Chitosan: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


CHITOSAN: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Lose weight with chitosan?

Information on the effects, use, side effects and studies.
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Chitosan is a naturally occurring polymer of the exoskeleton of crustaceans such as crabs, won.

It is biodegradable, non-toxic to the environment and in addition to the cellulose of the most important renewable raw materials in the world. Is Your Body Ready For This Enlightenment -
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Chitosan has almost unimagined possibilities: it heals wounds by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, thus preventing inflammation. It keeps food fresh and helps to clarify water. It retains moisture and binds proteins and fat.

At present there are very few industries that the thousand Sasa chitosan does not want to advantage themselves. And this is amazing rightly so, because the versatility of this material.


Chemically, chitosan is a so-called polyglucosamine (Polyaminosaccharid). That is, specifically, that chitosan is a chain of glucose molecules that are equipped with amino simplified. Hence the name "aminosaccharide".

The word "poly" refers to the fact that there are several or many aminosaccharides are strung together in chain form. Such as chitin and chitosan is found in nature and is thus not an artificial product of the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

But the properties of chitosan are so diverse that the substance has just awakened the interest of the industry. The Application of Chitosan today is enormous, as the listing in Wikipedia shows:

Anwednungen of chitosan

For readers who know me: There is no need to worry, because I will NOT go into all these points, but rather confine myself only to the points that have to do with the use in the medical, health area. I am not asked namely paper industry, how and whether chitosan can be used, but patients and people who want to lose weight and have read relevant advertisements.

So: In addition to the technical (and quite interesting) properties, chitosan has for the target groups mentioned important features, such as:

Fat Binding
Anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic
Binding of heavy metals
Chitosan - the weight loss miracle

There is now a whole science behind chitosan, which can be easily strive to legitimize the substance as the ultimate weight loss supplement. Many of the companies operating in the Internet distributor of chitosan products take vehemently on this science, which essentially can even convincingly demonstrate the benefits of the substance.

And there you can certainly admire very grandiose statements, such as:

"Chitosan absorbs fats in the gastrointestinal tract, thus preventing the absorption of excess calories. The dietary supplement thereby helps in weight loss, lowers cholesterol and has many other positive effects on health "(, as of 05.15.2014)..

Note: I always recommend a look at the imprint of such websites throw! For example, we look at Vitabasix: LHP Inc., legal headquarters in Las Vegas USA; Information office in the Netherlands. But who is behind this LHP Inc.? Who tells us something about the chitosan? Well ...

Go to the statements on various websites, the reader sent me this:

"Chitosan is so efficient that it is capable of binding with fatty 6-9 times its own weight."

On a website you can even goes so far as to claim that:

"Chitosan cleanses the body completely natural way of fats and thus supportive contribute to weight loss."

This claim is completely incomprehensible to me, since chitosan is not so absorbed. So how can a non-absorbable substance "clean fats" the body? For this purpose, they should first be absorbed by the body and then attack the existing fat deposits in some way.

The author has probably noticed that his praises of chitosan overshot overshot is because of the over (formulated entirely marketing meet positive) follows, on the foot:

"The process is then of the body, due to the precipitated grease molecules able to focus on the combustion of the pre-existing fat in the body. And here then the support begins with weight loss. "(Seen at" ", as of 05.15.2014).

Other health portals on the net to see the effectiveness of chitosan slightly differentiated, such as Yazio: Here we come to the conclusion that chitosan as a fat blocker " can help to decrease rapidly and effectively But one should not forget sports and accordingly a balanced diet. "- a suggestion I have not given to product distributors so you can read. Because the impression that chitosan alone can solve the weight loss problem, regardless of any other factors that are of importance for obesity.

The magazine "Brigitte" and whose online edition also deals with chitosan. Again, we find a much more nuanced assessment of the substance, as was the case with the distributors and websites. However, the authors of the journal are of the opinion that chitosan " facilitate removal in the context of a reduced fat diet can ". After all, the authors ask here a modification of the dietary habits of chitosan-Eater: Eat Low-fat, instead of feasting with chitosan: " Who but in the belief swallows, to feast on chocolate and cream cakes now with a clear conscience and without consequences every day, do not be surprised when the rock soon a number is too small. "

This is only a small (hopefully) representative selection of examples of statements from distributors of chitosan and experiences / reviews from some websites that have the prescribed diet and health. While I the statements of the seller may like to join in any way, the statements of the are to accept the "health apostles" are more likely.

But they overlook ultimately the most important thing (when it comes to calorie intake and losing weight goes), what they have in common with the sellers: Because the retailers and their critics insinuate secretly, that the preponderance necessarily to do with the fat intake MUST have. And when that fat intake would be prevented, either by less fat (which is not easy for many, since reduced fat food does not taste good) food, or by Resorptionsblocker such as chitosan, then the pounds were quite jumbled by itself.

For years there has been the campaign against high-fat (= unhealthy foods). And so we see on store shelves a variety of "reduced fat", "low fat" and otherwise "raped" foods. No supermarket: no-fat milk, low-fat cottage cheese, light cheese; no ready meals , where not the note is printed, that this is a low-fat (and therefore most healthy) matter. But despite this campaign, the Germans are constantly increasing. The percentage of obese people is increasing slowly and steadily - even among the children already. Is this an indication that chitosan is missing here and its use can bend the curve down? I venture to doubt.

Rather, this observation can be an important fact in mind, namely that the calorie intake on carbs the body has plenty of opportunity to convert these carbohydrates into fats and also accommodate in fat depots. This conversion is done whenever the ingested carbohydrates can not be used - either because its too much were not fed (= eat) or the carbohydrates by the organism or are difficult to recycle.

A striking example of the last point is the fruit sugar, also called fructose. Because fructose is the source of energy for plants, not for humans and animals. Accordingly bad can the calories from sugar exploit this. They are converted in the liver and stored as fat in the fat depots. . These are the largely neglected by many "dead calories"
What it's all about, I have already described in detail below:

Fructose - does not sound as healthy as it
Fructose and fructose - anything but healthy ...
And if one looks at the statistics to then correlate the rising curves for overweight and sugar or carbohydrate consumption so close together that it was hard to like here believe in a coincidence.

Who is low in fat plus chitosan takes to itself, which is so far from off the hook when he simultaneously incorporated into the carbohydrate-bombs.

Risks and side effects

Before I forget: The risks and possible side effects of Chitosan.Für people with shellfish allergy or shellfish allergy chitosan provides a possible risk of allergy . And the altered intestinal absorption may have an impact on the effectiveness of drugs. In intestinal disorders or metabolic disorders (including diabetes), chitosan should be taken anyway only after consultation with the doctor.

And then there's the matter of the vitamins. On I go a little further below at the study location.

Studies on chitosan

The quoted from the marketing of chitosan-Seller science can prove unfounded in fact and prove that the substance is actually able to slow the absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract.

A paper from the year 2013, also suggests what the seller would like to read: Multi-functional roles of chitosan as a potential protective agent against obesity . Thus, chitosan has a protective effect against obesity (obesity). "Proved" this was on 80 pigs divided into groups that received different doses of the substance high in addition to their normal feed. One group received no chitosan, but only the normal feed. In fact, the animals showed at the end of the study with the highest dosage of chitosan also significantly lower body weight compared to the other groups, especially to the group without chitosan. It was also shown that high concentrations of chitosan led to increased leptin levels in animals and a decrease in the concentrations of C-reactive protein. That is, the increased levels of leptin suggests a faster saturation of the animals, which animals had eaten less. That would be an additional effect on impaired fat absorption by chitosan itself. Removal of C-reactive protein is a favorable reference to the decrease of inflammatory processes in the organism of animals. The authors therefore conclude that chitosan exerts an "anti-obese" effect.

Similar arrangement work shows that co-administration of vitamin C the effect of chitosan even stronger: Anti-obesity effects of chitosan and psyllium husk with L-ascorbic acid in guinea pigs - in guinea pigs. In rats, Chinese scientists were the anti-obese effects of chitosan by modeling the dosage form to improve: Effects of chitosan and water-soluble chitosan nanoparticles micro- and in obese rats fed a high-fat diet .

But there are few studies in humans: Chitosan Improves insulin sensitivity as by determined by the euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp technique in obese-subjects . Unfortunately, it is here at this notorious trials that everything and nothing with only a few patients or subjects prove (want). In this case, there are all the 12 subjects who were divided into two groups of 6, plus 6 and were treated with and without chitosan. The subjects were obese adults without diabetes. After three months showed that the group, the Chitosan had taken three times daily 750 milligrams, an increase in insulin sensitivity, a degraded body weight, lower BMI and a reduced waist circumference showed.

There are those who are not quite as euphoric talk about chitosan, since the limited absorption of fats not only affect them, but also fat-soluble vitamins to the inclusion in the organism . Thus, it is expected that long-term continuous administration of chitosan should also lead to a vitamin deficiency. Affected would be the vitamins A and vitamin D (if vitamin D is not acquired by the sun), vitamin E and vitamin K. Apparently there is no work on this subject.

I found what I was at a water-soluble vitamin, vitamin B12: Use of chitosan in the treatment of obesity: evaluation of interaction with vitamin B12 . The authors showed that chitosan is able to destroy this vitamin. They warn of the consequences of long-term intake of chitosan on vitamin B12 status.

This is also available in the scientific literature, the first warnings that chitosan is not necessarily to be regarded as completely safe. At least there is no reason, just a marketing Legoland tale of "beneficial Slimming" from science to deduce that can be taken safely over a long period of time in high doses rich profit to themselves.

A meta-analysis from 2008 makes it the same for a huge damper: Chitosan for overweight or obesity . This work explored by studies that had been conducted with human subjects, longer than had lasted four weeks, and where it was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. The subjects consisted of overweight adults.
Though the differences between verum and placebo group significantly failed for: weight loss, reduction of total cholesterol and improve blood pressure values, the authors came to the conclusion that the lack of quality studies, these results partially in question arises. They also observed that these differences were indeed present in studies that were qualitatively better performed, but this did not significantly precipitated.
Hence, they concluded that there is evidence showing that chitosan is better than placebo in the treatment of overweight and obesity. The few well-conducted studies however show a clinically significant difference hardly.


Chitosan is almost certainly a good Slimming if the Abnehmwillige simultaneously surrounded his diet, carbohydrates limits, no "dead calories" taketh with himself and physical activity.

Otherwise, chitosan achieve little, as is clear in the results of the most recently discussed meta-analysis (see above study) found. While in isolated conditions (the same applies to animal testing), the effectiveness of chitosan can be impressively demonstrated, the substance seems to be less convincing under real conditions.

In other words, it must be dreamed by the almighty weight loss pill, when we still eat until we can burst.
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What is chitosan?
Chitosan is the trade name of a dietary supplement chitosan .

Extracted from the shells of crustaceans, chitosan is classified as natural health products.

Why use chitosan?
Effects of Chitosan are subject to controversy.

The supposed benefits of chitosan are the following:

slimming effect - the fight against fat
welfare effect - promotes intestinal transit
welfare effect - reduction of uric acid
welfare effect - maintains the acid-base balance
health effect - reduces cholesterol
health effect - reduces the risk of hypertension
health effect - reduces the risk of cancer
health effect - stimulates liver functions
health effect - stimulates the immune system
Chitosan is effective?
Several clinical studies have found weight loss associated with taking chitosan.

The observed efficiency is however quite variable across studies.

It seems that the quality of chitosan capsules have a strong impact on the results.

Although chitosan helps eliminate fat, it does not yet know its mechanisms of action. Moreover, to introduce a weight loss advantage, chitosan has to undergo certain chemical transformations (the "deacetylation"), but this is not always indicated on the label.

Capsules of chitosan low quality have no benefit for dieting.

The effect of weight loss related to a power chitosan good is he discussed: between low and moderate.

In all cases, it is recommended for those wishing to lose weight, follow a balanced diet and to practice sports in addition to a course of chitosan.

If the effectiveness of chitosan is not demonstrated long-term, sport, balanced diet will overcome your few extra pounds in a sustainable way.

What is the composition of chitosan?
The composition of the chitosan capsules varies by source.

Some clinical studies have shown that the quality, the degree of deacetylation of chitosan and its molecular weight can have an effect on its efficiency.

Chitosan is there any side effects?
Chitosan has no known side effects apart from a few reported cases of digestive disorders.

Chitosan is you dangerous?
No, chitosan is not a health hazard .

However, pregnant women and people with shellfish allergies should avoid.

Location chitosan?
Chitosan is widely available all over France.

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