Damiana: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


DAMIANA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

The Damiana (Damiana diffusa) is native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. Traditionally, Damiana is used in infectious diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs, but also in diseases of the male and female sex organs. In phytotherapy and homeopathy, the ingredients of the plant are used as a tonic to counter against physical and mental weakness. Be treated with Damiana among others fatigue, stress and fatigue. It Damiana has a strengthening effect , mood enhancing, anxiolytic and relaxing. A stimulating and aphrodisiac Damiana has been rumored in the culture of the Mayas; in animal experiments were signs for it are now well documented. For the preparation of pharmaceutical products used damiana leaves. The dosage form ranges from tablets on teas, through to extract or tincture .
ffect of Damiana

Damiana is a sexual stimulant, it is good for blood circulation and metabolism. It contains ingredients that directly stimulate the nerves and genitals. Damiana has a relaxing effect, gives a mild marijuana-like high, and is a light aphrodisiac. This effect lasts for about one to one and a half hours. With regular use it Damiana increases potency and helps to regulate hormones in women.

Damiana is a muscle relaxant, it is among other things medically prescribed for fatigue, nervous overexertion, fatigue, hormonal disorders and congestions.


To tea with Damiana herb to prepare, take 10 to 15 grams of damiana and add one liter of water. Let the mixture cook for 5 minutes, then cool. Sift it and drink a few cups of it. To prepare Damianalikör, leaving 30 g herb five days to soak in half a liter of vodka. Sift it and leave the remains again five days to soak in 125 ml of water. Pour off the liquid and filter it. Heat the water extract almost to the boiling point and add half a cup of honey. Mix the alcohol and water extract this for a month in a bottle and leave it. The mixture decreases and the liquid is clear. Strain out the liquid carefully and keep it in a clean bottle. For best results take 1 or 2 glasses, after about an hour the action begins.

Warning and side effects

Although not proven, it is possible that a very intensive use of large doses of Damiana may lead to liver damage. More than one cup per day or excessive use over prolonged periods is therefore not recommended. The side effects are very mild, at higher doses may be a laxative effect and gastrointestinal complaints arise.


The Damiana comes from the South American region. Used the dried leaves. Photo: Franz Stempfle
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exhaustion and nervous disorders
Damiana: energizing, mood-lifting and relaxing
Damiana has been used for a long time traditionally for the treatment of infectious diseases as well as a sexual stimulant. In modern herbal medicine , the restorative, mood-lightening and relaxing effect in the foreground. In homeopathy Damiana is common with physical and mental exhaustion, overwork, decreasing performance and stress as well as in cases of sexual weakness and menstrual disturbances. There are some animal and laboratory experiments to Damiana, detailed studies on humans are still missing.

Applications divided by effectiveness

Effectiveness according to experience SheetSheet
There are numerous indications of a long history of use in folk medicine and in medical alternative medicine that can accept an activity. However, so far all the criteria are not met, which is necessary for a full evidentiary force. If there are clinical studies, the results did not unequivocally convinced.
Aphrodisiac (Traditional): impotence, sexual desire, sexual weakness, erotic stimulation, a gain of erotic feelings and the skin sensitivity
depressed mood, depression, mood swings (Traditional)
Nervousness, stress, nervous complaints
Weakness, fatigue, inefficiency, physical and mental exhaustion, overwork, decreasing performance
Unsecured effectiveness Sheet
The evidence from traditional application or laboratory tests are inconclusive and do not go beyond an experimental status. There are no correct or positive clinical studies.
Asthma, cough, spasmodic cough (Traditional)
Colds, infectious diseases (Traditional)
Diseases of the blood vessels (Traditional)
Promote drainage (diuretic, Traditional)
Lack of concentration
Menstrual pain, menstrual disorders, abdominal pain, tension
Links to the diseases in which can help Damiana
Body regions across symptoms:
SheetSheetChronic fatigue
Psyche, restlessness, stress and addiction :
SheetSheetDepressed mood
SheetSheetVegetative dystonia
How does Damiana?
Damiana is regarded in modern herbal medicine as a tonic all kinds of weakness (physical and mental exhaustion, overwork, stress, fatigue, overwork, sexual weakness). As a homeopathic complex remedy Damiana is often mixed with other similarly acting substances. There are only traditional experience.

Relaxing, anxiolytic, mood-lifting
In animal studies, an anxiolytic effect has been shown, but not in the aqueous extract. Only preparations that had been prepared with the solvent methanol, showed this property. Also in humans is a slight euphoria - like after consuming marijuana - occur. It is a Damiana to promote relaxation for painful menstrual disorders, prostate problems, further tensions, nervousness and insomnia. Studies are not available.

The essential oil from the plant is used in aromatherapy for mood elevation.
Infectious diseases
In Mexico, several species of the genus Turnera be used for inflammatory diseases or disorders of the blood vessels. Also treated with Damiana colds, infectious diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs. Damiana is a traditional remedy for diseases of the female and male reproductive organs including kidney and Blasenkatarrhe.

The ingredient Arbutin is known as a diuretic and urinary tract antiseptic substance mainly of ericaceous plants; However, the concentrations of this substance in Damiana for a therapeutic effect is too small may.
The related plant Turnera ulmifolia is not only effective antibiotic, it can also enhance the activity of some chemical antibiotics. This is particularly of interest when the seeds have become very sensitive to the chemical agent.
Damiana to help with loss of appetite, strengthen the digestive system and relieve abdominal pain. In fact, Damiana also acts on the smooth muscles of internal organs relaxing. In addition, an anti-bacterial effect is likely to support the healing of gastrointestinal complaints. In a laboratory experiment, it has been observed an inhibitory effect on bacteria that cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
Tests are only available for Turnera ulmifolia. Here a preparation in animal experiments had an anti-inflammatory effect in the gastrointestinal tract. The formation of gastric ulcers was inhibited in animal experiments. This, however, significant amounts of dry extract were necessary. The effect of the antioxidant fed back interacting components.

Presumably, an aqueous extract of the herb also a hypoglycemic effect. These are however only tests on mice and rabbits. For alcoholic extracts, this activity could not be confirmed.

Damiana is stimulating and aphrodisiac according to tradition, and is used for prevention and treatment of sexual dysfunction, loss of libido and impotence. In the culture of the Mayas Damiana was considered an aphrodisiac. The plant probably stimulate erotic feelings, euphoria, and the sensitivity of the skin. Possibly also the blood flow is increased in the abdomen. But data are lacking.
Also, homeopathy uses the aphrodisiac Damiana and sets one against frigidity. For a traditional application of Damianawurzel as an aphrodisiac missing scientific evidence in humans. In animal experiments, however, Damiana stimulated the sexual activity of male rats and shortened the interval until the next ejaculation. Even sexually sluggish / impotent rats activated the liquid extract. In addition, a relaxed extract from the cavernous Damiana in guinea pigs, so that an erection is promoted.

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