Cod Liver Oil: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?


Cod Liver Oil: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?
Fish oil blue: why does it well, rather fine
The memory Entries cod liver oil is still alive in prsone of my generation (I have about 50 years when we were kids there was no child who does not receive its daily spoonful of cod liver oil, especially if some doctor had `put on the label of" lymph ". Etichettache had almost all children and that he wanted to say," is a child who gets sick easily, "or" a child is a little bit fat, "" a child is a little bit thin "," is an allergic child, "or" a child with the lymph glands in the neck, and / or with the tonslle and adenoids a little bit too big, "or finally" is one that sooner or later will become ill in the lymph nodes of lungs, in other words, a person predisposed to tuberculosis. "

Ancient knowledge ... that inspired the medicine
But there was some reason u or n to give cod liver oil to those children? We can say that there were manyNo, even if doctors do not even know it.
Perhaps, the reason for the popularity enjoyed by the fish liver oil derived from the fact that times there were a lot of bikes and fish fish oil that you do not know what to do. Itquell fish oil was in itself a contribution of inexpensive and valuable nutrition (a good tablespoon of oil were still 200 calories,and then power was poor and low fat nobles). Sure, it was rich in vitamin A and vitamin D; and physicians, for the most part, attributed to these two vitamins miraculous activities of that oil. But who and how he found these qualities? Maybe someone who had observed that mangiav much fish was better than those who ate little; maybe someone had guessed that in the North, where the cod was abundant on the tables, the children were better off than in the countries of the South, where the fish was but its just ate them. I am convinced, inftti, which in those times when medical research stammered, there was an ancient folk wisdom and deep, able to inspire the medicine; and from that knowledge is born the use s cod liver oil, such as from the use of the decoction of the bark has come alice s use of salicylic acid it is made the old aspirin, the drug perhaps most prescribed in history.

The real virtue s fish oil The virtuess fish oil are due to poly-unsaturated fatty acids in lung chain, just different fromoleic acid which is the main constituent Entries olive oil or fat content in peanuts. The fatty acids found in great abundance in thefish oil (or cod liver oil, which is almost the same thing), en particular two of these acids, named very difficult, leicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and docosahexaenoic acid or DHA, they have some very interesting biological effects.
To our understanding, we must say that while our body MODIFIES sugars and proteins that are contained in the food, turning them into very small molecules, which are then used to produce energy or to manufacture cells, absorbs fatty acids and uses them almost as they are to form the Rivetimento of cells (cell membranes) from which depends largely on the functioning of the cells themselves. So, if we eat pig fat, in our cell membranes will end up corresponding fatty acids; and so if we eat olive oil, and so if we eat s fish oil. In short, we are a little bit different from one on the other as a function of fat we eat, much more than on the basis of other foods. Now, these fatty acids which we have just spoken, EPA and DHA have anti-inflammatory uneffetto; and this is reflected, for example, the way in which the cells of our body react to external stimuli, but also in their ability to recognize and accept as "friends" our own tissues.

Effects staordinari.
In essence, you are seen almost extraordinary effects s fish oil used as medicine (the dose that we received from us guys, one tablespoon per day) in some diseases" inflammatory "as a particular type of efrite (whose evolution is blocked by this type of therapy "natural"), in rheumatoid arthritis and in a particular form of intestinal inflammation or "chronic enterocolitis" which is the Crohn's disease: these diseases, especially the MRP, in which the anti-inflammatory "normal" have an insufficient effect. But even against the simple aging of the arteries, thats atherosclerosis, in part also caused by a slow inflammation (which begins as children), ACDI these acids have aeffective preventive action. These fatty acids are often called "omega-3"; This term has become so well known that a house is important for dairy products has decided to publicize the fact that the milk she produces They come these added these "omega-3" to counterbalance the negative effect of cholesterol thatall the milks and cheeses do not lean contain.

Breast milk and fatty fish to grow healthy
These things are not far from the child interess: why good nutrition in childhood and good nutritional habits, as are those that are acquired by small, exert their effects throughout life; and a good habit, apart from the fish oil (whose taste is not uono, but to which you can also get used to), is to eat fish; that the more fat (such as oily fish) costs much less and is much more rich in "omega-3". In addition, many of the actions of this "omega-3" are precisely those diseases dela growth once called "lymphatic" and they were (and are) the expression of an immunological response and distorted in some ways too. It may seem exaggerated, but we have seen, with numbers above suspicion, that children who eat oily fish or pco do not eat have an incidence of asthmatic bronchitis that is double compared to those who eat it often. These "omega-3" long chain, can be processed by the organism starting from other fatty acids "omega-3" chain iù short. In premature infants, who are not yet able to perform well this processing, the assumption of breast milk (rich in "omega-3") confers an advantage in the development of the brain compared to preterm breastfed baby bottle. T his effect suggested adding the "omega-3" to all milks; and has even think about preparing a milk "developments that s intelligence. "In fact, in children born at term are not really significant differences between children with a milk alattati than a breast-fed with milk powder "normal", but perhaps not expect to find these differences was a hope too far.

L fish oil, but more simply oily fish, contains valuable fat, fatty acids, polyunsaturated long-chain omega-3 (LC-PUFA, omega-3); Presena in their diet has effects in the short and long term very significant. They become part of our cell membranes, protect them from some aging processes and balance the inflammatory responses of the organism. In some chronic inflammatory malttie of the child and in cardiovascular disease of the elderly, thefish oil exerts a powerful effect as a medicine. Eat oily fish three times a week is an excellent food habit.

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