Damiana: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


DAMIANA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Damiana or Damiana ( Turnera diffusa )
Originally from the Gulf of Mexico and Baja California, it is found in many countries with hot and humid climate.

Damiana was used as an aphrodisiac by the Mayans. It is still used today for this property and as a tonic. Was also used to fight against the damiana vertigo, dizziness and menstrual disorders.

Damiana is useful in the case of:
Decreased libido, impotence, premature ejaculation
Nervous fatigue
General weakness
Mild depression
Painful menstruation
Constipation caused by the laziness of the abdominal muscles
Damiana is a tonic to revive the nervous system. Its stimulating effect is due to the thymol it (4%). The aphrodisiac of damiana have not yet been demonstrated by scientific research, but it has traditionally been used as a sexual stimulant. It would act on testosterone, the male hormone. It has also been used in cases of premature ejaculation or impotence.
Among women it also strengthens the genitals of women.
Damiana has a stimulating effect on the mind and it would be effective in treating cases of mild depression and nervous exhaustion. Such as ginseng, it is a useful plant adaptogen to fight against the effects of stress.
Damiana is also a diuretic and urinary tract antiseptic, useful in cases of cystitis and urethritis.
This is a mild laxative.
How to use
Harvested in summer, in the form of herbal tea, tincture, capsules or tablets leaves are used.
Infusion: especially for urinary tract infections. Drink a cup a day. Stain parent : As stimulant, 30 drops in a little water, 3-4 times a day. Tablets or capsules: As a tonic and relaxing, follow the recommended directions.

Do not exceed the recommended doses, damiana may be toxic in high doses.
Pregnant or nursing women should not eat this plant.

Turnera diffusa , known as damiana, is a shrub native to southwestern Texas in the United States, [3] in Central America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. It belongs to the family Passifloraceae. [2]

Damiana is a relatively small shrub that has small aromatic flowers. It blooms from early to late summer and consequent small fruit similar to the fig flavor. Because essential oils present in the plant. [4], the shrub is known to have a strong spicy smell, reminiscent of chamomile. The leaves were traditionally used as a tea and incense by the indigenous peoples of Central America and South America for its relaxing effects. Spanish missionaries were the first to report that the Mexican Indians had to use drinking infusions of damiana - and other ingredients including sugar - as an aphrodisiac.

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Use [ change | change the code ]
For a long time it was loaned to the damiana property to exercise a stimulating effect on libido, and its use as an aphrodisiac has continued into modern times. More recently, some favorable scientific evidence, supporting the long history of its use have emerged. Several experimental studies both in animal models have provided evidence of increased sexual activity in rats of both sexes.

Scientists have shown that damiana has a particularly stimulating effect on male rats sexually exhausted or impotent [5] [6] and observed an overall increase in sexual activity in rats of both sexes. [7]

It was also established that the damiana is to function as an inhibitor of aromatase, suggesting that this is a possible mode of action of its known effects. [8]

Evidence was also made that the damiana is effective against anxiety. [9]

Damiana is an ingredient component traditional Mexican liquor that is sometimes used instead of triple sec in cocktails called margaritas. Mexican folklore says it was used in the "original" margarita. The margarita based damiana is popular in the region of Los Cabos, Mexico. [10] [11]

Several patented nineteenth century medicine, such as "French Wine Coca" pharmacist John Stith US Pemberton, contained damiana. Damiana leaves have been removed in the composition of the alcoholic equivalent of this product, "Coca-Cola". [12]

Damiana contains damianine; tetraphyllin B; gonzalitosine I; arbutin; tricosan-2-one; p-cymene; β-sitosterol; 1,8-cineole, [9] α-pinene; β-carotene; β-pinene; eucalyptol; various tannins and thymol. [13]

Legality [ change | change the code ]
United States [ change | change the code ]
In the state of Louisiana, damiana is classified as "prohibited plant" with 39 others by the 159 law of the State of Louisiana, effective August 8, 2005 is prohibited in this state possess or distributed for human consumption any combination of any of the parts of the plant (leaves, stems, seeds, derivatives, mixtures, formulations, or any other resin derived from any part of the plant). This was partly driven by an increase in the number of overdoses of synthetic cannabis, found in a variety of herbal preparations and in which the main ingredient was they often damiana. [14] [15] [ 16]

Britain [ change | change the code ]
One known as the "Black Mamba" product labeled as containing "100% damiana," was marketed in the United Kingdom; adverse effects resulting from its use were reported. [17] MP Graham Jones asked that the substance should be declared illegal. [18]

The "Black Mamba" is a combination of damiana and various synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists, including JWH-018. [19] The synthetic cannabis has caused negative side effects in some users. [20]

Damiana is considered safe when consumed in its natural form. [21]

During questions to the Prime Minister David Cameron Wednesday, March 7, 2012 in the House of Commons, MP Nadhim Zahawi demanded that measures relating to the "Black Mamba" is taken. The Prime Minister made the following response:

"We are determined to eradicate these so-called legal drugs. The Home Office is sensitive to it in particular. We now have the early warning system of drugs that informs us of these problems but as he (MP Nadhim Zahawi) says, a decision must be made quickly and I will make sure that it is. "[22]

Now the "Black Mamba" is illegal in Britain.

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