Jojoba Oil: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


JOJOBA OIL: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Jojoba oil is one of the best skin oils out there. Which applications for jojoba oil are there? What is so special about jojoba oil? What should you consider when buying jojoba oil? Read this article and learn more about this quality skin oil.

Jojoba oil - liquid gold for your skin
The jojoba plant is originally a desert plant
The home of the jojoba plant is located between Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. In the desert sand, rugged mountainous areas and deserted sandy beaches the Jojobasträucher grow. They bear nuts - these are the Jojobanüsse. The oil of Jojobanuss differs significantly from other vegetable oils. Researchers found that the jojoba no greasy oil, such as sunflower oil, but is thin and extremely skin friendly.

With its thin liquid jojoba oil is quickly absorbed by the skin
Many fatty oils have the disadvantage that they can not sufficiently penetrate the skin. Some valuable constituents of the fatty oils can therefore not be used by our skin. Jojoba oil is so fluid that it penetrates the upper layers of the skin and can provide our skin to the deepest layers of skin with valuable skin care ingredients. Jojoba oil is the oil hautverträglichste, there is. When jojoba oil is cold pressed and natural, no allergies are to be expected.

For which areas of application you can use jojoba oil?
Jojoba oil is the ideal oil for daily skincare. If you tend to have dry, scaly skin, you should regularly check your skin - rub with jojoba oil - especially after washing, bathing and showering. It regulates the acid mantle and protect your skin from harmful environmental influences.

American dermatologists are increasingly a jojoba oil for acne treatment. If you suffer from acne or at the Mallorca acne (skin reaction after too long sunbathing), you should apply morning and evening virgin cold pressed jojoba oil on the affected areas.

Jojoba oil is a natural sunscreen oil. Rub all locations that are exposed to the sun, rinse with a jojoba oil. Jojoba oil has a natural sun protection factor of three to four. The duration of sunbathing depends on your skin type and your skin sensitivity. Therefore, do not stay too long in the sun.
Jojoba oil is ideal for rubbing after sun exposure. It leads your skin to the lost moisture.
If you get after a long exposure to the sun a sunburn, you should rub your skin with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil soothes and relieves pain on the burnt skin.

Jojoba oil is the ideal liniment against stretch marks. Read also my article: "How to avoid stretch marks."
The psoriasis or other skin disorders often respond well to treatment with jojoba oil. No side effects even at a long-term treatment for several months.

Your hands and nails you can maintain optimal with jojoba oil. The oil is simply rubbed into the hands and nails. It is for the fingernails and nail pens that contain jojoba oil.

Best Buy: Buy only pure, natural and above all cold pressed jojoba oil. This oil does not become rancid, and can be stored for years. Jojoba oil is solid at cold, but once again liquid when it is stored at room temperature.

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Jojoba oil, that sounds exotic, it is - apart from the name - but not at all! Actually the jojoba shrub forms one of the carnation-like family and is thus a Nutzgewächs. And of the many benefits and applications of the jojoba plant, we benefit for many years. The oil with the indian sounding name promises kept and flawless skin and beautiful shiny hair. But jojoba oil can really deliver what it promises? Here comes the ultimate test jojoba oil!

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If we take it very well, jojoba oil is not really oil but a vegetable wax. It is obtained from the jojoba shrub that belongs to the carnation-like plants and is found mainly in the deserts and semi-deserts of North America - hence the Indian-inspired name. Its seeds contain a wax that is rich in provitamin A and vitamin E. For this plant wax jojoba oil is obtained, which promises to be a real beauty panacea, and has already taken the cosmetic world by storm. since jojoba oil is non-greasy compared to other vegetable oils, it is very quickly absorbed by the skin . With its golden yellow color reminiscent of the jojoba oil olive oil, but by its neutral odor it is neither pushy nor irritating. Therefore, it can be very well used in its pure form as a massage oil, but is also suitable as an additive for all care products for skin and hair. Another plus point of the miracle cure: Untreated and cold pressed jojoba oil can keep for several years without worry , since it is not rancid. A magic potion, that is last forever and works miracles on skin and hair? We have even checked what really has to offer jojoba oil!

Jojoba oil is available in a range of toiletriesJojoba oil is versatile use
Jojoba oil makes first aid for hair Alarm

jojoba oil in the shampoo is of a secret for permanent healthy, shiny hair. Even in small amounts it is an amazing effect. So it takes is a small amount for every hair wash to dandruff and hair loss quite easy and simple to declare war. Jojoba oil also gives the attacked hair volume, shine and body. Unlike many aggressive chemical toiletries supplied jojoba oil your hair namely in an absolutely natural way with everything it needs . Harmful side effects can be excluded almost entirely by the natural origin of jojoba oil. Tilt your hair to tie it to, you can easily untangle it with jojoba oil. Even against split ends, frizz and dry ends affects the wax has been proven to work wonders.

Of course you can there is no result today expect overnight but with regular and long-term use (two are three months You have already invest) will you be able to recognize a difference. Just after washing a little jojoba oil massage into damp hair and then it says "Bye-bye split ends". Jojoba oil also helps sensitive skin more moisture and suppleness Not only for the hair acts jojoba oil miracle, even your skin would be about an extra helping care with jojoba oil. After the wax regulates the oil and moisture content of the skin in a natural way. Even sensitive skin will respond by daily use soft and supple, without irritated .

Refrigeration, heating and air dryness may very enforce the skin, especially in winter, because it takes a great care to prevent cracks and scales. The nourishing properties of jojoba oil revitalize, firm and provide affected skin with moisture. The vitamin E contained in jojoba oil protects against premature skin aging and keeps your connective tissue elastic . Not only your hands but also your nails and your lips will appreciate the application of the wax! Due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing effect jojoba oil will also gladly used as remedies for acne. So many benefits, so little effort! The application is in fact very easy! massaging simple morning and evening a little of it into your skin and let act the natural charms . Also for cleaning and as a make-up remover can be easily used jojoba oil. Stress in everyday life? Not with jojoba oil! Whether as a bath additive or as a massage oil -. jojoba, you can also easily indulge in a refreshing and nourishing break from everyday stresses , jojoba oil is better cold pressed and can used as natural additives in many cosmetic products serve you want to incorporate jojoba oil in your daily care routine? Then you have several options.

Either you you buy ready-creams and maintenance products at the drugstore or pharmacy, where jojoba is already included, or you can shuffle all by yourself some precious drops of oil in your products. In this case, you should however make sure that the jojoba oil that you use is cold pressed, since a longer shelf life is guaranteed. Pro application you need namely a few drops of the oil - use up 100 ml, take very long. Moreover, jojoba oil is especially good for allergy sufferers in its natural form and can be used at any age. Jojoba oil is therefore a beauty-all-around weapon and a perfect alternative to the usually less acceptable chemical products . With around eight euros per 100 ml of this beauty all-rounder is also relatively inexpensive.

You can buy the magic bullet in drugstores, pharmacies or online shops. We summarize. With jojoba oil you can skin and hair do quite naturally something good, without having to dig deep into their pockets. Make an end to problems such as dry skin and Spitzenspliss and even experience the balancing effect of plant wax. With jojoba oil, there is finally a care product that you regularly apply without hesitation and guilt and can thereby benefit from its many positive effects. Miracle? Maybe not! But definitely a bit of magic from nature!

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