Damiana: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


DAMIANA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Traditionally, Damiana is used as follows:

as Damiana Tea
as an ingredient for liquor / spirits
to smoking (as a tobacco substitute)
for smoking
Damiana (Turnera diffusa) grows as a bushy shrub, but can be up to one meter high under good conditions. At the heavily ramified branches hang small leaves, which are sawed at the edges. From the tiny yellow flowers arising oval fruit during the summer.

Especially in Mexico booming trade with Damiana. Here is the herb that is commonly known as a valuable remedy and is often as Damiana tea to drink. For the preparation of drugs, but not the fruit of Damiana be used. Rather, it is the damiana leaves, which are said to have a positive effect.

The damiana are simply removed from the branches and then carefully dried. Now, from the herb a strong Damiana tea is brewed. Some have a liqueur made ​​from dried damiana leaves but.

Of North American Indians and the Maya of Central America Damiana has been used as a drink. As smoking damiana develop a very pleasant kräuterig- sweet fragrance.

Damiana has a relaxing effect and is a mild but effective aphrodisiac that produces a euphoric high. Damiana, Herb acts as an aphrodisiac and increases vitality. It produces at higher doses a relaxing, mild high that lasts about 2 hours.
The Damiana - herb (Turnera aphrodisiac) are dried leaves of a shrub from tropical regions of the Americas. The Damiana was used by the Aztecs to treat impotence and as a stimulant of the Mayas. Other Indian tribes saw it as a medicinal plant, from which they made ​​tea. The Damiana - herb has various application possibilities and lots of qualities. With us Damiana is renowned for its psychoactive effect and the active "High".

Damiana has ingredients that stimulate the nerves of the genital organs directly and the muscles relaxed. Briefly, the Damiana is - a sexual stimulant herb with a gentle high, relaxing and subtle aphrodisiac .. It promotes blood circulation in the genitals. The senses are stimulated directly by the constituents of damiana.
regular use of Damiana over time gives men a more powerful erection and teaches women the hormones in balance.

three tablespoons or 10 to 15 grams of damiana - herb per liter of water to prepare tea. Instructions: 3 tablespoons of Damiana - herb (or 10 to 15 grams) can draw a quarter of an hour as a tea, or cook it gently 5 minutes. Sift. Then the drink and drink it then a few cups The desired effect will be felt after about half an hour.
The effect of a normal dose Damiana takes about one to two hours.
Damiana drink you can make by soaking 30 grams of herbs five days in half a liter of vodka. This substance seven they. Then you can use the remaining soaked with alcohol herbal soak again five days in 125 ml spring water. Then pour off the liquid and filter. To heat the water extract just below the boiling point and add them even half a cup of honey added. Then add the water extract and alcohol extract together in a bottle. Let the mixture stand for one month. The mixture is then slowly and the liquid is always brighter. Take a clean bottle and fill or slowly and carefully pour the liquid over. The result can be stored for a longer time. The best effect is achieved with 1 or 2 glasses in the evening. After about 1 hour, the desired effect will be felt.

Do not use if liver disease or urinary tract.
Though not proven, a very common use of large quantities of Damiana lead to liver damage. Per day more than 1 cup or to a lush use for a long time is not recommended.
unsuitable for persons under 18 years. Keep out of the reach of children, store in cool and dry.

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