Evening Primrose Oil: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Both the inner as well as external use promises great cures in many complaints, in particular for long-lasting skin problems. Modern natural medicine has discovered this particular medicinal plant again and the valuable essential ingredients to ensure that it is increasingly recommended by nutritionists for daily health maintenance of the body.

There is talk of the evening primrose, which, unbeknownst to many, only at dusk opens its bright yellow bracts and during the early morning hours closes again. It is primarily pollinated by moths that are attracted by the fragrant and shimmering in the twilight, like candlelight petals.

A beauty
which is therapeutic
Originally native to the North American continent, the evening primrose (Oenathea biennis) came in the early 17th century to Europe. It belongs to the same family such as fuchsia or fireweed and was (and is) in this country cultivated as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks. The biennial plant loves dry soils and the feral variant has settled everywhere in Europe - except in extreme altitudes such as the Alps. It is in many places to find roadside and on walls. The "Belle de la nuit", as it is called in Western Europe, reached with her ​​perfectly straight grew a height of almost three meters and blooms from June until into August. Gourmets appreciate the young leaves as fresh salad addition.

The Native Americans used the seeds mashed and partly also the leaves of the plant and exhibited them in conjunction with a variety of herbs and beef additives, effective aid for wounds, sore throat, upset stomach ago. The evening primrose was always the drug of choice for chronic skin irritation and many skin diseases

The secret
is in the seed
Mystery of the curative effect lies in the seeds of the evening primrose hidden: because in the seeds of lemon yellow flowers slumber abundant unsaturated fatty acids which stabilize the skin deeply.

The gamma-linolenic acid contained in evening primrose seed oil is an essential precursor of tissue hormones, known as the prostaglandins. These substances are especially helpful for skin problems. They improve the skin functions and provide a clean and healthy skin structure . So let prostaglandins the skin more beautiful, smoother and younger look.

evening primrose ....
gently and yet
with unexpected

Help for Psoriasis
Today is offered evening primrose seed oil by qualified nutritionists to promote health daily in capsule form. The gamma-linolenic acid from evening primrose can be particularly well used by the body. With the administration of the seed oil in capsule form gives additional advantage that the precious oil of evening primrose internally and with little effort also externally can be applied. neurodermitics , the lack of gamma have linolenic acid in their bodies, particularly benefit from the healing power of evening primrose. Is responsible for this disease an enzyme defect: neurodermitics can not adequately convert linoleic acid from the diet into gamma-linolenic acid. A deficiency causes metabolic disorders and weakens the immune power of the skin. As a result of mismanagement, it can be as easy to defensive measures against hazardous substances are basically (allergies).

Evening primrose oil can this lack of the important gamma-linolenic acid balance and build up the skin again. In this case, the hydration and be suppleness of the skin improves. The gamma-linolenic acid works as a kind of glue that holds the horn cells of the skin. This largely prevents drying of the skin

Already in 21 countries, the effectiveness of evening primrose oil in atopic dermatitis has been scientifically proven. The health-promoting oil can taken orally and simultaneously directly are dripped onto the affected skin, where it can exert its skin-stabilizing effect.

Perfect skin
with evening primrose oil
also people who often to skin irritations such as eczema suffer or itchy rash, promises the itch-relieving effect of evening primrose seed oil beneficial help.
since the oil of evening primrose seeds also an anti-inflammatory effect and antiseptic, the Allheilpflanze soothes reddened, scaly areas of skin and acne . It helps gentle and very efficient to produce a healthy complexion. Already a three-month application can improve a lot.

Further support contained in the seed oil of evening primrose valuable proteins, fibrous materials such as lignin and the important linoleic acid (which can be converted into gamma linolenic acid) the body and strengthen the cells. The skin is visibly smoothed and gains elasticity. In cosmetics, evening primrose oil plays thanks to its efficient operation and ease of use is becoming increasingly important, as it the complexion maintains fresh peach and delicate. With evening primrose oil, the youthfulness and the beautiful appearance of the skin are retained longer.

Evening Primrose for children
, but not only for problem solving is the mysterious plant of use: also for allergy prevention and especially for pregnant women and during lactation supports evening primrose seed oil maintain the health of mother and child. For gamma-linolenic acid is involved directly and greatly to body processes associated with controlled growth; particularly important for children . rapid growth in the phases during the period of pregnancy and later in puberty
also before and after pregnancy helps the night candle to the organism of women:
Many swear by the relaxing effect on menstrual disorders (PMS).

One proves the success story of this sympathetic flowering plant: It is suitable to improve the quality of life in a variety of complaints and problems massive - often after a few days or weeks.
, the positive impact is not restricted to the health strengthens inside the body, but also the skin , with the rest of us us and show the world.
How we act outwardly, today will affect our standing with others and even our mood. Even slight irregularities of the skin such as redness can weigh heavily on the mind.
The evening primrose has an enormous potential, their own (skin) health, their own lives, to improve one big piece. And so easy. We have it in our hands.

Evening Primrose - a fighter
not only for the skin

Neck and stomach
in the German folk medicine is evening primrose known as a remedy for whooping cough, bronchitis and other diseases of the upper airways. The antispasmodic and sedative effect is called as helpful for coughs and asthma. Stomach discomfort and digestive problems are alleviated, liver values ​​are stabilized in alcohol withdrawal.

Virus infections
70 years ago found one that viral infections of a lack of gamma-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid for human body, be accompanied. A fact that was not very sensational at that time. In the age of AIDS this essential fatty acid and their important role for the immune system in the eyes of modern medicine is always interesting. An agent is hoping to combat all viral infections. Because of the high content of gamma-linolenic acid disengaged evening primrose oil on this topic further and further into the spotlight. A toxicity of the oil is not, that could be observed in long-term studies.

Heart and circulatory
positive affect on the components of cardiac and circulatory functions. Cholesterol and blood coagulation are reduced, which clearly prevents a heart attack and thrombosis risk. It is believed that a blood pressure lowering effect is.

Joint inflammation and hyperactivity
Painful inflammation, as occurs in osteoarthritis can suppress evening primrose oil and even with PMS the effectiveness of the vegetable oil has been clinically proven. In hyperactive children, the use of oil-reducing effect on restlessness and many suffering from multiple sclerosis improved the long-term use of joint mobility, vision and overall well-being.

Evening primrose, also called Oenutera biennis, is a medicinal plant that has a positive effect on the connective tissue. So you can treat cellulite and stretch marks so. But even with internal application can be some discomfort in the genital organs such as the menopause , improve potency problems or infertility.
The evening primrose is also used in the cosmetics industry and improves skin texture, hair and fingernails. For dry old skin is noticed with regular maintenance with oil a significant improvement. The oil can be used permanently because no side effects are known. In atopic dermatitis , a clear success occurs only after 3-4 weeks.

General Information on Evening Primrose
Nachtkerzentee and evening primrose oil medicinal properties
Tea and ointment from the evening primrose

Evening primrose plant (Onagraceae)

Night rose, yellow nightshade, Rapunzel, beet root, evening light, Esswurzel

The plant has a thick fleshy root, the leaves are narrow and feel hairy. The pretty yellow flowers can be harvested in the summer. The flowers open only in the evening and are therefore popular pollinate with moths also. The seed pods are small, but contain a large number of the tiny seeds from which one gets the oil.

The plant is native to North America and was brought to Europe 350 years ago. Today it is cultivated worldwide. The Nerzkerze is undemanding and multiplies in the garden or in the wild nature. When the flowers open in the evening you can smell their fragrance.

How long has the plant used as a medicinal and useful plant is not known, since it comes from America and there is no record. In Europe, mentioned the positive effect in the writings of naturopathy 200 years ago. In particular, the root for internal use can cause an energy boost after multiple dosing.
Evening Primrose in practice
Areas of application

Vascular injuries
Dry skin
Menstrual cramps
Potency problems
Light burns
Connective tissue
Evening Primrose application


For a tea, take 1 teaspoon dried sprouts for a cup. The tea let steep for 10 minutes and drink one cup three times daily. The tea relaxes and helps with cramps.
Evening primrose ointment

Industrial provides ointments in which the active ingredients of the evening primrose are included. You should make and examine how high is the percentage when buying the ingredients. The ointment can be applied in the long term to the different skin problems as they unfolded the full effect only after a long time.
Oil and lotion

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds and is a wonder of nature. As one gains very little from a capsule it is a very precious product. The oil is contained in a lotion or as a bath additive. It is admixed with the many products in the treatment of skin problems are.
Evening primrose root

If one several times a week admixed the root eating, it gives you strength and mobilizes energy reserves.

Stearic acid
Palmitic acid
Linoleic acid
Starch / protein

The healing effect is versatile. So it has a calming and antispasmodic for internal use. The hormone regulating, vasodilator and cell renewal effect is good for the sexual organs of man and woman.

None known
Where to buy evening primrose

In drugstores and pharmacies many natural remedies available. When buying you have to pay attention to the mixture and the dosage, so you should read the package insert. The oil is a high quality product. It is found in the pure state in health food stores. In Germany the evening primrose grows wild, but they can also be planted in the garden.

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