Hoodia Gordonii: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?


Hoodia Gordonii: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?
Hoodia gordonii: does it work?

Hoodia gordonii really work for weight loss? In Italy it is? The hoodia gordonii is a cactus that grows primarily in the desert and that has hit the market quickly, since its supposed benefits for the control and weight loss. Essentially the hoodia gordonii is proposed as an "appetite suppressant" and used only as a supplement, in combination with other ingredients, and even other tablets aids weight loss. But does it work? The hoodia gordonii is very popular but limited studies have been done and no one knows what might be the long-term effects for those who take this supplement.

Hoodia gordonii: does it work?

Hoodia gordonii:
The hoodia gordonii is not a new discovery, indeed, is already known since 1937 and in 1963 he began to explore the benefits it could bring to the people who were taking.

The hoodia gordonii and Pfizer:
Pfizer is a leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and bought the rights for the study dell'hoodia, so that you can then use as a supplement for weight loss. After some research, however, re-sold the rights del'hoodia gordonii and did not develop any medication, something that should make us think a little 'clinical efficacy dell'hoodia gordonii.

This does not mean that it does not work at all, but that its benefits are not enough to be clinically proven and medically significant.

Properties and benefits dell'hoodia gordonii benefits:
The only benefit established and safe since the assumption is that hoodia gordonii suppresses appetite and calms the feeling of hunger. It is very important to note that the few studies done sull'hoodia Gordonni show no other benefit other than to suppress your appetite, because if you hire and then eat without hunger, weight gain will not stop, but will continue.

We need to understand this difference because the hoodia gordonii is not a product for weight loss, as a person who takes it can not then eat anything and lose weight, as it can happen with other products. In addition, an appetite suppressant can not guarantee a weight loss!

Contraindications and possible side effects dell'hoodia gordonii:
The most common mistake that you are talking about hoodia gordonii is to say that has no side effects or interactions. There are some companies who claim that, since it is a hundred percent natural product, there is no way that it can be dangerous or likely to interact negatively with other medications.

On the other hand, placing the case of snake venom, it is also one hundred percent natural, right? But the poison of a serpent, while being completely natural, can make you sick or even kill you.

In saying this we are not saying that the hoodia gordonii is like the poison of a serpent, what we are saying is that they need to be wary of any product that claims such a thing, because it is not true that natural products can not hurt you or have however contraindications.

In the case dell'hoodia gordonii, one of the reasons for which Pfizer has continued his studies as an appetite suppressant that is in their early clinical trials found that the hoodia gordonii can develop liver damage.

But the fact is that there are no warnings of side effects or interactions dell'hoodia gordonii because studies have been conducted in humans to determine what these problems might be. It is important to recognize that if you have certain medical conditions, if you are taking a particular drug if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, then it will be better if you do not take the hoodia gordonii.

Supplements hoodia gordonii:
The first thing you must understand is that the active chemical that is believed to act as an appetite suppressant nell'hoodia gordonii is called P57.

The hoodia gordonii is the only plant belonging to the family of hoodia that actually has this chemical. There are in fact other products with this chemical, which means that if it is not hoodia gordonii, then it will not be an appetite suppressant.

There are a little 'things you need to know if you want to buy hoodia gordonii supplements and among other there is only consider the purchase of products that claim to be one hundred percent pure. This will ensure that you purchase a product with the right kind and the right amount of hoodia gordonii. Some companies use in fact only a small percentage of hoodia gordonii and then mix it with other plants to save money.

You can buy Hoodia gordonii in the form of tablets, powder or liquid. Many dieticians recommend the form of liquid or dust, because apparently it works faster.

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