Tiger Balm: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


TIGER BALM: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

The Tiger Balm raises many rumors. It would be banned from sale in France, it would contain opium or camphor too ...
It even comes to doubt its effectiveness because too many tiger balm of questionable quality are sold under the counter.
's Tiger Balm is one of the great remedies of natural medicine that must be rehabilitated.
Tiger balm or balm essential or Chinese balm was actually born in 1926 in Singapore after the discovery of a Chinese formula used for centuries against pain. It was marketed from that date by the company Aw Boon Shaw as the Tiger Balm (tiger balm) white or red.

How to choose?
Presentations: balm comes in glass jar (about 20 g), metal box (10 and 20 g net) oil (25 ml, 60 ml or more) and finally stick.
these different presentations involve no change in the product composition. Everything is here question of convenience.

What is he made ​​of?
True Tiger Balm is actually a mixture of camphor (maximum 11%), menthol (from 8 to 12%), cajeput oil (6 to 8%), d oil of mint (between 8 and 10%), gasoline clove (between 1 and 2%) and gasoline for red currant balm (between 1 and 2%). Finally paraffin is used for fixing the ointment (40 to 42% of the product).

Prices: are variables.
Basically count between 6 and 9 euros for a glass jar or tin, 8-18 euros for oil and from 9 to 12 euros for a stick. The origins: it is better to focus the origin of Singapore or shanghai as there are Thai copies of poor quality as well as from North Africa, the formula is totally different ointment.

Red or white?
White will be used for nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis, stiff neck, headache.
Red is rather recommended for inflammation, muscle and bone and joint pain as well as back pain and lower back weakness .

How to use it?
The Tiger Balm is used only as an external treatment. It is very effective for treating:
Muscle pain.
Arthritis (it helps its action to circulate blood and energy).
Inflammation of the tendons and joints.
Headaches: pursuant to the temples or forehead.
He is also known for some ENT disorders such as sinusitis, rhinitis or cough under rubbed on the chest or inhaled.
The use of the balm is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 7 years.
Do not apply to mucous membranes and eyes, wash your hands after applying the balm and keep out of reach of children.
-there Is forbidden?
balm is not banned from sale in France. The various safety tests were conducted which conclude that less than 0.5% of the tested skin reactions triggered.

Directions: the secret balm .
Efficacy balm depends largely on how to apply it. Do not try to rub the balm or massaging the area as with a traditional oil or ointment, it must rub / heat balm. Take a dab of balm and rub quickly with, for example, the edge of the hand as if you wanted to cut the body part you want to process. As soon as you feel the heat, stop the friction, the balm will do the rest. (Health Practices No. 67)

Aw Chu Kin, a Chinese herbalist who lived in Rangoon in Burma has developed a balm made of camphor, clove and menthol having analgesic properties. These are his two son, Aw Boon For Aw Boon Haw and who subsequently marketed. This balm has become the Tiger Balm because Aw Boon Haw is the meaning.

In the Far East, the tiger evokes strength and vitality, which was very promising for this balm created to relieve pain.

Tiger Balm Red

It is known athletes who use it for comfort massage muscles and tendons to relieve onguant & joints.

It is recommended for muscle inflammation, joint pain, bruises. Tiger Balm Red is used to relieve muscle pain associated with fatigue, backache and any musculoskeletal problem. By improving the flow of energy and blood, it causes the muscles to relax and reduce inflammation of the joints and tendons.

There is not enough of course in case of deep pain, recurrent or chronic. In these cases, it is to consult.

White Tiger Balm

It is effective in case of a cold, colds, cough, because it opens the airway. Set as appropriate a little balm white tiger above the nose (cold), chest and back (cough).

It also relieves pain skull apply some balm on time massaging lightly in a circular fashion with a finger.

It is also a remedy against insect bites .

Do not apply to mucous membranes, eyes and irritated skin. Stop application if inflammation or burning sensation appears.

Applied externally on the treatment area, consisting of

Red: camphor, peppermint oil, penthol, cajeput oil, oil of cloves.

White: camphor, peppermint oil, penthol, eucalyptus oil, oil of cloves.

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