Cod Liver Oil: Benefits, Properties?


Cod Liver Oil: Benefits, Properties?
The cod liver oil: build the body and blood
The oil cod liver occupies a prominent place in the health benefits, not only for children but also for adults, since it contains more vitamin A and D per unit weight of the normal fish oil. It is mentioned in almost 140 readings, of which about 50 recommend a simple and easy way to consume it: the form of a tablet or pill.

                                                     For the health of children
Not surprisingly, the use of cod liver oil is advocated in numerous readings taken for infants and children (often described as a "body in the process of development"). For a 9 year old girl: "... the cod liver oil ... is part of a normal development ..." (1179-3); for a 15 year old girl is "a contribution to a body in the process of development as it not only brings the structural activity, but also provides the sap, and all that is needed vitamins needed." (276-5)

A further reference to vitamins is in a reading for a 9 year old boy: "The cod liver oil is always good for bodies in the development stage, because it contains the vitamins that are only found in very few foods." (758-33) The oil also "helps to create resistance" (2824-3); reading said this for a 4 month old baby who is advised to take the oil three times a week instead of every day, in accordance with his age. For a six year old girl reading said that the cod liver oil "contains the properties necessary for the development of the digestive system, you know?" (4281-7)

      In several cases, mostly for infants under one year of age, it is even recommended to massage the body with oil. The mother of a newborn than a month with colds wanted to start with the cod liver oil for the development of his teeth. "This should not be in large quantities," he advised reading. "However, if you use a little 'of cod liver oil massaged on the body - not just the baby oil, but a combination of the same with cod liver oil, you know - it will be extremely beneficial." (1788 -2)

    For a child of nine months, he said that an external application (rather than inside) the oil would have been better: "... to present the absorption of cod liver oil through massage will be more effective for the system. A little 'later would be better off taking his house. "(1801-1)

                                                                   For anemia
   Conforms to its hematopoietic, cod liver oil is recommended in cases of anemia because "it contains vitamins and iron to create enough energy content, the better the iron taken into the system." (773-5) For those who have the trend of anemia, cod liver oil "will help the body to overcome this tendency ... acting in opposition to the forces of the body restoring and rebuilding the nervous energy to the system." (5409-1)
    When a 28 year old woman asked for advice form his blood, the reading suggested, "As a tonic for the body ... we would rather tablets cod liver oil of White." (1688-1) The comments in other readings relate to its usefulness in the nurture and stimulate the blood, even helping to "rebuild the fabric of the digestive system and blood supply, especially in those parts where the blood is converted into pounds to replenish the new blood in the body . "(5648-1) the pound is formed in the small intestine from the stomach digested food is absorbed by chyliferous vessels and passes into the bloodstream via the thoracic duct, the main channel of our system chest.

As with all remedies Cayce that are used to treat a pathological process, the recommended item is not taken alone, but is almost always included in other treatments, often in a cyclic manner, in combination with high remedies and other activities.

                                                                  For the assimilation
The importance of nutrition with regard to health has a major role in the readings, Cayce placing much ahead of its time in this respect. With "assimilation" meant Cayce's ability to use food and the provision of the body of the complex metabolic processes of digestion and elimination of indigestible material.
A woman of 48 was heard to say: "The tablets of cod liver oil of White create the best assimilation and damage to the gastric digestive those stimuli forces and elements that will lead to support and revive the forces in what is assimilated. "(428-7)

                                                                   more benefits
In cases of general debility, fatigue and digestive problems, readings recommend the use of cod liver oil, again emphasizing its properties hematopoietic and tonic for the body. As a stimulant for the digestive system and the system of assimilation, resistance form in the body, keeps away colds, and regenerates the liver due to a better functioning thyroid.

To prevent colds, cod liver oil "contains the greatest amount of vitamins needed to help produce the activities of the blood supply resistance to cold; provided that the diet is maintained alkaline instead tending to acids. "(1158-3)
      Along with other oils, such as olive oil, provides "a new coating to the part of the intestinal system that goes from the stomach to the colon" (5566-2). When the feces remain in the colon for too long, it can be derived infections; the cod liver oil keeps the digestive system "well watered ... necessary to prevent infections in the system ..." (4738-1)

    In tablet form, the readings recommend one to three per day; ie one tablet after each meal: breakfast, lunch and / or dinner. In one case, Cayce elaborated: half an hour after meals. For other people are advised to take two tablets in the evening before going to bed or one tablet every two days, or two tablets twice a day. Sometimes he advised a number; e.g. take the recommended dosage for three to five days in a row, suspended for the same length of time, then repeat; or take it for three or four weeks, followed a week, then repeat the cycle.

In liquid form, the recommendations include a teaspoon or two a day (about 10 ml); or a spoon every morning; or half a teaspoon per day.
For a gentleman said, "Take as much cod liver oil as the body can assimilate." (230-1) How can you tell when you have reached that point? A quantity is too large can cause the oil to become "rancid in the system, or objectionable to the body. [If this happens] suspend it until the body will not be able to assimilate more ... "(4314-1)" ... because it is harmful when it is not assimilated by the system, as it acts as an irritant to the gastric system and for juices bowel and digestion, when it is not treated as such. "(4874-3)
    Cayce advised to start with small amounts, however, when you get enough doses of sunlight with enough regularity or oils (olive, calf's liver, tripe, etc..) In the diet, it may not be necessary to take cod liver oil - or you may need it only "until there is a change in appetite, strength, virility and vitality in the body." (313-3)
Nowadays, to combat its unpleasant taste, cod liver oil can be taken in soft gelatin capsules. To put it in other words an old proverb, one capsule a day keeps the doctor away!

Disclaimer: The content of this section is information only and should not be considered as a guide for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. For every medical problem, consult a physician.

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