Cod Liver Oil: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


COD LIVER OIL: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?
Rich in vitamins A and D, cod liver oil is particularly suitable for bone growth. Would recommend for growing children but also for the young at prevention of osteoporosis. Essential fatty acids in this oil also act on the nervous system, vision and skin.

Cod liver oil is a dietary supplement that contains high levels of omega-3, EPA and DHA are, and vitamin A and vitamin D. It is often taken in capsule form and has been the blood pressure and fats shown in the blood to lower that as triglycerides , among other alleged benefits, including help with depression, in arthritis, kidney disease, with heart disease, lupus and in glaucoma is known. Like if you take any dietary supplement, it is important that any potential cod liver oil to keep for side effects and consider any problems.

Fortunately, negative side effects of cod liver oil are quite rare. The most common side effects of cod liver oil include the launching, bad breath, or a poor taste in your mouth due to the consumption of fish oil. It can also cause diarrhea, heartburn, or if too much is used. One way is to prevent these side effects, cod liver oil with meals and never on an empty stomach to take forever. Some brands of cod liver oil can work better and cause fewer of these side effects on different people, so it may be useful to try a different brand, if the side effects persist.

Because these dietary supplements can thin the blood, nosebleeds are another of the more common side effects of cod liver oil. For this reason, it is also important to stop taking before surgery cod liver oil, and to tell your doctor about any other supplements that are used. Much Vitamin and herbal supplements can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding during surgery. Cod liver oil should not be taken with anticoagulant medications in general either.

Because cod liver oil lowers blood pressure, it is important to be careful while taking it, even if you take blood pressure medicine. The combination of the two can cause blood pressure to fall low, can be harmful. Be sure to monitor your blood pressure to prevent any dangerous side effects of cod liver oil regularly. Finally, there is a concern that levels of vitamin A and vitamin D too high could possibly be if they took cod liver oil with other multivitamins and vitamin supplements.

Pregnant and nursing women should not take to prevent any dangerous side effects of cod liver oil, as there has been enough research that is done to rule out any problems this supplement. There is also a potential, so that any fish oil supplements contain mercury. Whenever any dietary supplement taking, be sure to take it only as directed, and any warnings on the bottle for possible interactions to read.

This large cold water fish primarily of interest for its liver which one draws an oil rich in vitamins A and D. If the nutritional qualities of this oil are well established, its bad taste did wince in many generations children. Packaging in capsules avoids this legitimate apprehension. growth that promises to oil cod liver naturally contains vitamin A and vitamin D, hence its great value. Vitamin A is an antioxidant essential to many body functions.

Essential for bone growth, it also helps maintain good vision and healthy skin. Vitamin D will bind calcium, which in the young as the old, is a factor for strong bones ... and the fight against osteoporosis! Even partial deficiency can have serious consequences as a teenager, when the acquisition of bone can be affected, menopause and beyond, when the loss of bone mass can be accelerated. On the other hand, essential fatty acids of this oil-thinning membranes, enabling the development and smooth functioning of the nervous system. This is the essential complement for the proper growth of the child or to prevent bone problems in the elderly.

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