Royal Jelly: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


ROYAL JELLY: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

The benefits of royal jelly.
The composition of royal jelly

Many analyzes have been conducted to understand the origin of benefits miraculous royal jelly .

Nutritional level are:

66% water
13% of proteins (amino acids)
14.5% carbohydrate
4.5% fat
2% other substances.
Royal Jelly is a true concentrate of vital elements responsible for its benefits:

There are mainly directly assimilated amino acids.

Its benefits also include the B vitamins (B3, B5, B8, B9) is notably richer in vitamins B5 natural food.

The royal jelly also has a wide variety of minerals (copper, phosphorus, iron ...). Finally, royal jelly is particularly rich in trace elements.

It is particularly acetylcholine, an antibiotic and antibacterial substance.

Royal jelly and its benefits

The benefits of royal jelly for the family
The royal jelly is one of the dietary supplements, however, it could be compared to a drug as its benefits are fast and efficient.

It is a powerful conditioner that brings to our organization a series of directly assimilated and essential elements.

Several categories of benefits of royal jelly are marked by doctors:

Royal jelly is the moral with euphoric effects, decreased stress and a struggle against depression.
It strengthens the body's defenses and prevents winter diseases.
It accelerates recovery from a physical or nervous fatigue.
It improves physical and mental performance. It is thus recommended for example for athletes or students in full support.
Royal jelly is known to increase resistance to cold.
Nutritionally, besides its composition essential nutrients, it stimulates the appetite especially that of children.
It slows the effects of aging of the skin, hair and nails.

How to cure royal jelly?

The cure royal jelly can be done at any age although its benefits are especially recommended for the frail, sick, convalescent and elderly people or young children.

For adults wishing to take advantage of its benefits, just take a small amount (teaspoon supplied in the package) every morning on an empty stomach for at least 45 days.

It must be placed under the tongue and let it melt a few moments.

A spoonful of honey summer will have no problem to remove the bitter taste and feel of acidity in the mouth left by royal jelly.

It is recommended that a cure to strengthen during the Fall (October-November) and another at the end of Winter (February-March).

Amount for a cure: A course of 45 days requires about 30 grams of royal jelly .

How to store royal jelly?

Upon removal, royal jelly should be put in glass bottles.

The bottle should be sealed with a plastic cap (the metal is attacked because royal jelly is acidic and has a pH of 4).

You must then store in refrigerator (between 2 and 5 ° C) royal jelly in a moisture-free atmosphere and away from light.

Under such conditions, the royal jelly keeps perfectly for several months and retains all of its benefits .

In the import conditions, freezing or freezing necessary inevitably degrade the virtues of royal jelly .

One of the first objectives is to promote GPGR installing beekeepers in royal jelly production. since the early 2000s, the producers of the group have organized many introductory courses in this specific production in different regions of France.

In 2012, faced with the growing interest in the production of royal jelly, a new training model is designed. In partnership with the CFPPA Vesoul under training beekeeping distance proposed by the center, skills training as UCARE ( capitalizable Unit Adaptation to Regional Employment) or optional module for thematic jelly Royal is offered to an audience of professional and amateur beekeepers aimed at developing a workshop royal jelly; and people in golf "Plan Professionalization Custom".

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