Royal Jelly: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


ROYAL JELLY: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Royal Jelly for energy and performance

Royal jelly is not only very healthy but also donates a lot of energy and strengthens the nerves.

I want to tell you about a very special substance that has inspired people of all ages and cultures repeatedly fantasies and still adheres something special today. The talk is of royal jelly, the jelly of the queen bee.

Many miracle stories are told about this natural product, but there are at least as many misunderstandings. Who wants to even scared really, I recommend the story "Royal Jelly" from the collected short stories "peck, peck" by Roald Dahl, a master of the bizarre, weird and exciting stories.

Royal jelly is the food of the queen bee
Here, above all, a misunderstanding is addressed, which often can not be so clear up quite well in a counseling session. Since especially the queen bee by this special material is fed, and this then is many times larger and thicker than all their worker bees, fear some people, this fate would threaten them if they decide to make an income.

Of course this is nonsense, unless you have the same genes as a queen bee, which is unlikely. In addition, it's not quite that only the queen bee is fed with royal jelly. In the first three larval stages, all other bees get this diet, you could say, royal jelly is the mother's milk of the bees and the queen will never be weaned as a single.

Royal Jelly is the queen bee much energy
Why this is so, has nothing to do with hocus-pocus, but is a kind of
division of labor, who "invented" the bees. Main protein source of all bees are in fact actually pollen. To break down the amino acids in the pollen and exploitable, but it takes many enzymes, a lot of time and energy. The only task of the queen bee is to lay eggs, so a large birthing. Between March and September, she lays between 1000 and 3000 piece of it, a tremendously large energy consumption daily. And so they wasted this precious energy not for such trivial things as the breakdown of protein, it gets royal jelly, since the amino acids were digested already, so to speak before. Do you understand now why royal jelly like people out there who have been through a serious illness, so that they regain their strength?

Athletes use Royal Jelly as an energy donor
Royal jelly - an excellent natural remedy
Royal Jelly is a yellowish juice, and like any juice he is therefore also to a large extent of water (60-70%) accounted for 10-20% more sugar, which probably comes from the stomach of the worker bees (honey). These two parts can not it be, why royal jelly is now widely used even in the pharmaceutical industry and is considered a natural remedy par excellence.

Royal jelly contains a very high proportion of easily digestible proteins and to all the vitamins of the B group. B-vitamins are valid but generally as a "brain and nerve food", so help us to better cope with stress, to provide greater power to be able to concentrate better and not be so forgetful.

And her own preservative brings royal jelly also with a fatty acid that has especially good activity against any possible bacteria.

Athletes use Royal Jelly as an energy donor
Royal jelly is considered in Europe legally as a food, not even as a dietary supplement. Nevertheless, it is taken by many people as a way to gain health benefits. The fast energy is often used mainly by athletes, led by the legendary Muhammad Ali, better known as Cassius Clay. But the pure Sunday-morning-athletes can get with Royal Jelly its additional portion of energy in a simple way and perhaps amaze with the jog-ligand neighbors. Children in the growth phase also benefit, also because they are concentrated by the many B vitamins. Before you as parents so throw away the nerves in the next homework, we would be both a little royal jelly. And at the end of life scale are then older people, can bring more energy into life with regular Royal Jelly again.

Nor is the end, the positive effect in female menopausal symptoms mentioned, the (in Russia is apitherapy, so the healing with bee products very highly valued and will ungrudgingly recognized by orthodox medical practitioners) is very well explored by now, especially in Russia.

Royal Jelly always suck not swallow
Royal jelly is the most expensive material that can be obtained from the bees, you can take only a drop at him, so to speak. Therefore, it is saved in cheap products often and is often equal to synthetically produced royal jelly, which can never have the same effect, of course. You can overdose on anything, but please, always suck, not easy to swallow. It too is destroyed by the stomach acid otherwise.

With Royal Jelly worker bees feed those bee larvae, from which are to be queens. No wonder that the "royal jelly" can be marketed well. But what kind of bees is a special food need not necessarily be useful for people. So what do users really have it?

Royal jelly is a whitish juice, which plays a special role in bees. Because only the lining decides whether a larva from a normal worker or a queen. They feed exclusively of royal jelly, a larva develops to the queen. This is due to different proteins that form the basic elements of the queens food besides sugar and fatty acids. These proteins act as a kind of "genetic switch".

The offered commercially royal jelly is usually the feed juice, which gets a four to five-day-old queens larva. He is a glandular secretion from the oral cavity ("head-glands") of bees and has about the consistency of natural yoghurt.

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Royal jelly is in contrast to honey bees and pollen no product traditionally used by people, because the bees do not produce on stock, but only if they use a new queen. The medical application does not come from the traditional naturopathy, but came in the 1950s from France. At that time was suspected a hormonal effect, since royal jelly makes a barren workers larva a fertile queen. Today we know that the secretion does not contain relevant amounts of hormone.

With the available results of animal experimentation and the few studies with human therapy of disorders and is not scientifically justified - for example, in hay fever, menopausal symptoms or impaired wound healing ("open legs") in diabetes mellitus.

Most commonly the Bees secretion is offered as a dietary supplement (pure from the glass or freeze-dried) or to rub (eg, as an additive in cosmetics). Some medical practitioners even inject it.

The use is based on the analogy principle: What works for bees, should also work in humans. During a normal worker bee is only a few months old, live queens up to four years and lay up to 2,000 eggs. Accordingly, the queens food effects such as strength, fertility, strength and endurance are attributed. The Naturopathy sees a "good reference for the female organism" 2 and praises royal jelly - bee pollen as well - as a general tonic to.

We see no medical reason "supplement" the diet with royal jelly to. The vitamin content is relatively low and vitamin deficiency in this country rarely a problem. Royal Jelly is one as a remedy for premature aging or "general strengthening" in the realm of fairy tales. Providers that "strengthens the immune system" their product with the slogan apply, do so without scientific evidence. An expert committee of the European supervisory authority EFSA has such claims declared inadmissible because they were not specific and scientific evidence is missing. 3.4 For statements that are intended to create positive associations, such as "vitality", "natural resistance" or "acts on the gland function, "the EFSA experts see no scientific justification.

Not everyone can tolerate royal jelly. The proteins contained can - like other exogenous proteins also - cause allergic reactions. From Australia even deaths are known, which are potentially related to the king lining. 5 A protein that can cause allergies to bee venom, is also found in royal jelly. And the external application, for example in cosmetics, it is in two of ten persons are to skin irritation (contact dermatitis). one

For bees, the zoom breed a new queen, royal jelly is essential. A benefit for humans has not been established, at risk must be considered.

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