Emu Oil: Benefits, Properties?


Emu Oil: Benefits, Properties?
Emu oil to treat the damage caused by chemotherapy
The well-known Australian oil used for skin care has been recognized to possess anti-inflammatory properties and repairing the damage to the intestine caused by chemotherapy

The Emu oil, the typical Australian bird similar to the ostrich, has always been used by Australian Aborigines to soothe inflammation and regenerate the skin to treat wounds and as an anti-inflammatory in general.

Rose to prominence a few years ago because of the use that they have started to do the Hollywood stars: according to regular users would in fact oil properties "miraculous" for the beauty of the skin and the hair which, among 'another, seems to have the ability to arrest the fall.
Star aside, even scientists have been struggling to understand if and how this oil possessed the much vaunted property.

Several studies have been conducted previously, one of the Boston University School of Medicine has at least partly confirmed the quality of the hair fall; another of Albany Medical College has suggested that it is effective in reducing the scars. Instead what we are dealing with today is a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia and published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Suzanne Abimosleh and colleagues, analyzing the effects of emu oil in laboratory and animal models, have discovered that substances and fat it contains accelerate the repair process by stimulating the growth of intestinal crypts: that part that generates the villi of the intestine that absorb nutrients from the food. A healthy intestine has villi and crypts longer, and these lead to a greater absorption of food and its nutrients.
Specifically, it was noted in the animal model a reduction in the activity associated with the acute inflammatory induced enteropathy.

When there is inflammation of the bowel - the researchers note - caused by disease or mucositis caused by chemotherapy, it happens that among the many problems there is also a malabsorption of food - as well as a possible increased inflammation and ulceration of the intestinal mucosa. It is therefore necessary anti-inflammatory action in respect of the intestine, in order to avoid further damage and failure, even serious.

Given the good results obtained in the laboratory, Abimosleh and colleagues believe that the next step is to evaluate the effects of emu oil in clinical trials, possibly with patients who suffer from conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

It's good for the skin and is a potent anti-inflammatory, but know that it can also be good for the gut? We're talking about emu oil. Finished on everyone's lips for a few years, when some of the most famous Hollywood stars began to use it for skin care and hair care, emu oil back to talk to him, thanks to a study conducted by Australian researchers University of Adelaide and published in the journal "Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine", according to which this miraculous oil brag extraordinary effects not only in cosmetics, but also in the medical field.

According to the findings from recent analyzes conducted on animals by Dr. Suzanne Abimosleh and his staff, in fact, the fatty acids content in this particular oil (used by Aboriginal people for a very long time), they would have the ability to stimulate the repair process and the growth of intestinal crypts, "with a reduction in activity associated with the acute inflammatory-induced enteropathy."

The researchers stressed the importance of such an effect in patients undergoing chemotherapy, which - among other consequences - also have a malabsorption of food, increased inflammation and a possible ulceration of the intestinal mucosa.

To avoid such damage, it might therefore be useful to take the emu oil, due to its demonstrated anti-inflammatory action. "Disorders of the intestinal tract, - he explained Dr Abimosleh - such as inflammatory diseases and mucositis induced by chemotherapy, are associated with poor absorption of food along with inflammation and ulceration of the mucosa of the part. The variable efficacy of the treatments of these diseases confirms the need to broaden the approaches to more effectively reduce inflammation, prevent injuries and promote healing. "

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