Lavender: Benefits, Uses, Effects?


Lavender: Benefits, Uses, Effects?
The essential oil of lavender

The essential oil of lavender has many therapeutic properties, among the most famous include those relaxing, antidepressant and healing

The botanical name is Lavender Lavandula angustifolia, L. officinalis, L. vera, L. spica. It belongs to the Labiatae family and originated in southern Europe and western. It is an evergreen shrub with erect stems, with linear leaves and flowers grouped in spikes thin blue violets. To obtain the 'essential oil are used are the flowering tops. This essence - that has many therapeutic properties - it has the appearance of a viscous liquid of dark green color, with an intense smell of grass, slightly floral.
Lavender essential oil: the main uses

  - L 'lavender essential oil is an excellent sedative: useful in case of anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and nervousness. Exerts a rebalancing, being both tonic and sedative.

  • It is useful in case of accidents, by inhalation of the aroma or tablets to be applied on the injured party, or a drop to rub on the solar plexus.

  • It has analgesic, antiseptic and antibiotic properties that make it an excellent aid against colds: flu, cough, cooling, sinusitis, catarrh. In all these cases it is advisable to use the 'lavender essential oil inhaled or local friction.

  • It acts on the stomach and intestine, stimulates the activity of the liver and bile, gastric secretions and intestinal peristalsis.

  • Soothes aches and abdominal cramps and may be beneficial for women who suffer from menstrual pain (not to be used in case of heavy menstruation).

  • It has a diuretic effect and is an excellent antiseptic, contrasting diseases of the genitourinary system, such as cystitis.

  • Relieves muscle aches.

  • It also has healing properties and a few drops of lavender brings about relief in the event of cuts, wounds, sores, insect bites, rashes from jellyfish.

  • It is an excellent essence for children: many small childhood disorders (colic, irritability, colds, nocturnal agitation, etc..) Can be relieved by a massage on the neck or chest with lavender essential oil or a few drops of 'essence placed on the pillow or the dispenser of aromas.

Lavender essential oil: Some modes of Use

  • To soothe headaches, nervous tension, stress, insomnia: 2 drops of lavender essential oil massaged his temples, wrists and neck, inhaling the aroma slowly and deeply, relieve pain and tension.

  To facilitate cleaning of the skin affected by acne and impure: Mix lavender oil a little 'green clay (or fine powder of almonds) with a bit' of water, 2 drops of lavender essential oil, a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Apply on face and remove with warm water before it dried completely.
In case of colic: Massage 1 or 2 drops of lavender essential oil on the abdomen

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