Damiana: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


DAMIANA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Damiana is a traditional aphrodisiac and tonic of the Mayas of Central America. Damiana grows from Southern California via Mexico to Argentina. On the northern Caribbean islands and in Namibia, the plant also feels at home. The mint-like plant is described in the Mexican Pharmacopoeia as an aphrodisiac, tonic and diuretic. In Mexico, Damiana is a scientifically recognized and reliable means in cases of sexual impotence, especially when impotence is caused by excessive sexual activity. Damiana but also in spermatorrhea (semen flow without sexual excitement) and orchitis prescribed (atrophy of the testicles).

Is used therapeutically, the total aboveground herb. (! Without roots) The yellow-flowered herb is about 30-100 cm high depending plays along as the weather.

Other popular names for Damiana
Oreganillo (less oregano) · Pastorcita (little shepherdess) · Hierba del Venado (Herb Hart) · Rompe camisa macho (The tearing down the man's shirt)

D Furthermore, it is the plant Damiana writes to a beneficial effect on the spinal cord and some Mexican doctors use Damiana also as a tonic for the brain. Fatigue, nervous weakness and mild depression may be due to the stimulating effect also be treated successfully with Damiana. D ie leaves of the plant Damiana are ideal because of their aromatic, slightly bitter taste to flavor liqueurs, but also in dried form like as a substitute for black tea used. D he forecast available after the plant has its name from St. Damian, the patron saint of pharmacists.

Damiana has the following properties therpeutische
" potency-enhancing, aphrodisiac (aphrodisiac)
» tonic, invigorating, revitalizing (toning)
Damiana helps include Diseases & Conditions
" fatigue, exhaustion, spring fatigue, lack of energy, weakness
» anxiety, panic, phobias, discomfort
» cystitis
" depression, melancholy, moods, melancholy
» erection problems
» urethritis
» Urinary tract infection
» testicular atrophy
» Impotence
» headaches
» prostatic disease - prostate weakness
» menstrual pain, menstrual cramps
» spermatorrhea without sexual excitement
» Sexual aversion - Weak sex drive - Loss of libido
» Constipation
" Premature ejaculation

Damiana Recipes for Health and Well-being

Preparation of Damiana tea:
"2 tablespoons of Damiana herb (dried)
"boil with 500 ml of water
"can be drawn five minutes
"Strain The mildly euphoric and aphrodisiac effect of this infusion holds about 1.5 hours. Damiana Shot: »20 grams Damiana herb (dried) »20 grams of sabal fruit (fruit of the dwarf palm) »2 vanilla beans »4 cinnamon sticks »2 grams Mace »0.5 grams galangal root "0.7 liter white rum "ingredients together »10 days covered let stand in the dark "between shake well "strain (herb residue good squeeze) This herbal liqueur is ideal for nervous exhaustion, impotence and sexual motivation. You should, however, not a day more than 2 shots a day drink of it, otherwise you may will achieve the opposite of what you want to achieve with it!

Damiana, narrow-leaved (Plant)

The aphrodisiac in Mexico
One of the few recognized by the Pharmacy Aphrodisiacs! Even the 'dark' flavor of the small leaves can feel that the effectiveness unfolds mainly on the lower chakras (as with patchouli and valerian).

The famous Mexican Guadalajara liqueur flavored with these leaves. In addition, in Mexico for tea and for flavoring sweets and pastries. Other effects: Mild laxative, bladder tonic, stress repellent effect on the central nervous system (chew ... a few leaves is soothing relaxing).

The small shrub from Texas and Mexico, often with horizontally growing branches is also used by the Indians living there traditionally as a medicinal herb. Alcoholic extracts should be much more effective than aqueous. Bright yellow flowers. Wintering in a lot of light.

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