Saw Palmetto: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SAW PALMETTO: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Potent fruits with prostate enlargement

The medicinal active ingredients of Saw Palmetto (Sabal serrulata / Serenoa repens) are its fruits. They contain a Fettsäuremix, the demonstrably benign prostate enlargement can help.
The prostate, also known as prostate, is applied to the bladder of the male, and ends in the starting region of the urethra.

With age, the nozzle increases and often leads to unpleasant symptoms such as delayed or painful urination. In medical terminology this is called benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH shortly.
A regression of the enlarged prostate can the fruits of saw palmetto not cause, but certainly alleviate the symptoms and inhibit further tissue growth.

At a Glance:
Interaction: inhibitory effect on the male sex hormones, limiting the liquid overflow from the blood into the tissue, sealing on damaged vein walls, anti-inflammatory, against tissue augmentation, against urinary
Can be used: for an enlarged prostate (stage I to II)
Ingredients of Sägepalmenfrüchte

The fruits of the saw palmetto contain fatty acids, esterified fatty acids and fatty alcohols. They also contain phytosterols and sugar compounds (water-insoluble polysaccharides). The most important is the so-called phytosterol β-sitosterol.
A single active principles ingredient has not Sägepalmenfrüchte extract, the inhibition of the production of male sex hormones and the reduction of tissue growth of the prostate goes back to the Fettabkömmlinge. All other effects resulting from the interaction of the ingredients.
Application for an enlarged prostate in stage I and II (BPH)

Mild and effective effect in long-term use
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is divided into three stages: Stage I also is called stimulus Stadium. During this phase, the prostate gland is enlarged already, which is manifested mainly by a weakened urinary stream. Also occur frequently need to urinate during the day and night. In stage II, the gland is already often so greatly increased, that it reduces the diameter of the urethra. Since at this stage the bladder often can not be completely emptied, it is called also Restharnstadium. In addition to reduced urinary stream and urinary urgency now adjusts itself another symptom: The toilet provides less relief, because immediately thereafter adjusts again urination.
If the third stage has been reached, one speaks of decompensation, because it can come to involuntary urination at about a full bladder. But it is also possible just the opposite. Despite over a full bladder only a few drops of urine come out of the bladder. Here only helps one catheter to let out the urine. This measure is important because the urine may build back up to the kidneys and so long-term results of renal insufficiency. Surgical reduction of the prostate gland is therefore at this stage usually unavoidable.
An extract of Sägepalmenfrüchten is able to relieve the symptoms occur.
On the one hand, the active ingredient of the medicinal plant positively influence the further increase of prostate enlargement and reduce the growth due to the limited production of male sex hormones. Especially testosterone, a hormone that regulates many processes of the male body is inhibited and converted to the substantially weaker androstanediol.
But the Sägepalmenfrüchte have other effects. They can trigger inflammation hormones called prostaglandins and other hormones, which act on the fabric, render harmless, therefore the urinary can be worked through the prostate opposite.
Sägepalmenfrüchte extract
Pharmaceutical form and dosage of Sägepalmenfrüchte extract
Sägepalmenfrüchte are usually taken as a medication in the form of finished products. When dried active substance, eg for tea production, they are not available in the pharmacy.

Taking the Sägepalmenfrüchte extract is suitable for long-term use (up to 9 months). The effect usually sets some weeks after application start.

Sägepalmenfrüchte extract
Risks and side effects
Please note: risks and side effects are not known with the use of the intended doses (daily dose 1-2 g).

In rare cases, gastrointestinal complaints have been reported with use of medicines. Because of the effect on the hormone production is also a physician should be consulted for malignant diseases such as prostate cancer before taking the supplements.

Please dosage preparations as specified in the package insert or contact the dose of, as prescribed by your attending physician.

Finished medicinal product
Extract from Sägepalmenfrüchten is as finished medicines in the form of capsules (remedy for bladder dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia). Furthermore, the active ingredient in combination with other herbs as capsules, drops and oral solution is available.

The fruits of the saw palmetto contain valuable fatty oil, sugar compounds and phytosterols. These ingredients have shown to improve urinary symptoms in men with an enlarged prostate gland in stage I and II (three stages). In addition, the drug may contribute to the gland not enlarged and inflammation are controlled.

In folk medicine, saw palmetto extracts against bladder and testicular inflammations, bedwetting, inflammation of the mammary glands, Atemwegentzündungen, impotence and increase libido as well as in eczema are used.

Areas of application of the active ingredients: Sägepalmenfrüchte

Extracts from dried ripe Sägepalmenfrüchten be used to relieve symptoms due to benign prostate enlargement. The enlargement of the gland itself is not affected. Before starting and during treatment therefore examinations of the prostate (prostate) are necessary to rule out other diseases such as prostate cancer excluded.

In traditional medicine Sägepalmenfrüchte are also used to support the treatment of inflammation of the urinary bladder.

For the following application areas of Sägepalmenfrüchte -depth information is available:

benign prostatic hyperplasia
Urinary incontinence
Mode of action of Sägepalmenfrüchte

Extracts from fruits of saw palmetto are rich in fatty oils, phytosterols, acidic polysaccharides, flavonoids and carotenoids. Their exact mechanism of action is not yet known, but animal studies suggest that the plant extract, the formation of the male sex hormone testosterone inhibits weak. From this it is known that it stimulates the growth of the prostate. Furthermore Sägepalmenfrüchte slightly anti-inflammatory properties and offer a weak protection against water retention (edema) .

The drug is usually taken in capsule form and passes through the gastrointestinal tract into the body. The effect occurs only after a few weeks. Then we observed in many patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia improvement of symptoms, including problems with urination and frequent night urination.

Benign enlargement of the prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), according to age is the main reason for sexual dysfunction in men. BPH is the most frequent benign organ enlargement and occurs from age 60 to 50 percent of all men. Due to hormonal changes, the prostate may increase slowly at the age of 40 to 45 years. It grows here around the urethra, which can lead to an increasing concentration and a reduction in the capacity of the bladder.

In the worst case also blocks the drainage way for the urine: urinary obstruction and kidney damage may result. Under sexual dysfunction or dysfunction is understood as failures in achieving and maintaining an erection, problems with ejaculation (ejaculation) and a decreased sex drive (libido).

Graphic BPH

The additional, mainly psychological, burden on those affected is very large: Come now to the symptoms such as disturbed micturition, painful urination, dribbling etc. also a restricted sexuality. Many sufferers then have the feeling of not being a "real" man more, and this sometimes leads to the fact that further aggravate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

First Frequent sexual disorders
Patients with BPH symptoms suffer twice as common among sexual function problems such as age-matched men without BPH symptoms. The good news is that men are more sexually active at an advanced age. However, a large-scale study of nearly 13,000 men from the United States and six European countries also shows that Erectile Dysfunction can be a reduced ejaculation or painful ejaculation side effects of BPH-related lower urinary tract problems.

Thus reaches every second have between 60 and 69 years of age or no reduced erection. 49 percent said they have no or only a reduced ejaculation. Of pain or an unpleasant feeling during ejaculation reported seven percent of men. In a study conducted in Germany, 72 percent of BPH patients between 30 and 80 years had an erectile dysfunction, only 38 percent had no such symptoms. top

Second reasons for sexual dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction can be caused by diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems or stress for example. If they occur in the course of benign prostatic hyperplasia, the relationships are not yet fully understood.

Of physicians various hypotheses are discussed: There are always some inflammation in a growing prostatic, this may affect the conduction in the nerve as well as the fabric. If the poor effluent urine pushed by strong pressing movements of the bladder, the muscles hardened in this area. This may subsequently lead to decreased erectile function. The age-related decline of the sex hormone testosterone and the simultaneous increase of estrogen in the male body can lead to sexual dysfunction and prostate growth. In one of the newer theories also impaired blood flow is generally cited as the reason. Thus, the corpora cavernosa of the penis are not getting enough blood. At the same time, the prostate gland is supplied with blood too long. This can lead to an over-concentration of testosterone in the prostate, which may eventually lead to further prostate growth.

But also taking numerous medications can lead to disorders of erectile function. In men, taking two and less drugs, erection problems occur statistically only about one-sixth. With regular intake of over ten medication each third party is already affected. top

3rd consequences of sexual dysfunction
The fear of being impotent or incontinent in old age, is very large in men. Problems with desire, potency, urinary urgency during transport and Orga-musfähigkeit can be so debilitating that those affected withdraw and limit their social contacts to a minimum. A study by scientists at the University of Witten / Herdecke in 469 patients documented a clear link between the BPH-specific symptoms and health-related quality of life; among other things, there was a significant deterioration in overall quality of life and a strong impairment in social activities, including sex life counts. top

Fourth man is silent
One reason could also be that only about 25 percent of men talk about their suffering and can only handle about 10 to 25 percent. That men turn in other health issues rare to doctors, is known. Man does not speak, silent man, whether from shame or misunderstood pride in masculinity.

Who really wants to actively do something about this age-related disease that is the problem taken literally can not sit out. With herbal remedies can be, especially in the early stages of the disease (BPH stages I to II) achieve remarkable successes.

Saw palmetto

5th twofold effect of saw palmetto
Extracts from dried Sägepalmenfrüchten already been successfully used for their growth and anti-inflammatory effect to treat prostate problems. A study conducted in Switzerland with BPH patients should now clarify whether a standardized saw palmetto extract could have negative or even positive effects on sexual dysfunction.

The study, with the participation of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Saller, Institute Director and Professor of Natural Medicine at the University of Zurich, was able to demonstrate not only an effect against prostate discomfort, but also to related sexual dysfunction for the first time. Although already earlier studies of a positive effect of saw palmetto medication indicated to work, but the data were always insufficient.

Now it has been shown that the daily ingestion of a capsule of 320 mg Saw Palmetto extract after eight weeks leads to a significant decrease in BPH typical symptoms. Frequent, more intense, and nocturia, urinary weakened, slowed urination, feeling of residual urine, pressure on the bladder and dribbling of urine decreased by around 50 percent. The second effect is an improvement in achieving and maintaining an erection, when the libido and ejaculation at around 40 percent was established.

According to the patient a very good or good effect was observed in 76 percent of cases, both in terms of erectile function and libido.

The time to onset is indicated by two to four weeks, the duration of therapy with three to six months and a regular repetition. Saw Palmetto extract is therefore one of the first therapies worldwide, for an improvement in BPH symptoms and sexual dysfunction could be demonstrated, albeit on a small scale. top

6th Hardly any side effects
In contrast to non-herbal drugs for the treatment of BPH, the use of medicinal plants extract is largely free of side effects. Because BPH therapy with synthetic drugs, the sexual dysfunction even worsen or trigger this even before. Between 30 and 40 percent of BPH patients treated with synthetic drugs, suffer from ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

In addition, the medication with saw palmetto is much more cost effective. In consultation with the treating physician should therefore be clarified exactly which therapy is eligible.

Saw palmetto fruit


7th saw palmetto with a long history
The low-born Saw Palmetto (bot. Serenoa repens) can be up to two meters high. Main distribution area is Florida. The saw palmetto produced during the summer months olives large fruits (pictured right), which change color from May to September from green to yellow-orange to blue-black.

In the fruit, the pharmacologically active ingredients are contained. Western medicine is the saw palmetto in the United States since the late 18th century, in Europe only since the end of the 19th century known. It has been used to improve digestion, in the treatment of bronchitis, in disorders in the female urogenital tract, BPH symptoms and impotence. But already the natives of Florida, the Seminole Indians, the saw palmetto used medically, such as a sedative and as an aphrodisiac. top

8th Other herbal
Also in case of symptoms in BPH stages I and II treatments with extracts of the African plum tree, nettle root, the red clover, the Willowherb cabbage, pumpkin seeds and rye pollen are known. It is missing here but still further studies that could prove efficacy. top

9th lifestyle
An alleviation of symptoms of sexual dysfunction associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia, a change of lifestyle should be considered. A healthy high-fiber, vitamin-and mineral-rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables combined with adequate exercise here is the foundation.
Those who drink less in the evening, also avoids frequent nocturnal rising. However, the toilet should not be delayed unnecessarily and so as not to irritate the bladder further. Urinating man should take their time, so that the bladder can be emptied as completely as possible. In the sitting position, the best succeed: The bladder muscles can relax, resulting in better drainage. top

10th pelvic floor exercises for men
Who pelvic floor exercises - yes, even men have a pelvic floor muscles - operates, can not only improve erectile function, but also the ejaculation delay (see "Health News" in May 2010). Also known as post-treatment of prostate surgery pelvic floor training is successfully used.

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