Royal Jelly: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


ROYAL JELLY: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Royal Jelly
Again and again, royal jelly, it is pure, celebrated as a cream, capsules or vials as true super medicine. But beware: Royal jelly is not a panacea - but there are many experiences in applications where it is established that royal jelly exerts a tonic effect on the body. In particular, it should help reduce fatigue and improve the re-assemblages from diseases. Royal jelly consists of the same ingredients as bee pollen, namely protein, amino acids, fats, vitamins, sterols, minerals, sugar, and water. However, there should also be as yet undiscovered substances therein, namely many highly complex hormone-like compounds, which immune-enhancing effect is attributed.

In general, experts estimate that approximately three percent of royal jelly consists of agents that are not yet known. Production is the royal of the worker bees that produce it in their throat glands and administer the queens and queen larvae. With einschlagendem success: The queen bees are extremely larger, thicker, more durable and should be placed in a position in a large number of eggs which developed the so important offspring of the hive. Royal Jelly is therefore often referred to as queens juice or also known as royal jelly. In applying the coveted juice there every once in messages that promised a similar miraculous effect on people. These messages, however, are often poorly documented and scientifically verifiable. It should have been about doctors, the royal jelly a patient injektzierten with the syringe, which was very weak and got lost the physical and mental activity due to stroke. The effect was supposedly sensational: Within three days, the patient was restored as far as possible. Also, there are reports of other application areas: aging such as loss of appetite, emaciation or mental depression have also been well healed.

Adolescents who suffered from nervous-emotional disorders with melancholy, anxiety, etc., should also have been treated successfully, she allegedly picked up again, could sleep again and came to full recovery. Here is the oral intake of royal jelly have acted no worse than injecting. As regards the application of royal jelly was also well reported that one must go beyond the otherwise usual dose of seven to eight injections to achieve good results. There was also apparently doctors, the underdeveloped infants intravenous injections of royal jelly extracts, which the protein had been removed, should have administered. Also, they allegedly observed improvements in weight, blood density, appetite and general condition. The blood sugar in capillaries and veins is after half an hour by 47 percent, have risen by 22 per cent after one hour again. Hauteiterungen and the glycogen level of the white blood cells to have been favorably influenced. As a side effect the royal brittle skin is said to have improved, although it was allegedly not brought directly to the skin, but taken orally. Another patient suffered from chronic erythema of the face and allegedly used five to six grams of royal jelly cream. The erythema disappeared apparently. However, he apparently used as a precaution every summer again two to three grams of royal jelly cream. The doctors wanted no trace discovered of the erythema more. We did not consider the success but anyway as proof, because such phenomena sometimes come and go without treatment. The messages or reports do not represent instructions or recommendations. Applies moreover to take into account that royal jelly must be purely legally referred to as food. In any case, is also to be noted that in case of illness the advice of a doctor, naturopath or Apitherapeuten must always be sought, because only this can not and should qualified diagnosis, revenue, treatment recommendations and applications call!

How to win the beekeeper royal jelly for creams or ampules?
Royal Jelly Propolis is next to use as a dietary supplement and in cosmetics, in the production of pharmaceutical medicine, it is at least not used in the Federal Republic. The beekeeper wins royal jelly creams, capsules or ampoules with similar methods used in the breeding of queens. It is assumed that a beekeeper can win from a hive about 500 grams per season. Different manufacturers use royal jelly then drinking ampoules, creams, ointments, capsules or tablets often in combination with other substances, such as propolis , bee pollen , honey or vitamins. Royal jelly is pure sensitive to light and therefore should be bottled in brown or purple bottles. In the fridge it is stable at four to seven degrees Celsius over six weeks. Royal Jelly is to ensure, in particular in combination with bee pollen for enhanced energy in the human organism. Also to be achieved (including children) by royal jelly better performance, strengthen the cardiovascular system, the harmonizing of the nervous system, better digestion, a good effect in skin care as well as increased memory-and concentration power.

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Royal jelly is a secretion of the nurse bees with the queen is fed. This makes it able to lay more eggs per day than is their own body weight. It is larger and more powerful than a worker bee. Their life expectancy of about 5 years, she owes royal jelly, a worker bee lives on average only 45 (!) Days.

Royal jelly contains proteins, of which a large part in the form of amino acids that can not be produced by the body.
throughout the Vit. B complex also small amounts of vitamins A, C, D, E. They play in the maintenance of bodily equilibrium a significant role. Minerals and trace elements that are important for the metabolic processes in the cells is of great importance. Finally, however, a small percentage of substances which are so far not sufficiently explored is of utmost importance for the extraordinary effect of royal jelly.

Royal jelly is stimulating and revitalizing. It causes a feeling of well-being. Royal jelly can be a lack of the above substances to compensate in order to maintain the physical and mental performance.

Literature on Royal Jelly: Royal Jelly - a luxury indulge
(an excerpt from the book "Take advantage of the treasures of your beekeeper" by Jutta Oppermann)

Food for the queen
bee at nothing else to like us humans: the nobility privileges and lives more luxurious than the common people. Should read: The queen of the hive does not fly daily from flower to flower, to painstakingly collecting honey and pollen for their state. No, the Regent has other functions: they shall ensure the survival of their people, by laying up to 2,000 eggs. For this they need a lot of energy, and therefore it remains all day in the hive and does not participate in the hive of activity of the workers. On the contrary: you waiting for her people proffers called her a special power chuck, royal jelly. This food they can grow larger than ordinary worker bees, gives her the strength to lay eggs and beyond doing its obviously so good that they survived several generations of their subjects.

The favorite food of the queen is also for the development of the next generation of meaning. It ensures that a larva no ordinary bee, but a young queen, the founder of a new people, developed - in breakneck speed: Within five days reached a queen larva thanks to the Royal Jelly 800 times their original weight.

Thus, the future queen - emerged from an ordinary egg - twice as large as the workers in Bienenstock.Die larvae of normal working bees the royal receive only three days, while the larvae, which hatch later queens may nibble permanently thereof.

Made the protein and mineral-rich meal is of the worker bees. Around the sixth to twelfth day of life they produce the jelly in her throat glands.

Royal Jelly is consumed energies back
Royal jelly is a sticky, thick yellowish to white juice. It tastes sweet and sour and not necessarily one to the culinary delights. For its vitality and nutrients are not only for the queens of great value, even for people of the juice is a food first class. He has earned his regal name Royal Jelly. Beekeepers called the Nutritional earlier royal jelly, because Weisel the common name for the queen bee was with them.

For people Gelée Royale symbolizes vitality and original life energy. The force-giving juice is not praised for no reason as a fountain of youth: Still live queen bees for five years, while the ordinary members of their people bring it just to a few months life.

Of course, this enormous life-prolonging effect can not be observed in humans, the elixir of experience reportedly still strengthens the human body on many levels. The Nutritional returns consumed energies for exhaustion and stress and accelerates recovery after illness.

The inside Royale in royal
water, sugar, proteins and free amino acids, fats, fat-like substances, valuable fatty acids, minerals and trace elements in traces:.. vitamins and other substances that occur in small amounts, but are nevertheless highly effective.

In the book "Take advantage of the treasures of your beekeeper", see Jutta Oppermann much more interesting things about royal jelly as a dietary supplement and personal care in daily use for internal and external use.

In our store you will find many products such. B. Pure, or take the very pleasant way royal jelly, in vials and lozenges, as powerhouse mixed with honey and other bee products, as well as in creams and other toiletries.

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