Damiana: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


DAMIANA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Considered an Amazonian aphrodisiac, damiana has proven effective for generations. Nowadays, it is used in medicine to treat disorders related to the sexual organs.

Damiana is a native of the South American tropical plant. It is known by the botanical name of turnera aphrodisiaca or turnera aired. This is an aromatic shrub that is easily recognizable by its soft leaves pale green and equipped with hair on the sides. The axis wallets its beautiful yellow flowers. The part used is the damiana leaf that contains the essential oil with the scent of chamomile. The effect of damiana is likened to that of marijuana is a psychoactive. Its official use in the European Pharmacopoeia only dates from the early twentieth century. Damiana is now entering the part of many products in drugstore. Intended primarily to enhance sexual performance, these products are freely sold in specialty stores in nutritional supplements.

Damiana and treatment of sexual problems

Damiana is operated by the Central Maya because of its aphrodisiac qualities America. To tone the body, the Indians of Brazil were conducting the infusion of the leaves to extract and detoxify the chemicals. In folk medicine, it is used for self-medication to stimulate the genitals and treat individuals who have a problem d'éjaculation early. It increases sexual power and regulates hormonal imbalances. Its active ingredients act directly on the genitals by stimulating blood circulation and testosterone production. Damiana also helps to strengthen the genitals of women. Among girls, it addresses the problems of menstrual disorders or d'aménorrhées.

Damiana and other diseases

Damiana is an excellent remedy for treating mild depression and nerve fatigue regenerating the nervous system. It helps to relieve anxiety and stress.

By relaxing the muscles to bring relaxation, it helps to treat exhaustion and fatigue. The leaves of damiana were used by the Maya to relieve vertigo, dizziness and balance training losses.

People suffering from cystitis or conditions of the urethra can use damiana. Indeed, it relieves symptoms due to its antiseptic and diuretic action.

It also helps to treat cough due to its expectorant properties. However, its use is not recommended for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Individuals who have a chronic illness or under permanent medical treatment must have a medical advice before using the power.

Some tips of Use

In traditional use, preparation of damiana is to boil for 5 minutes from 10 to 15 grams of herbs in a quart of water. Then you have to filter the cooled mixture. Packaged in the form of tablets, the recommended daily dose is 3 units per day to be swallowed before meals and accompanied by a glass of water.

Damiana is also packaged in capsules of 320 mg. The products are sold in a pot containing 200 capsules. Due in part balanced diet, the daily dosage is 2 to 4 capsules to be swallowed with a large glass of water.

For powdered formula, the water may be replaced by a fruit juice, cream or yoghurt. To alleviate its bitter taste, you can also use honey. Overdose may damage the liver, so it is advisable to limit the duration of use.

As a tea, the dose should be limited to one cup per day to avoid the risk of overdose. Despite its similarity to cannabis leaves, leaves of damiana may not be consumed in the form of cigarettes. Like any nutritional supplement, damiana can not be used by pregnant or nursing women. The following ongoing medical treatment individuals must first pass medical consultation for the advice of their physician.

Damiana has a relaxing effect and is a mild aphrodisiac, while effective, gives a euphoric high. The herb damiana acts as an aphrodisiac and increases vitality, at higher doses it gives a slight relaxing high that lasts about 2 hours.
herb damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiaca) consists of leaves of a shrub from American tropics. Damiana was used by the Aztecs to impotence, and the Maya as exciting. The grass was considered medicinal by other Indian tribes who were tea. The herb damiana offers various applications and many qualities. With us, damiana is popular because of its psychoactive effect and "high" energetic.

Damiana has components that directly stimulate the nerves of the genitals and relaxes the muscles. Briefly, damiana herb is a product of sexual, light high stimulation, relaxing and subtly aphrodisiac. It promotes blood flow to the genitals. The senses are directly excited by the components of the damiana.
Regular use over a long period gives men a more powerful erection and balance the hormonal system in women.

Prepare three tablespoons, or 10 to 15 grams, damiana herb per liter of water for tea. Method: let three tablespoons herb damiana (or 10 or 15 grams) steep for fifteen minutes for tea, water or boil gently for 5 minutes. Then go drink and drink a few cups, the desired effect can be observed after a half hour.
effect of a normal dose of damiana persists for about one to two hours.
You can prepare a drink damiana by macerating 30 grams of grass for five days in a pint of vodka. Skip this preparation and then marinate the rest of alcohol-soaked grass again for five days in 125 ml of mineral water. Drain thereafter the liquid and filter it. Heat the water just below the boiling level extract, add also a half cup of honey. Add water and extract the alcohol together in a bottle. Let the mixture sit for a month. The preparation is deposited slowly and the liquid becomes clearer. Take a clean bottle or siphon and slowly add the liquid slowly. The result can be kept long enough. The best results can be obtained with one to two glasses at night, the desired effect can be observed about an hour later.

Do not use in case of liver disease or urinary tract.
Though not proven very frequent use in large amounts of damiana may cause liver damage. It is not advisable to consume more than one cup a day or excessively over a long period.
Not recommended for persons under the age of 18. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Shipping and Handling
The product can only be ordered if it is legal in the country where you live.

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