Royal Jelly: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


ROYAL JELLY: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

The royal jelly is the product of secretion system glandular cephalic (hypopharyngeal glands and mandibular glands) of bee workers, between the fifth and fourteenth day of their lives (workers who then are called nannies) . It is a whitish substance with a pearly sheen to gelatinous consistency, hot, sour and very sweet, which is the exclusive food:

all larvae in the colony, without exception, they hatch until the third day of their lives;
larvae selected to become queens until the fifth day of their lives;
the queen of the colony for the duration of his life from the day she left the royal cell.
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Composition of royal jelly [ change | change the code ]
Royal jelly contains on average:

fat : 4.5%
carbohydrate 14.5% of glucose and fructose for the greater part, and in much smaller proportions of sucrose , the maltose , the erlose , of trehalose and melibiose .
protein : 13% ( amino acids in the free state or combined)
Water approximately 66%.
It also contains vitamins (royal jelly is the richest known natural product that either vitamin B5 ), the trace elements , the acetylcholine (up to 1 mg⋅g -1 ), antibiotics factors particularly assets bacteria genus Proteus and Escherichia coli B (better known under the name of E. coli). Royal jelly is also rich in a -10-hydroxy-2-decenoic called fatty acid acid (E) (10HDA). The 10HDA represents 2 to 5% of the weight of royal jelly. This compound is responsible for the formation of the uterus in larvae fed royal jelly (Spannhoff et al. EMBO Reports , 2011). Protein seems to play a major role in the differentiation of bees in the larval stage, when they are exclusively fed on royal jelly. This is the 57-kDa protein, named royalactine which activate on-cell proliferation by the pathway of signal transduction for the EGFR 1 .

Harvesting and conservation of royal jelly [ change | change the code ]
The royal jelly production uses specific techniques because bees just produce the quantity needed for breeding brood and it is not stored. It is practiced by professional beekeepers. Hives are conducted as for breeding queen, the hive is made ​​orphan by removing the queen. Frames are placed in the hive with blanks royal cells in which the beekeeper has larvae workers aged 12 to 36 hours. The workers will give these drafts the final cell size queens. Nurses serve as royal jelly abundant young larvae. After three days the cells reached their maximum abundance. The frames are then removed, royal jelly is imposed by aspiration cell by cell. A hive can yield 300 to 1000 g of jelly per year according to race of bees.

Upon removal, royal jelly is put in glass bottles. Bottles that are sealed with a plastic cap (the metal is attacked because royal jelly is acidic and has a pH of 4) and then stored refrigerated (2 to 5 ° C ) in a moisture-free atmosphere and Protect from light. Under such conditions, royal jelly keeps perfectly for several months.

Effects on human health [ change | change the code ]
Royal jelly contains a considerable proportion of protein, amino acids, lipids, vitamins and sugars, and is often considered to have various nutritional and medicinal properties in humans, but in reality, few scientific studies have highlight the benefits of royal jelly for human health. Anyway, a few experiments in vivo and in vitro 2 , 3 revealed:

vasodilator activity and hypotensive;
anticholesterolemic an activity;
an anticarcinogenic effect.
The benefits of royal jelly on women menopause are also quoted by a Japanese clinical study 4 , given the action of the latter on the production of estrogen 5 . However, knowledge about the pharmacological implications in the long term associated with the consumption of royal jelly on postmenopausal women, as well as humans in general, are still insufficient 6 .

An isolated case of intestinal inflammation associated with diarrhea was returned to Japan in 1997 on a woman aged 7 .

Royal jelly is comprised of: protein is the product of the richest in amino acids and vitamins hive ... The virtues of royal jelly are legendary for millennia. It is completely safe, it has nutritional benefits.

Origin of royal jelly
The royal jelly is a substance secreted by the pharyngeal glands of young bees.
Only queens are exclusively fed on royal jelly, while the other bees receive only during the first three days of their larval life. Thus, the weight of the Queen is about six times higher than that of the workers, which suggests that the royal jelly, the specific growth.
In addition, the Queen has extraordinary vitality and has a strong disease resistance the workers suffer. Besides these have a life expectancy of about 45 days, while the queen lives between 4 and 5 years.
Royal jelly is: proteins, it is the product of the richest in hive amino acids , it contains carbohydrates , the fats , the trace elements , the minerals (calcium, iron, potassium), vitamins ( those in group B are present), and 66% water .

Virtues of royal jelly
The virtues of royal jelly are legendary for millennia. It is completely safe, it has nutritive, energetic and metabolic benefits.
It increases vitality in general and of interest to all ages. It is stimulating, invigorating and uplifting . It causes a feeling of well being .
It provides a better physical performance, sexual and intellectual . It allows a high fatigue strength . It strengthens the ground in the fight against aggression, delaying the effects of aging, including that of the skin, hair and nails with the large amount of vitamin B5 in it, it improves anorexia statements.
It increases resistance to cold, stimulates appetite, attracting less depression and a better resistance to psychic humor.
It promotes tissue oxygenation .

Notes [ change | change the code ]
The wasps are also able to produce royal jelly, but not in use in cases of force majeure (death of the queen and any potential queen available). The singers often use to relax the vocal cords , the mixture of sweet and acid would make a miracle cure.

Fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, hot flashes ... The virtues of royal jelly are amazing! Capsules, ampoules, in liquid form, Medisite told you this 100% natural product.

royal jelly sleep well
Royal jelly to sleep well and to fight against stress

Royal jelly has long been used in traditional ways to reduce stress . "This is its richness in tryptophan, an amino acid that induce this effect. Tryptophan is required for the synthesis of serotonin, a hormone that plays a key role in brain function, adaptation to stress and sleep, "says Nicolas Cardinault. Practically: taking 1g per day of European fresh royal jelly (value of a "pea"), fasting in the morning 20 minutes before eating, in treatment for 20 days. . A repeat 2-4 times per year depending on the state of overwork Where to buy: food stores, among beekeepers labeled GPGR (Association of Producers of royal jelly). Price . 16-25 € 10g Counter information: If breast cancer or hormone-dependent. Ask your pharmacist for advice if in doubt.

Royal Jelly is the most valuable product of the hive. Secreted by young bees, it transforms in a few days an anonymous queen larva that lives 40 times longer than a bee!
The Organic Royal Jelly * is a pure concentrate of energy:
Source of vitamins B3 & B5 °
Amino Acids & Trace Elements
Increased vitality and improves the natural defenses
Family Mary, full of 92 years of experience in beekeeping brings you expert guarantee. Selection of the best royal jelly * BIO purity, freshness and quality warranty. Many analyzes guarantee the purity and quality, and provide you a royal jelly organic without pesticides or heavy metals.
Use: take 1g per day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach and let it melt under the tongue (dosing range provided). Store in a refrigerator. Available in bottles of 10g, 20g or 100g
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