kg - ask them the address of the person who is closest to you.

Green clay can be ordered in 25 kg bags from the company

Health food stores that sell Argiletz products can, on command, provide 25 kg bags. Most shops unaware of 25kg bags. Just ask them and they learn that they order for you to Argiletz. Think of search with several stores to get a positive response.

Clay is a volcanic land is a natural source of minerals and trace elements (including silica, aluminum silicate, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese ...) it contains in varying proportions. Clay refers to a wide variety of clay minerals, which can be of different colors (green, red, blue, yellow, gray, white, brown, pink ...) Its color varies with iron oxides (limonite) that it contains.


To prepare the clay, do not use metal; use a wooden spoon to stir the preparations and neutral glass containers.

  • The clay taken internally is preferably in the morning on an empty stomach or one hour before each meal.

  • Never reuse the clay.

  • Avoid concomitant use of clay and oils or fats.

  • It is advisable to drink plenty of water during a course of clay.

  • The poultice should be neither too liquid nor too dry, and spread to a depth of 2cm. They surround a cloth to keep them the same moisture content, and generally keep two hours.

  • Be especially attentive to the intestinal transit.

    Green clay:

Green clay is recommended for normal skin and oily skin. It is very effective to absorb and regulate excess sebum. It is also used in hair mask to regulate the production of sebum from the hair oily. High performance, green clay is the most versatile. Impurities absorbent, green clay is mineralizing, regenerating and revitalizing the weakened areas. It hinders the growth of microbes or pathogens, that is to say, any parasitic body, while promoting healthy cell reconstitution.
By healing festering wounds that heal at an amazing rate.
Clay bactericidal and healing soothing effect, absorbing (of all toxins).
It cleanses and purifies the blood. It has a restorative action of the blood cells that is easily justified by testing the blood count. Within a month, there has been a dramatic increase in red blood cells.
It stimulates the deficient organ and helps restore the failing functions.
For irritation, ulceration of the digestive organs, the bandage is a clay of extreme activity, removing the destroyed cell and activating reconstitution It cures diarrhea.
Due to its composition, clay fills all the gaps.

The cure of green clay is recommended oral one, two or even four times a year when the seasons change, but mainly in the spring to clean the body and deal with any deficiencies.

Precautions: If high blood pressure, do not take too much clay because it enriches the blood. No more than two teaspoons spread throughout the week.

Some pointers:

Colds, sore throats, dissolve a little clay on the tongue.

Rheumatic pains, sprains.

Prepare a glass of clay water, adding a teaspoon of vinegar, you can enjoy the morning on an empty stomach, and at night, at least two hours after dinner.

Applying warm compresses to painful areas two or three times a day. To prepare the clay compresses, replace the water by an infusion of lavender flowers. Add to that last, three spoonfuls of vinegar.

varicose veins

Bathe legs with varicose veins in the clay water, and massage the bottom up, always going up the ankles to the knees.

Application of poultices replacing the water by an infusion of red vine leaves, witch hazel or thyme. Poultices should cover entire leg, and make a centimeter thick.


Cure of clay water for periods of 3 months 3 weeks, alternating with 3 weeks break. Take 3 glasses of water clay (green clay) per day gradually reducing doses of 1/2 cup of water per week.

Externally, we can apply a poultice of clay, after waking up, throughout the treatment area and its periphery, followed by a cold sitz bath.

run down

Many trace elements present in the clay have a rebalancing action and stimulation of the body in cases of general fatigue, asthenia, convalescence, overwork. In all these cases, the clay treatment is carried internally.


Make a light massage with arnica ointment and apply a poultice of cold green clay, repeated every 2 hours until no swelling and pain.

Mask to clean skin

Applied to the skin, clay avoids the development of pathogens and promotes cell regeneration. With its absorbency, clay can help extract foreign objects under the skin.

Radiation Protection

It seems that clay has the power to absorb excess radiation on a body that has undergone radiation from a radioactive source intensely. Clay could thus provide some protection of the body affected by ionizing radiation. Also, in the case of radiotherapy cancer, application of clay between two sessions to better support them and help heal burns faster.

White clay (or kaolin):

White clay is recommended for dry and sensitive skin. It is also used in hair mask to revitalize dry and lifeless hair. She especially rich in silica, it is mineralizing and helps eliminate toxins. . Cellular renovator, it has a micro-exfoliating the skin and remineralize the skin. This is a clay from the softest skin, it is perfectly well tolerated even by very sensitive and intolerant skin. Its healing and antiseptic properties make it valuable for the care of irritated skin. Non-allergenic, it is also suitable for baby skin, used as talcum buttocks rash. It is also recommended to gargle for gum infection or sore throat. Kaolin has a sheet structure, which gives it excellent coverage. In fact, internally, it acts as a gastric bandage. It relieves digestive problems (acidity, heartburn, ulcers) in regulating acidity and pH. Anti-inflammatory and healing, it protects mucous membranes. Kaolin has an absorbent virtue, that is to say, it traps bacteria and viruses present in the digestive tract. These microbes are then removed by natural means. It also adsorbs gases and toxins, which is why it is recommended in case of bloating or food poisoning. Kaolin is also indicated to treat constipation because it regulates intestinal transit.

The red clay:

The red clay is recommended for normal skin and for dry and sensitive skin. It owes its color to iron oxides. Rich in trace elements, it is re-balancing and restores luminosity to the skin. It is also known to improve blood circulation. It is also an illite, its properties are similar to those of the green and yellow. The red color is due to a larger proportion of iron oxide. Recommended for application on the face mask for normal, sensitive and fragile skin. Properties: soothing, toning and cleansing.

The yellow clay:

The yellow clay is recommended for normal skin very sensitive and oily skin. It is also used in hair mask on normal and fragile hair. It is also recommended to reduce pain. Rich in minerals, it is stimulating, invigorating and réoxygénante cells. The yellow clay owes its color to its high concentration of ions and ferric oxides, primarily siderite iron.

It is a soft clay, which cleans the skin by absorbing impurities. It is also very useful in the treatment of cellulite, as poultices.

This clay is soft enough to be used regularly.

Pink clay:

Pink clay is recommended for delicate, sensitive skin with a tendency to redness. Rich in trace elements, it is soothing and restores radiance to sensitive skin. Fresh Effect "Good mine" removing impurities.

- The blue clay:

The blue clay oxygenating properties. Eliminating impurities, it brings brightness and radiance to the complexion.

the Rasul

The Rasul is a clay of Eastern origin which is in powder form. Forming a paste by mixing with water. This paste on the hair or the face is applied to clean gently. the Rasul has astringent and soothing properties.
Various uses are possible: hair care or skin, Rasul can be used as shampoo, or facial mask or body.
The Rasul is a particular product by its washing action; it functions as a kind of blotting and its application has the effect of absorbing fat and impurities.
It is particularly recommended for oily hair as it cleanses and regulates sebum production. But it is also very effective for all types of hair and skin.

Recipe mask: Make a paste with a little water floral (rose, chamomile, orange blossom) and clay (white, pink, yellow, Rasul ...) then apply a mask on the face. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. Add a few drops of essential oil (lavender, geranium, ..) and a tablespoon of vegetable oil coffee (olive, avocado, apricot ...) to the mixture.

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