Cat's Claw: Benefits, Uses, Effects?


Cat's Claw: Benefits, Uses, Effects?
Cat's Claw ** virgin forest **
The forests are still pristine places on the planet where nature reigns supreme. MA in Amazonian forest and the plants that are still Virgins

Women and Men in the virgin forests to heal YOU turn to Nature, Why It remained intact Awareness What the Human Being And one with IT.

The use of these plants has now crossed the boundaries of indigenous peoples and should be expanding in The World. The Benefit That may ensue And great for us What WE BOTH Such an arrangement, Precious gifts of healing, SIA for Local Communities Having the ability to have a source of income, SIA for the forest, as it is favored Conservation. It 'been Siano Important But be sure That Plants Collections and grown in environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

One of the plants "Virgin" And The Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), a climbing plant USED for millennia from indigenous peoples of the Amazon. His name is derived from the similarity of the sue of the spine with the nails of the cat. The Ashaninka Tribe of central Peru has the longest tradition in the use of this plant Important: your brew and a medicine dalle healing properties almost unlimited Treats That first APPARATUS digestive inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism EI; also supports In-AFTER birth, the kidneys purification, cleaning and care Deep wounds.

This Plant And Also of great interest to researchers Western Part of What They're studying the immune-boosting properties and anti-cancer properties (antimutagenic). The Cat's Claw also has a remarkable anti-inflammatory properties and THAT explains the story Extensive use of the plant in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and rheumatism.

The use of this plant in medicine today mirrors the Traditional phytotherapy, now validated by thousands of years of use. The sue Multiple Applications include: immunodeficiency, statically inflammatory digestive system of muscles and joints, Viral and bacterial infections, colitis, uro-genital infections. It also proved to be effective in the reduction and the Side Effects of Chemotherapy. The Party That IS the uses and pulverized bark. The Cat's Claw and now available in UN NUMBER Growing herbalists.

Description ** **

"The Coral Cat's Claw" - A New Product of the company Coral Club, strengthens the immune system and general body tone SUPPORTä And Essential in the State of Weakness, decreased immunoattività (Peruvian Liana, Green Tea, Root .. burdock), have effect regenerating the UN Increases Resistance immunity of unfavorable factors of the Environment, reduces allergic and inflammatory reactions.

Peruvian Liana - for His Useful Properties of rare plant soloist Found In Highlands and the Amazon jungles of Latin America. Local residents of Peru called the "Cat's Claw" Lian, because your stem Whole And littered with small spines that resemble claws, Che Skillfully she clings to the trunks and branches of trees. Founded in 1974 by Dr. Keplingerom, the plant rápidamente From the Amazon jungle migrated On the shelves of pharmacies in The World.

The entire family spends Voice of America south west and the UN Peruvian Liana What pronounced immunomodulatory effect. This is an incredible plant, excellent Remedy That restores the immune system, increasing efficiency, and Thanks All AI Active Ingredients alkaloids, glycosides, and OTHERS. Working Together, these substances enhance phagocytosis by activating the function of T-killer lymphocytes What you absorb the harmful foreign particles, bacteria, dead cells, and blocking the reproduction of the virus in the cells.

Nia normalizes serum levels of immunoglobulins in charge of humoral immunity, Improve Phase Flow Properties of Blood, so preventing the formation aggregation and platelet thrombus. The cat's claw also helps to increase the strength of capillaries and improve vascular tone.

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