Tiger Balm: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


TIGER BALM: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Tiger Balm is a preparation containing camphor, menthol and clove , which is mainly used to relieve muscle pain . It owes its discovery in the 1870s, a Burmese herbalist named Aw Chu Kin, whose heirs were able to consolidate the succession by improving the product into a brand name world famous. This success has never wavered since the multi-purpose balm that may be because it is also used to relieve headaches, soothe insect bites or to clear the bronchi.

Properties and benefits of Tiger Balm
The preparation is available commercially in two different varieties because of their composition and their therapeutic properties. Tiger Balm Red is the variety recommended for the treatment of pain and muscle spasms, inflammation of back pain , while the white product is fairly indicated for nasal congestion, headache , of torticollis or bite of insect. Red balm contains cinnamon from China which is a plant with emollient properties. In the white balm cajuput, whose essence is traditionally used as an antiseptic tonic is replaced by oil eucalyptus , often called the "oil of the lungs," which is no longer anti-infectious properties. For ease of use, each variety is sold either in a small metal box or glass jar in the form of ointment, oil, or applicator stick.

Precautions for use of Tiger Balm
Under the effect of the active substances, the blood vessels dilate and irrigate the treated area is improved. The pain subsides with muscular reducing the inflammation of the tendons and joint. The relief of migraine or sensation of irritation in case of insect bites can be explained in the same way. However, some precautions are necessary to fully enjoy the benefits of the product. As a preparation for external application, tiger balm primarily intended to relieve pain , unlike other products that are intended for a much cure. Thus, its use can not exclude the possibility of seeking treatment in greater depth as observed symptoms. In regard to the heating properties of camphor and cloves , avoid putting the product in contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, injury or a wound open, as we must be careful not to make a bandage to prevent any danger of skin reaction. After use, it is recommended to wash hands, and the need to ensure the balm keep out of reach of children. The use is not advised for children under seven years of age and pregnant women.

White Tiger Balm: what are its virtues and its properties?
The Tiger Balm is certainly the best known and most used worldwide balm. Consists only of natural products, it avoids the use of certain medications. We will discover the virtues and properties of Balm White Tiger.

The history of Baume

Chinese doctors use plants to relieve pain without the use of different drugs. Herbalist invented Tiger Balm.
His son will turn this craft balm in a world-renowned brand. It comes in two versions: the Red Tiger Balm and White Tiger Balm. White is known to be sweeter.
It is made with natural products, it is prescribed for pain of muscular origin as well as pain in the head.
Here is the composition of this balm:
Cajuput: 7%.
Camphor: 11%.
Clove (Clove): 5%.
Cassia Fistula (Cinnamon china).
Essential oil of mint (peppermint).
Menthol: 10%.
Virtues and properties

The virtues and properties of White Tiger Balm
Tiger Balm is recognized worldwide because it quickly gives the effect of an analgesic. It is important to use only externally.
You can sample some of the product after washing your hands, then heat it between your fingers and apply to painful areas. Feel free to make light massage.
You can use the balm
When you have a stiff neck.
When you are stung by an insect.
The temples and neck in case of headache (severe pain in the head).
On the front with light circular massage to relax.
On muscle pain.
Across the back and chest when coughing and bronchitis.
It dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow quickly. You can apply the balm to your pain several times a day, there is no particular dosage.
Watch out
This product is prohibited for children under two years, never to apply to the skin or leave the pot to them.
The product should not be applied to mucous membranes or broken skin, this could make you very ill.

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