Graviola - Soursop: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?


Graviola - Soursop: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?
A large pharmaceutical company had almost managed to pass over in silence a mind-boggling research on a natural anti-cancer
Some types of cancer (colon, breast, prostate, etc.) defeated by a miraculous plant of the 'Amazon of which was found to be 10,000 times more powerful than some chemotherapy drugs

From today, the future of cancer treatment and chances of survival seem much more promising than ever. The credit goes to a plant that grows in the Amazon, in the rainforests of South America: Graviola (Annona muricata). Most likely not in a long time we change our minds about the possibilities of defeat cancer. With extracts from this powerful tree, you'll be able to:

Defeating cancer safely with all-natural therapy that does not cause nausea, weight loss and hair.
Protect your immune system and prevent fatal infections.
Feel more strong and healthy throughout the course of treatment.
Increase your energy and improve life expectancy.

A large and well-known U.S. pharmaceutical industry for more than seven years he has studied and tested in the laboratory the properties of graviola. Not being able to isolate and duplicate in a chemical formula patentable the two most powerful components of the plant and then not being able to reap big profits from the sale of a drug, the company has abandoned plans to avoid making public the results of research. Because by law you can not patent natural substances (rightly, nature belongs to everyone, not if they can patent the wonders), a clinical trial involving investment of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars then must have a return statement from the sale of products; no pharmaceutical company ever lead studies on substances that then anyone could cultivate or gather to prepare your own personal remedy.

Fortunately, one of the researchers of the company, while supporting the objectives of profit, could not accept the decision to hide this unique cancer killer worldwide. So it was that by listening to his conscience and risking his career he decided to contact and inform the Raintree Nutrition, a U.S. company that is dedicated to finding, harvesting and reforestation of plants and herbs in the Amazon. Its president has failed to recover from a rare form of leukemia thanks to the plants of the rainforest.

During his research he discovered that the Raintree Nutrution also the NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE (NCI) in 1976 had already verified that extracts of this plant were capable of attacking and destroying malignant cells of cancer. This study was however filed an internal report and never made public.

Despite these properties have been discovered already in 1976, has never been a study on humans, so no double-blind testing and other tests to verify the value of such treatment to be published in medical journals and so universally accepted as therapy. In any case, graviola has been shown to destroy cancer cells in 20 other laboratory studies. The most recent, conducted by the Catholic University of South Korea in early 2001, revealed that two compounds extracted from the seeds of Graviola showed "selective cytotoxicity comparable all'Adramycin" (a drug commonly used in chemotherapy) for cancer cells colon and breast, simultaneously leaving healthy cells intact, in contrast to what occurs with chemotherapy.

In another study, published in the Journal of Natural Products, showed that Graviola is not only comparable to Adriamycin, but surpasses it blatantly in laboratory studies. A compound of the plant has destroyed selectively the cancerous cells of the colon with a power 10,000 (diecimila!) times higher than that dell'Adriamicina.

Even researchers at Purdue University have found that extracts of the leaves of graviola have eliminated the cancer cells in at least six types of cancer and were especially effective against prostate cancer cells and pancreas (*). According to another study, also from Purdue University, extracts of this plant have isolated and destroyed cancer cells to the lung.

So, the most obvious questions are: why were only conducted laboratory studies and were not so encouraging news spread? For the reason mentioned at the beginning: as there is the possibility of profits from the sale of a patent for a medicinal chemist, no pharmaceutical company will invest huge financial resources for a proper study. Unfortunately this is a reality common to most of the natural therapies.

Encouraged by these laboratory tests, the Rain Tree Nutrition has conducted further research, also with the help of the tribes of the Amazon, to collect and reproduce this plant. In addition to making available a preparation containing only graviola, this company has developed a product called N-TENSE which contains 50% graviola and the remaining 50% a mixture of six herbs with known anti-cancer properties: Bitter melon (Mormodica charantia) , Esphinheira Santa (Maytenus illicifolia), Mullaca (Physalis angulata), Vassourinha (Scoparia dulcis), Mutamba (Guazuma ulmifolia), cat's Claw - cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa).

Unfortunately so far have been very few doctors and patients in the U.S. (very few in Europe) who have used graviola or compound developed by Rain Tree Nutrition to fight cancer. In any case, according to testimony received at the Rain Tree Nutrition and the Italian distributor, the first results seem particularly encouraging.

While most research on graviola are focalizate on its anticancer activity, the plant has been used for centuries in folk medicine in South America to treat an astonishing number of ailments including:
anxiety, hypertension, influenza, ringworm, scurvy, malaria, rashes, neuralgia, dysentery, arthritis and rheumatism, heart palpitations, nervousness, insomnia, diarrhea, fever, nausea, boils, dyspepsia, muscle spasms, ulcers.

There is no doubt that a cancer patient should be able to know all the treatment options available. Graviola could provide the necessary help and decisive defeat for the disease, moreover, being been reported the complete absence of toxicity, without incurring the heavy side effects caused by the various drug treatments.

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