Activated Charcoal: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?
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The activated charcoal is a remedy (product) obtained by calcination of natural organic plant matter ( tree species: willow, linden, aspen, poplar shells or coconut) then it is treated by injecting steam water, which results in developing its porosity, which gives it a strong adsorption capacity , it's -to - say fixing undesirable toxic substances in our body . Note however that this adsorption depends primarily on the type of substrate used plant: plant charcoal from coconut shells, for example, is 25 times more absorbent and therefore more effective, than the vegetable Coal Ash (most commonly available).

The use of coal for its therapeutic benefits dates back thousands of years, according to the Ebers Papyrus , one of the oldest medical treatises written in the sixteenth century BC, during the reign of Amenhotep I, the Egyptians had developed some empirical knowledge about it and already used to treat anthrax poisoning .

Much later, in 1813 , Bertrand, a French chemist scientifically proven action on coal toxins by lending itself to an experience in public: he swallowed a spoonful of arsenic trioxide, a massive dose sufficient immediately to defeat ten men, without this having any impact on his health: he had enough for him to add a little powdered coal arsenic to neutralize the effects of the latter.

A similar experiment was carried out a few years later with the same result, by a pharmacist from Montpellier which absorbed 10 times the lethal dose of strychnine he had previously coated with powdered charcoal.

Since 1873, the charcoal is sold in pharmacies but in recent years, there is renewed interest following numerous research in the world, research has confirmed the exceptional qualities of this natural remedy.
activated charcoal
Activated charcoal: a powerful decontaminant

When consumed, the activated charcoal remains in the gut until it is discharged in feces .Its porosity allows it to capture all the toxic substances that affect the proper functioning of our body : chemicals , synthetic drugs, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, food additives ... and evacuate directly from the intestinal tract.

It behaves the same way with some normal wastes found in the gut : toxins, bacteria, pathogenic viruses, salmonella, staph ... It also absorbs intestinal gas. 'a powerful cleaning agent in the body and a powerful antidote against most poisons.

Activated charcoal does not cause nutritional deficiencies: it negates the effect of toxic substances but does not affect the essential nutrients: vitamins, trace - elements, minerals ... Multiple experiments performed over time in rats, sheep, and Others have shown that blood still retained adequate levels of calcium, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins ... and the pH of their urine remained constant.

clusters of nuts source coconut charcoal
activated charcoal produced from nutshells capture coconut all toxic substances in our body
Activated charcoal can be used by everyone: adults, children or animals; it can be taken during pregnancy
It is recommended in the following cases:
irritation of the intestine
high triglycerides
gastric pain,
food poisoning
ingestion of toxic substances
off balance intestinal flora
bowel infections accompanied by constipation and intestinal fermentation.
High Cholesterol

Activated charcoal is recommended in all poisoning from ingestion of drugs
Most toxic substances are adsorbable by activated carbon: antidepressants, tricyclics, barbiturates, colchicine, benzodiazepines, paracetamol etc ... It is simply advised to be particularly vigilant about the risk of constipation or even intestinal obstruction where intoxication is due to medications that slow intestinal transit (see neuroleptics)

activated charcoal and drug intoxication
The activated charcoal is effective in all drug infections
However, be aware that : - the charcoal is ineffective if the patient has ingested corrosives or hydrocarbons . In both cases its absorption capacity is then practically nil.
- Activated carbon ceases to be useful beyond 3-4 hours after poisoning;
In case of poisoning, the activated carbon in an amount ten times the amount of toxic substance absorbed will be diluted in water and this mixture will be administered orally to the patient who will drink it slowly to avoid vomiting.

The activated charcoal may absorb up to 100 times its volume of gas , and thus relieve the gas eliminating bloating due to fermentation.
The activated charcoal absorbs gases but also bacteria that produce these gases.
Reducing intestinal gas , the charcoal helps to regain a flat stomach and a sleek silhouette.

Diarrhea is a natural process of removing bacteria and viruses in our digestive system. It is better in all cases to try to identify the causes of diarrhea and does not seek to eliminate that - it too fast. However, activated charcoal, by its ability to bind and remove toxic substances from the intestine, is very effective in cases of diarrhea; it's a great anti -diarrhéique.

activated charcoal and white teeth
Consider powdered activated charcoal for brilliant white teeth
Put some activated charcoal on the toothpaste when you brush your teeth or pour some charcoal powder in a cup or small bowl, dip a wet cotton swab in it and apply on your teeth by rubbing with a a. Then proceed to a normal brush and rinse; make this treatment once or twice a week and you get the teeth sparkling white.

The charcoal comes in several forms:
- In tablets or pellets (for people who do not like the contact of coal in the mouth) .Take 1-4 per day. - In Capsules : They are more expensive and sometimes less active (depending on the brand). Processing of attack, take 2 capsules in the morning, afternoon and evening. Processing skiing, take a capsule morning, noon and night.

For a child, it is best to take one capsule on 10kg weight per day.
In case of diarrhea, take 3 capsules 3 times daily coal between meals.
- In powder or granules : This is the most active and least onéreuse.Prendre 1-2 tablespoons in a little water. In case of poisoning or poisoning, it is necessary to take larger doses. can take up to 100 grams of activated charcoal per day without health problems . However, it is generally recommended dosages much lower: one gram per day maintenance, and in case of serious problems, such as advanced renal disease, or high cholesterol, doses of 20 grams, and more, by day.
powdered activated charcoal
Powdered activated charcoal is the most active form
In case of diarrhea, take 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal powder in a glass of water. Repeated every 8 hours until the diarrhea stops. A tablespoon is equivalent to an average of 5 grams of coal.
The powder should be diluted in at least 250 ml of water to prevent choking . Given this risk, the powdered activated charcoal should not be administered to young children or people who have difficulty swallowing or breathing.

You can make cures 10 to 15 days , or more, but do not eat continuously activated charcoal (because of the risk of constipation ).
Do not eat activated charcoal together with drugs (antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, herbal remedies and dietary supplements). The activated charcoal absorbs those -Ci active molecules. It takes a period of at least two hours between deux.Certains also advise to take between meals, so as not to affect the vitamins and trace elements found in food.
Drink plenty (at least 2 liters per day) to facilitate the removal of toxins that fixed activated carbon and clean. Drink plenty until the arrival of coal in the stool (those - are going to be colored in black) about 18 to 48 hours after ingestion of coal (this time varies depending on the speed of intestinal transit)
Remember the risk of constipation : it can be avoided if you do not take the activated charcoal over time, if you drink a lot of water and with simultaneous decision-sorbitol.

Except in the case of people suffering from peptic ulcer or bowel obstruction or other anatomical problems with their gastrointestinal tract (patients who no longer large intestine), there are no cons - indication subject to compliance with common precautions mentioned above.
Activated charcoal, a safe natural remedy , powerful, inexpensive, easy to use, with multiple applications can -be the best decontaminant we knew. unfortunately little known to the general public and even many physicians . You can find it in all food stores. try - the; you'll soon learn the many benefits.
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