Royal Jelly: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


ROYAL JELLY: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


Food for all, it is energy, restorative and optimizes the functions of the body, is the most concentrated of nature, with its balanced mix of vitamins, minerals and vital food of Elements, it plays a decisive role in the process of cell reproduction. It is fully assimilated and goes directly to the blood to enrich the fabric of renewal and growth.

Properties of royal jelly
chemical Composicióm
History of the Royal Jelly
Origin of Royal Jelly
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Warnings against the Royal Jelly

It is shown that the royal jelly is beneficial in all cases where one requires an energy carrier and thus reconstituting an optimization functions the body. Its great tolerance transforms it into a unique natural tonic in the world, suitable for all ages and especially for children in times of greatest activity.

The current sedentary lifestyle, the excess of work, stress, lack of dreams, are some of the main responsible for the fact that our diet proves deficient or inadequate, contributing to the risk of d'apparition nutritional deficiencies. Royal jelly can be a great ally in these situations, especially for children, the elderly, athletes, and all these states where we have need of a greater supply of energy, it is recommended for people who suffer stress and excessive stress (both physical and mental) such as: the executives, students, housewives, since it provides the extra energy needed for all.

However, even healthy people may need a dietary supplement at some point in life, as in d'amaigrissement quick schemes, to changes in the gastrointestinal absorption of some nutrients during menstruation, etc.

According to various studies, royal jelly has a stimulating, toning and balancing the nervous system effect, it improves concentration and enhances levels of energy, but also the whole of its nutrients exerts efforts to strengthen the body before external aggression, this is why many people take the royal jelly in the changes of State or before winter to prevent colds and infections especially for children, the elderly, people with low defenses immune and those aui consqcrent is all that is aesthetic. There are many athletes who consume it.

Royal Jelly is a natural secretion of the glands of nurse bees that are responsible for carrying the food queens and larvae the first days of life. This is the direct cause of the growth and longevity of the queen. Royal jelly is the most concentrated food from nature, their spouse balance of vitamins, minerals and vital elements of imponderables, it plays a decisive role in the process of cell reproduction. It does not need digestion, it is entirely comparable and passes directly to the blood to enrich the replacement tissue and growth.

All these elements are essential to the human body and from the synergies between them must seek the mechanism of action of this "Wonder of Nature" in which children are the best natural tonics, patients and the elderly the force has abandoned, depressed, and the neurasténiques those still tired or have an energy and an incredible euphoria.
The composition of royal jelly is so complex and long that it would not go into this blog, suffice it to say it: vitamins B, C, D and E; lipoproteins, enzymes, hormones, ethereal substances. The bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties, minerals, manganese, calcium, chloride, sodium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, aluminum, magnesium, silicon, iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, strontium, etc.
There are 3% of materials that make up the Royal Jelly still not determined by science. Royal Jelly is seen by some as a miracle product and a panacea, but what is undeniable is that it provides good service and good results to health.

It has a tonic action on the hypothalamus few centers, which subsequently increases the secretion d'hormone adrenocorticotrophyque in the pituitary.
It has shown effects on the activity of the adrenal glands.
It contains sex hormones: estradiol, testosterone and progesterone.
It has an antiseptic action.
It regulates metabolic processes, it improves the basic metabolism.
It stimulates cellular metabolism and is an excellent conditioner and regenerative tissues.
It slows the aging process of the skin and improves hydration and elasticity.
It produces immunospecific tolerance.
It has antimicrobial and anti-toxic antiviral action.
It has an effect on the hypotension by acetilcolinérgicas substances: its high level d'acétylcholine lowers blood pressure and rate of heart contractions.
It increases the tension of the big hypotension without significant effects for them.
It acts favorably for infections of the gastrointestinal route., Strengthening the stomach and intestinal pressure.
It contains the gammaglobulin, which component is capable of braking and senility d'augmenter resistance.
It increases vitality, longevity.
It increases resistance to cold and fatigue.
It gives a sense d'euphorie with recovery forces and the appetite.
It reduces the emotionality.
It elevates the hemoglobin content in the blood, as well as leukocytes, glucose and red blood cells.
It stimulates blood circulation.
It increases the body weight and the rate of development; Ellel improves growth in cases of malnutrition in young children.
She antitumor action.
It is used in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, the coronnaire cardiac fibrosis, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, asthenia and sexual impotence.
It is particularly active in the d'urine incontinence, recovery flu (it reduces in particular) and in certain diseases of the skin.

It is also used in the treatment of asthenia, diabetes mellitus (it eliminates the resistance to insulin), ulcers, duodenal inflammation of the duodenum, neurosis, changes in blood pressure (especially hipotonique) , anorexia breastfed infants and young d'Age, changes in maternal lactation, seborrhea of facial aging the organization of the auditory nerve neuritis and many other ailments.

One must also consider the following:
One has to take moderately and in small quantities, doses of 100-500 mg daily.
If ingested in large quantities, the royal jelly product headache, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and nausea.
The extended royal jelly in excessive amounts administration is not recommended.
Royal Jelly is against-indicated in d'Addison disease (chronic adrenal insufficiency).

Royal jelly is composed of (in%):
It has close to 3.6 PH.

It has the following vitamins:

Titamine (vitamin B1)
Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
Pantothenic acid (B5): it is the most abundant.
Biotin (B8)
folic acid
Vitamin E activates the functioning of the sexual organs. It has effects on the cardiovascular system.
Vitamin PP: it is used in dermatological treatments, poisoning, gastro-intestinal disorders.
Water: 60-70
Sugars: 10-15
Protein: 11-15
Fat: 5-7
Ash: 0.8 - 1
Inositol: B vitamin It is indicated for the disruption of hepatic metabolism, it stimulates growth, activates the heart and intestines.
Also included in its composition some hormones such as estradiol, testosterone and progesterone.
It also has the gamma globulin, gamma globulin with unrelated human plasma.

Besides proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins, trace elements and other components mentioned, it contains 20 essential amino acids: arginine, valine, histidine, insoleucine, leucine, Lisine, metionine, treonine, triptofine, fenilalanine, proline, aspartic acid, serine, glutanic acid, glycine, alanine, cystine and tirosine.

It contains, in addition, antibiotics, carbohydrate principle and the following micronutrients: iron, gold, calcium, cobalt, silicon, magnesium, manganese, nickel, silver, sulfur, chromium and zinc.


The story of the discovery of the royal jelly, we can date in 1933, when a German Nobel Prize, Dr. F. Bergius, was asked to do an analysis of the jelly, and so complex that it FOUND abandoned the search.

In retrospect, he wanted to prove to himself and got a great result and a dynamic genre back to its potency (he was fifty years) producing great astonishment among his friends and companions, and believing in its sexual pair happy.
In 1938, Mr. Boyer Belvefer conducted a systematic review of scientific and jelly for years he has given to dogs, to pigs and cats, with a view d'examiner if there was a placebo effect on men. The result was such that the animals of experimentation found themselves more lively and energetic with regard to their inexperienced companions. Then he also wanted to prove to his family and himself, obtaining the same results.
But the popular knowledge of Jelly began when Pope Pius XII took a few days extract jelly prescribed by Dr. Galeazzi, by filing a rapid effect restaurateur and stronger. The news immediately jumped to the press: the Pope weakened perceived new energies, and began to be marketed around the world with great success.

Royal jelly is a substance segregated by hypopharyngites head glands of young worker bees, lasting between 5 and 15 days, it mixes with stomach secretions and serves d'aliment all larvae during the first three days. Only the queen bee and larvae actual cells that give rise to a new queen who are fed with royal jelly.
Due smooth mass viscous yellow color and an acid taste, royal jelly mixed with honey is a form of presentation rependue bit, but in our opinion the most appropriate, since at least it was similar to what we find in hives.
Royal Jelly, which is at the base is almost exclusive food for the queen serves, however, during the first three days of release of the larvae to feed, since its nutrient is so complete, like milk cow calves.
But the existence of the queen bee is not better than the rest of the inhabitants of the hive, even if at first sight, it may seem to us a comfortable life, free from danger and without further work mate , eat and sleep. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the hive ensure as watching over a crop or on a machine. They ensure the feed and go up and give their lives to protect it, provided that it produces sufficient eggs to keep the colony.
If the task of reproduction ceases it is immediately replaced, or even eaten and another queen (can not coexist together two queens in the same hive) occupy its place. Fortunately its large size makes it also be a powerful rival and when it does not interest the hive where she lives or find its survival difficult, it will try to emigrate to another hive and then establish a struggle to the death with its leader. It also will fight ferociously in the rare case or any being another queen in the hive, getting to the point of killing them with its sting larvae contained pupae to prevent them from developing.

On the human body, the royal jelly acts as a stimulant, it improves the condition, it gives greater force increases the capacity of mental and intellectual work and positively transforms moods. It also causes a temporary increase in basal metabolism.

In later life it helps to recover memory and has a positive effect on people suffering from arteriosclerosis, d'angines chest, ulcers, anemia, depression and general fatigue. Through its various components it covers the total amino acid nutritional deficiencies, vitamins, proteins and minerals.
Through its stimulant action it is particularly suitable for convalescents, and combined with the traditional remedies, Royal jelly improves the overall condition of patients with ulcers in the duodenum and therefore promotes its treatment.


Loss of appetite and changes in nutrition:
According to the DR Introzzi: "The Royal Jelly is primarily a biological and energy stimulating different body functions."
"Sensitive to the action of the Royal Jelly subjects experiencing a very general stimulating sensation reminiscent of many that caused by amphetamines: Due feel greater possibility of physical action, Due intellectual strength and greater in feelings of fatigue, especially fatigue caused by lack of sleep, and a feeling d'euphorie Due greater confidence.
For subjects that are not agapétiques royal jelly can sometimes improve the character of someone usually unpleasant or likely, which may be because of better physical and mental sensation and leaves the impression that give greater confidence in him -even.
- Neuropsychological and aging Upheavals: (pending)
- Affections skin, queratotracosis and seborrhea (pending)
- Arteriosclerosis: it causes the decrease in vascular responses and the regulation of blood pressure.
- Cholesterol: it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.
- Asthma: The Czech researcher Maly the patient's condition improves dose of 50-100 milligrams per day in 250 grams of honey. Taking a teaspoon in the morning breakfast.
- Anemia: it ensures reglobulation which can exceed one million cells.
- Heart: The vaso-dilating action improves the conditions of those affected by cardiac changes.
- Diabetes: Decreases a third three hours after ingestion, according to the work of doctors Trozky, Nisov and Loupatchev of the Soviet Medical Institute Ryazan.
- Skin: It rejuvenates the skin cells of the epidermis. It reduces and refines the skin.
- Ulcer: Given the pantoténique acid contained internally use is very adequate, especially ulcers in the duodenum.


It is the ideal food into old age, they will not find in the royal jelly the secret of eternal youth, but they will find in it an element that fights premature senility and protects the body against all forms of aging. Royal Jelly enriched tissue replacement and growth, it helps digestion and improves memory and the sight of the elderly. And since we are talking about the elderly, it is clarified that the Swiss Dr Egger says that food is crucial in the fight against arteriosclerosis, the greatest scourge of civilized countries and assets of the elderly. As it is expressed by the doctor, the Royal Jelly has a stimulating and toning, improves the body in general, reduces vascular actions and regulates blood pressure by being a powerful weapon against anemia and helps replenish the number of red blood cells in short periods. And it follows that it will be the perfect food for the elderly when they suffer chronic fatigue, and fatigue. "


For the foregoing reasons, we believe it is superior to normal honey and we use it in rejuvenating creams qualities. We do not know if they are effective or if they are more effective than those which contain natural honey being nutritious, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Fresh: In well full to avoid the presence of Air and sealed with a plastic cap (the metal is not recommended by the chemical reactions that could unleash) packaging, kept cold (0 ° to 5 ° C of) without moisture and the absence of light.

It can be stored for several months.
It can be stored, mixed with honey, in a concentration of 1 to 3%, to prevent fermentation due WATER brings the jelly.

Alone or in combination.
Fresh, with honey or lyophilized.

300 grams equivalent to 100 grams of fresh jelly jelly lyophilized.

Doses for fresh royal jelly are:

Minimal dose: 100-300 mg
Average dose: 500 mg
Of attack Dose: 800-1000 mg
For the child, the doses are halved.
For Royal jelly with honey or jelly lyophilized, one must consider what is stated above in concentrations and keep the relationship with other ways. Doses should be taken preferably in the morning and sublingually.


Relatives: The appetite increase obesity and diabetes by the concentration of sugar it presents. However, for the latter can be found in the market for royal jelly in which sucrose was replaced by another sugar that is tolerated, fructose.

Royal jelly in some definitions

Where does the royal jelly? :
This is the product of the secretion of glands of worker bees feeder (between the 5th and 14th day of their lives)

What form of royal jelly pure?
Royal jelly is often equated with honey. If its gelatinous consistency is indeed close enough, she has yet neither taste (more acidic) or color: it is indeed an almost milky pale yellow substance with a pearly sheen and flavor to both acid and slightly sweet.

What is royal jelly originally?
Bees secrete it because it is the first food of all larvae in the colony , they hatch their third day and the exclusive food of the queen throughout its existence , who also lives 40 times longer than other bees! Also called 'bee milk' , it is a very nutrient rich concentrate which allows rapid growth of bee larvae . Note: wasps are also able to secrete royal jelly but not in use in cases of force majeure (death of a queen for example).

How Royal Jelly is it harvested?
The harvesting technique is very special and practiced by professional beekeepers. In short, the hive is made ​​orphan by withdrawing his queen and "frames" are placed in the hive with blanks royal cell filled with worker larvae. Nurse bees will then serve as royal jelly abundant young larvae. The peak was reached on the 3rd day, beekeepers will then take the frames and suck royal jelly cell by cell. hive can not give more than 500 grams of royal jelly per year.

How to store optimally royal jelly?
Royal jelly is an acid and fragile product. In its "pure" form, in order to keep several months, we must keep in refrigerator (2 ° to 5 ° C), away from light and moisture.
What makes up the royal jelly?
Nutritionally speaking, royal jelly is:
66% water
13% of proteins (amino acids)
14.5% carbohydrate
4.5% fat
Royal Jelly is a true concentrate of vital elements!
Why take royal jelly?
Royal jelly is recommended especially for children and the elderly especially when the seasons change people.
Royal jelly is a great product for the organization.

Royal Jelly and Beauty
Royal jelly is a rich and comprehensive nutrient composition (carbohydrates, fats, proteins). Well known for its rich energy and nutritional properties, it is also for rebalancing and revitalizing the skin making it a cosmetic active especially recommended for nourishing and rejuvenating treatments.
It is capable, by itself, to remove traces of fatigue and weariness of the skin and restore its shine and softness.
How to eat?
It is generally recommended to take half a gram to one gram of royal jelly in the morning on an empty stomach, as needed for one month, especially when the seasons change. You can eat it with a little jam or honey especially for young children.
What should I watch?
Royal jelly fears the heat, do not forget to keep the costs at the bottom of your refrigerator.
What is Royal Jelly Bio?
Organic agriculture is a production method that ensures the use of cropping and livestock environmentally friendly, thus excluding the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Products claiming to organic farming are strictly controlled and meet a very specific set of loads. Producing Bees Royal Jelly Bio are high and wild in their natural habitat and foraging on wild flowers 100% organic.
This therefore ensures a product of the highest quality. Nature fleurance received for its Royal Jelly AB label certified by ECOCERT, one of the key government departments which conducts regular inspections to ensure compliance with the specifications of organic production.

Moreover, Royal Jelly is Bio certified with no additives or adding water . The Royal Jelly ensures full of vital elements of a product with a very high quality and obtained in respect of the environment, two dear guarantees Fleurance Nature.

's Royal Jelly bio Fleurance Nature is imported as production French is still insufficient, but its quality is no less impeccable.
Who can take Royal Jelly?
Royal jelly can be taken at any age :
The young child and the child
The adult
The athlete
The student,
The pregnant woman

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