St. John's Wort: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


ST. JOHN'S WORT: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

The wort form the genus Hypericum , around 400 species distributed worldwide compound, except in deserts and arctic regions. In the tropics, however, we encounter wort in the mountains.

The St. John's wort are attached to the family Hypericaceae according to phylogenetic classification APG III (2009) or that of Clusiaceae according to traditional classification of Cronquist (1981) .

St. John's Wort means thousand holes . It is due to the common European species Hypericum perforatum , which has small translucent glands. Observing by transparency sheets, these glands give the impression of a multitude of tiny perforations.

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Description [ change | change the code ]
The St. John's wort are mostly herbaceous annual or perennial plants. These are also sometimes shrubs or even small trees ( Hypericum lanceolatum ) of up to ten meters high.

The leaves are simple, opposite, oval to lanceolate. Flowers, a more or less bright yellow, have five petals (rarely four) and numerous stamens. Fruits are usually dry capsules that explode when ripe, releasing a large number of very small seeds, but there are species with fleshy fruits ( Hypericum androsaemum ).

Flowers and flower buds of a yellow flower ( H. lanceolatum )

fleshy fruits androsème wort ( H. androsaemum )

Uses [ change | change the code ]

cultivar Hidcote
Many varieties and cultivars have been developed in horticulture as Hypericum × moserianum ( H. calycinum × H. patulum ) or as calycinum Hypericum 'Hidcote'. Due to its pharmacological interactions (enzyme inducer), St. John's wort should not be used during an oral contraceptive therapy (reduced efficiency) or when taking certain treatments used against HIV (protease inhibitors) 1 . There are several cons-indications that especially heart problems, St. John's wort has the distinction of causing arrhythmia and tachycardia in several subjects.

Medicinal use [ change | change the code ]
Main article: perforated Millepertuis
Extracts and preparations herbal known and marketed under the name " hypericum "used in the treatment of depression and mild to moderate mood disorders, is drawn exclusively from the species Hypericum perforatum . Some other members of the genus Hypericum can be used locally in the field of health, but most species of Hypericum are unaware of any medical use.

The St. John's wort ( Hypericum perforatum ) is used in medicine for over 2,400 years, particularly in the form of red oil. The preparation involves the maceration of flower heads harvested during the summer in the olive oil. Just leave the bottle in the sun for three weeks by the time the oil stains. This coloration is due to hypericin, pigment red anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing. His virtues and efficiency are recognized. Its photosensitizing Action unfortunately does not allow its application before exposure to the sun from the treated part.

Well known to the ancients, it was dubbed the "demon hunting" today at the origin of several anti-depressants that have tried to copy its active molecule, it is very effective in the treatment of severe stress, depression and all mood disorders as solids, where dye powder plant. In the form of oily macerate, we will prefer him instead of the traditional olive oil, sunflower neutral and less fat to use. It will be effective on burns, joint pain, etc ... St. John's Wort oil is an excellent carrier for essential oils in diseases mentioned above.

As grapefruit or garlic may interact with some drugs 2 .

Species [ change | change the code ]
According to The Plant List (August 20, 2013) 3 :

Hypericum abilianum N.Robson
Hypericum aciculare Kunth
Hypericum acmosepalum N. Robson
Hypericum acostanum Steyerm. ex N. Robson
Hypericum addingtonii N. Robson
Hypericum adpressum WPCBarton
Hypericum adsharicum (Woronow) AP Khokhr.
Hypericum afromontanum Bullock
Hypericum alpigenum Kit.
Hypericum anagalloides Ham. & Schltdl.
Hypericum andinum Gleason
Hypericum andjerinum Font Quer & Pau
Androsaemum Hypericum L. - androsème wort
Hypericum aphyllum Lundell
Hypericum apiculatum (N. Robson) Sennikov
Hypericum ardasenowii R. Keller & Albov
Ascyron Hypericum L.
Hypericum asplundii N. Robson
Hypericum attenuatum Fisch. ex Choisy
Hypericum augustinii N. Robson
Hypericum Southern Ten.
Hypericum austroyunnanicum LH Wu Yang & DP
Hypericum baccharoides Cuatrec.
Hypericum beanii N. Robson
Hypericum bellum HL Li
Hypericum bequaertii De Wild.
Hypericum bojerianum H. Perrier
Hypericum Brachyphyllum (Spach) Steud.
Hypericum brasiliense Choisy
Hypericum brathys Sm.
Hypericum brevistylum Choisy
Hypericum caespitosum Ham. & Schltdl.
Hypericum callacallanum N. Robson
Hypericum callinum Rose
Calycinum Hypericum L. - St. John's wort with large flowers, hypericum shrub
Hypericum campestre Ham. & Schltdl.
Hypericum canadense L.
Hypericum caprifoliatum Ham. & Schltdl.
Hypericum caracasanum Willd.
Hypericum cardonae Cuatrec.
Hypericum carinatum Griseb.
Hypericum carinosum R.Keller
Hypericum cassiopiforme N. Robson
Hypericum castellanoi N.Robson
Hypericum caucasicum Gorschk.
Hypericum cavernicola LB Sm.
Hypericum chamaemyrtus Triana & Planch.
Hypericum chamaenerium (Spach) Steud.
Hypericum choisyanum Wall. ex N. Robson
Hypericum cohaerens N. Robson
Hypericum collinum Schltdl. & Cham.
Hypericum connatum Lam.
Hypericum cordatum (Vell.) N. Robson
Hypericum cumulicola (Small) PB Adams
Hypericum curvisepalum N. Robson
Hypericum daliense N. Robson
Hypericum decandrum Turcz.
Hypericum denticulatum Walter
Hypericum denudatum A. St.-Hil.
Hypericum desetangsii Lamotte
Hypericum diosmoides Griseb.
Hypericum dissimulatum EP Bicknell
Hypericum drummondii (Grev. & Hook.) Torr. & A. Gray
Hypericum eastwoodianum IMJohnst.
Hypericum edisonianum (Small) WP Adams & N. Robson
Hypericum elatoides R. Keller
Hypericum elegans Stephan ex Willd.
Hypericum elodeoides Choisy
Hypericum elongatum Ledeb.
Hypericum empetrifolium Willd.
Hypericum enshiense LH Wu Wang & FS
Hypericum epigeium R. Keller
Hypericum erectum Thunb.
Hypericum ericifolium Steyerm.
Hypericum faberi R. Keller
Hypericum formosanum Maxim.
Hypericum formosum Kunth
Hypericum forrestii (Chitt.) N. Robson
Hypericum galinum SF Blake
Hypericum garciae Pierce
Hypericum geminiflorum Hemsl.
Hypericum globuliferum R. Keller
Hypericum gnidioides Seem.
Hypericum gramineum G.Forst.
Hypericum griffithii Hook. f. & Thomson ex Dyer
Hypericum gymnanthum Engelm. & A. Gray
Hypericum harlingii N. Robson
Hypericum hartwegii Benth.
Hypericum hengshanense WT Wang
Hypericum henryi H.Lév. & Vaniot
Hypericum himalaicum N. Robson
Hypericum hirsutum L. - St. John's wort bristling
Hypericum hookerianum Wight & Arn.
Hypericum hubeiense LH Wu Yang & DP
Hypericum humbertii Staner
Hypericum Humboldtianum Steud.
Humifusum Hypericum L. - St. John's Wort lying
Hypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz
Hypericum hyssopifolium Chaix
Hypericum inodorum Mill.
Hypericum iwatelittorale H.Koidz.
Hypericum jahnii R.Keller
Hypericum japonicum Thunb.
Hypericum juniperinum Kunth
Kalmianum Hypericum L.
Hypericum keniense Schweinf.
Hypericum kiboense Oliv.
Hypericum kingdonii N. Robson
Hypericum kouytchense H.Lév.
Hypericum lagarocladum N. Robson
Hypericum lalandii Choisy
Hypericum lancasteri N. Robson
Hypericum lancifolium Gleason
Hypericum lancioides Cuatrec.
Hypericum laricifolium Juss.
Hypericum laricoides Gleason
Hypericum laschii A.Fröhl.
Hypericum latisepalum (N. Robson) N. Robson
Hypericum legrandii LB Sm.
Hypericum linarioides Bosse
Hypericum linoides A. St.-Hil.
Hypericum llanganaticum N. Robson
Hypericum lloydii (Svenson) PBAdams
Hypericum longistylum Oliv.
Hypericum lorentzianum Gilg ex R. Keller
Hypericum loxense Benth.
Hypericum ludlowii N. Robson
Hypericum lydium Boiss.
Hypericum maclarenii N. Robson
Hypericum maculatum Crantz - hypericum stained
Hypericum magdalenicum N.Robson
Hypericum magniflorum Cuatrec.
Hypericum maguirei N. Robson
Hypericum majus (A.Gray) Britton
Hypericum marahuacanum N.Robson
Hypericum matangense N. Robson
Hypericum medium Peterm.
Hypericum meridense Steyerm.
Mexicanum Hypericum L.
Hypericum microlicioides LB Sm.
Hypericum momoseanum Makino
Hypericum monanthemum Hook. f. & Thomson ex Dyer
Monogynum Hypericum L.
Hypericum montanum L. - St. John's wort mountains
Hypericum montbretii Spach
Hypericum moranense Kunth
Mutilum Hypericum L.
Hypericum myrianthum Ham. & Schltdl.
Hypericum nagasawae Hayata
Hypericum nakamurae (Masam.) N. Robson
Hypericum naudinianum Coss. & Durieu
Hypericum nokoense Ohwi
Hypericum nummularioides Trautv.
Hypericum oaxacanum R. Keller
Hypericum oligandrum Milne-Redh.
Eastern Hypericum L.
Hypericum paramitanum N.Robson
Hypericum parvulum Greene
Hypericum patulum Thunb.
Hypericum pauciflorum Kunth
Hypericum paucifolium S. Watson
Hypericum pedersenii N.Robson
Hypericum peplidifolium A.Rich.
Hypericum perfoliatum L. - perfolié wort
Hypericum perforatum L. - St. John's Wort
Hypericum petiolulatum Hook. f. & Thomson ex Dyer
Hypericum phellos Gleason
Hypericum Philonotis Ham. & Schltdl.
Hypericum pimeleoides Planch. & Linden ex Triana & Planch.
Hypericum piriai Arechav.
Hypericum platyphyllum Gleason
Hypericum polyanthemum Klotzsch ex Reichardt
Hypericum polygonifolium Rupr.
Hypericum pratense Ham. & Schltdl.
Hypericum prattii Hemsl.
Hypericum prietoi N. Robson
Hypericum pringlei S. Watson
Hypericum pruinatum Boiss. & Balansa
Hypericum przewalskii Maxim.
Hypericum pseudobrathys Turcz.
Hypericum pseudohenryi N. Robson
Hypericum pseudomaculatum Bush
Hypericum pubescens Boiss.
Pulchrum Hypericum L. - elegant wort
Hypericum pumilum Sessé & Moc.
Punctatum hypericum Lam.
Hypericum quitense R. Keller
Hypericum racemosum (Kuntze) Sennikov
Hypericum recurvum N. Robson
Hypericum reptans Hook. f. & Thomson ex Dyer
Hypericum revolutum Vahl
Hypericum rigidum A. St.-Hil.
Hypericum roeperianum Schimp. ex A.Rich.
Hypericum roraimense Gleason
Hypericum rubritinctum N. Robson
Hypericum ruscoides Cuatrec.
Hypericum salvadorense N. Robson
Hypericum sampsonii Hance
Hypericum scabrum L.
Hypericum scioanum Chiov.
Hypericum scouleri Hook.
Hypericum seleri Keller
Hypericum seniawinii Maxim.
Setosum Hypericum L.
Hypericum silenoides Juss.
Hypericum songaricum Ledeb. ex Rchb.
Hypericum spathulatum (Spach) Steud.
Hypericum sprucei N. Robson
Hypericum stans (Michx. ex Willd.) WP Adams & N. Robson
Hypericum stellatum N. Robson
Hypericum stenopetalum Turcz.
Hypericum strictum Kunth
Hypericum struthiolifolium Juss.
Hypericum stuebelii Hieron.
Hypericum styphelioides A. Rich.
Hypericum subalatum Hayata
Hypericum subcordatum (R. Keller) N. Robson
Hypericum subsessile N. Robson
Hypericum taihezanense ex Sasaki S. Suzuki
Hypericum tamamum Cuatrec.
Hypericum teretiusculum A. St.-Hil.
Hypericum ternum A. St.-Hil.
Hypericum tetrapterum Eng
Hypericum thesiifolium Kunth
Hypericum thuyoides Kunth
Hypericum tomentosum L.
Hypericum tosaense Makino
Hypericum Trigonum Hand.-Mazz.
Hypericum triquetrifolium Turra
Hypericum undulatum Schousb. ex Willd.
Hypericum uralum Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don
Hypericum wardianum N. Robson
Hypericum wightianum Wall. ex Wight & Arn.
Hypericum wilsonii N. Robson
Hypericum wurdackii N. Robson
Hypericum xylosteifolium N. Robson
Hypericum yezoense Maxim.

Other species:

Hypericum elodes - hypericum Marsh
Hypericum lanceolatum - yellow flower
Hypericum montanum - Mountain wort
Hypericum nummularium - hypericum slot - vulnerary Carthusian
Hypericum olympicum - Millepertuis Mount Olympus
Richeri Hypericum - St. John's wort Richer

Effects - millepertuis Properties :
For internal use (tablets, capsules, teas) :

Antidepressant (stadium light to moderate depression), anxiolytic. External use (ointments, oil ....) : > Disinfectant, antiviral, antibacterial and healing .

Indications - Uses
internal use (tablet, ...) :

When depression mild to moderate . Anxiety .

Note : in general, the duration of treatment is 4 to 6 weeks at least, the effect occurs mostly only 10 days after the first dose .
careful but at the risk of interaction s with this plant: >> see below beneath
External use :

When wound , small burns

Side effects : allergy, gastro-intestinal disorders.
Contraindications : pregnancy, allergy (especially for external use, avoid sun exposure after application), please read the package insert and ask your pharmacist.

Read also: maceration Millepertuis against external indications
Interaction with St. John's Wort (for internal use) : the e wort (an enzyme inducer) may interact with many drugs and reduce their effectiveness, specifically lower drug concentration in the blood. The drugs affected by interactions usually are: oral anticoagulants, contraceptives oral ( pill ), theophylline, cyclosporine, immunosuppressive derivatives, digitalis, antivirals such as indinavir and other drugs against HIV, the selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) with a potential risk of suffering fatal serotonin syndrome, etc.
See also: A study remembered the high risk of interactions with St. John's wort (2014) Talk to your pharmacist or doctor for Further information about these interactions. Please read the package insert for the purchase of medicine St. John's wort.

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