Cod Liver Oil: Benefits, Uses, Effects?


Cod Liver Oil: Benefits, Uses, Effects?
Cod liver oil is one of those examples where the grandmother remedy seems to work for many diseases, or perhaps for all. As everyone knows, is an oil that is extracted from some species of fish Gadus (cod, in fact), typical of the northern seas.

It is rich in vitamin A, D and omega 3 fatty acids. These substances are derived from its properties with regard to health, substances that are essential for our health, it also has the function to fix calcium in the bones, so it is prescribed in the states of rickets. The cod liver oil also ensures a supply of essential factors for a healthy and proper metabolism

A British study (2003) that has been around the world has shown that out of thirty patients in cod liver oil pills slowed progression of the disease in the tissues of subjects who had undergone the grafting of a knee prosthesis (ie chemicals in the tissues related to the evolution of the disease and the pain were lower).
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Well it seems that we must reassess the property instead, as new research uncovers always hated the benefits associated with its oil.

The virtues of cod liver oil
For generations it has been swallowed reluctantly making faces for its bad taste. Always in fashion, has long been available in a dosage form - capsule - that makes hiring easy and pleasant, cod liver oil returns every year to the fore at the beginning of the bad season, thanks to its high content vitamins A and D natural. The first, in fact, strengthens the respiratory mucous weakened by the cold, while the second completes the internal production reduced during the months with little sun.

But it would be a shame to restrict the use of this nutritional supplement to autumn and winter. The needs for vitamin

A rise in case of eye strain due to the profession or to the environment, such as prolonged exposure to bright light, both in the sea and on the snow. Present in small quantities in food, vitamin bones, D should be administered, regardless of the season, in which supplement regular care to children and adolescents in full growth, and without interruption, in menopausal women, and elderly of both sexes. On the other hand, the people who make a diet low in cholesterol a risk of vitamin A deficiency in any time of year, while those slimming ago, given the low-fat, fat-soluble vitamins in danger of failing to which they belong A and D.

However, selling a preparation of cod liver oil enriched with vitamins B, C and E, better adapted to the specific needs of spring and summer. Vitamin C and the B group fighting the fatigue of spring, while the latter increases the ability to concentrate (and this is quite useful in approaching the exams). Being water soluble, these vitamins are eliminated in greater quantities through the kidneys and the skin when it's hot. The role of vitamin E rather to neutralize the free radicals produced by excessive exposure to the sun and during intensive muscle. And do not just come the summer, many people like to soak up the sun and / or exercise more often outdoor activities.

Finally, please note that all specialties cod liver oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 series, whose importance in the prevention of cardiovascular disease is now proven.

Although today it is difficult to come across situations of severe nutritional deficiencies, for which cod liver oil was one of the indications required, it must be said that the viability of this valuable nutrient is by no means failed.

Vitamin A has significant beneficial effects on growth body, the mechanisms of vision, aging and damage from radiation and free radicals; vitamin D, on the other hand, favors the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. In fact intervene in the processes of growth contributing to the renewal of cells and dondo acuity of sight and maintaining healthy hair, nails, skin, bones. It is very popular for the solution of pulmonary infections. Note that the results achieved with formulations that attempt to mimic the natural element, are far from those obtained with the natural product.

It is a good supplement of phosphorus, iodine, partner and vanadium, sulfur, vitamin K, vitamin D and A in an optimal relationship, such that the product irreplaceable for children and the elderly.

Back to the fashion of cod liver oil - March 3, 2004
After decades of disuse, the oil terror-of-children of past generations back to be talked about for its new properties to fight many ailments including osteoarthritis and asthma

The grandmothers were right. The cod liver oil is good for almost anything. To confirm this is a study conducted by a team of researchers according to which Welsh is also effective against osteoarthritis. In 31 patients suffering from osteoarthritis, and waiting to be operated on the knee, were given special tablets for nearly three months. For one half of the sample consisted of two capsules daily 1,000 mg of cod liver oil. To other sufferers vice versa has been given a simple placebo. Experimentation has shown that 86% of patients treated with oil at the end of treatment, was almost completely devoid of the enzyme responsible for the damage to the cartilage. Conversely, only 26% of those who took placebo were detected improvements.

The discovery of professors John Harwood and Bruce Caterson (Cardiff University) and prof. Colin Dent (orthopedic University of Wales) could therefore significantly reduce the number of hip and knee operations. In Britain, only in the last year, were two million patients suffering from osteoarthritis.
'The data suggest that the cod liver oil has a dual effect: on the one hand slows down the degeneration of cartilage in osteoarthritis, on the other hand reduces the inflammatory processes that cause pain,' said Professor Caterson.

The healthy principles of this type of oil are known for years. Thanks to the massive presence of vitamin D and A (an amount three times greater than that which there is in beef liver), cod liver oil is used to treat ear infections and allergies, enhances the functionality of the brain , and is a valid cure to stress and other behavioral disorders.

But this is not all. The hated cod liver oil, liberally administered to past generations of children, there has probably helped to combat the symptoms of asthma, of which today suffer million people, two million of them in Australia.

A study by the Institute for the Prevention of childhood asthma, concluded that Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in canola, the tuna and cod liver oil, can significantly reduce symptoms such as coughing and wheezing, in children of parents who suffer from asthma.

The results, presented at the Australian Conference for asthma underway in Melbourne are based on a program that has followed 6,161 children from birth. The study indicates that the reduction of dust mites in bedding, and the elimination of the plush toys produces positive results in terms of allergies, but the Omega-3 supplements are even more effective against cough and wheezing. It 's too soon - says the researcher prof. Craig Mellis Bond University - to determine whether any of the children has actually contracted asthma, but the effect of Omega-3 on children of three years was "statistically impressive."

Cod liver oil for depression - August 20, 2007
In time of war was given to the children, who hated the taste. Now it turns out that its properties can also be useful to combat depression and 'a remedy that refer to other eras, when it was given to children to help them stay healthy, thanks to the high vitamin content. But now it appears that the abhorred cod liver oil also has other potential ': in particular, a study says, can' be useful to avoid depression.
Indeed, the researchers say, a tablespoon a day reduces by 30% the chance of being a victim of the disease.

In their study, which is published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers at Haukeland University of Bergen in Norway, examined the health status and dietary habits of 22,000 people over 40 years. They then observed that those who do not consume cod liver oil have a significantly higher percentage of stress, anxiety and depression. In contrast, 9% of examined people, who ingest a tablespoon per day, show a lower percentage of 30% of these states of psychological discomfort. According to the researchers, this is further evidence of the beneficial effects of fatty acids called omega-3, which are a critical component of the oil.

Omega 3, according to several studies are useful to protect against stroke and heart attack, and even by the tumor. The cod liver oil is obtained by steam cooking the liver of these fish, and then press it and extract the precious liquid, which is rich in vitamin A and D. In Britain, during the Second World War, was distributed free of charge to children 5 years old, pregnant women and those who were breastfeeding.

The cod liver oil (100 g) has the following characteristics (source: Ministry of Agriculture USA):
Calories: 902
Vitamin A: 100,000 IU
Vitamin D 10,000 IU
Omega 3: 20.72 g
Cholesterol: 570 mg.
For a comparison, Salmon Oil (same calories) does not contain vitamin A or vitamin D, 485 mg of cholesterol, but contains 35.98 g of omega-3 well.

It means that 10 g (one heaping tablespoon) is reasonably full of cod liver oil that you can take per day: 90 kcal, 10,000 IU of vitamin A, vitamin D 1.000 and 1.9 g of omega 3.

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