Tribulus Terrestris: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

To my shame I must admit that the result of this test lies long in coming and sometimes my hand fell into oblivion. Nevertheless, I keep my promises and present to you here the results, opinions and experiences of my Tribulus Terrestris tests.

The bare result is more than astound you with certainty, probably like me personally. I want to in the introduction but not reveal too much and now guide you step by step through the test results.

This article can be seen as a whole. Bruchtsücke could distort your opinion on this Tribulus Teresstris review. Therefore I ask you ALL to read carefully.

The background

In September 2010, I have the Tribulus terrestris intake test (link to article) started to find out for me personally, if this supplement really a significant and measurable effect has.

According to the statements in the above article, actually no effect should be recorded. Human studies have failed to demonstrate any influence of Tribulus Terrestris on the body's own testosterone. In rats, however, showed efficacy.

Why Tribulus Terrestris?

Well, it aims to boost the body's production of testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone.

Briefly we can say that the more of it, the more muscles.

Testosterone has many properties. Since it comes to bodybuilding muscle building goes, a high testosterone level is equivalent to many muscles. Anabolic steroids are usually mainly synthetic testosterone supplements that can increase by many times the body's hormone levels and thus provide faster, greater muscle growth.

Under this link you can learn more about the mode of action of testosterone .

The idea behind tribulus is therefore of raising the body's own testosterone levels naturally.

Since I am responsible for 2.0 Blogs athletes outside of bodybuilding, I became aware of the possibly testosterone-enhancing effect of Tribulus Terrestris.

The best age (over 30 years) began a supervised by me athlete to train. Through various medical check investigations it was found that its normal testosterone level is below average and may even require the Substution (künstigem administration of testosterone).

He took a Tribulus Terrestris, trained hard and fed correctly. The result: His testosterone game rose to almost normal level.

At this point, one might conclude that Tribulus has raised its already low testosterone production. But wait, not so fast!

But the change of diet on high protein and hard training can cause the body to produce more testosterone to distribute. There are therefore two possible causes for the increase of his testosterone levels to FAST normal level in the room.

At first the effect of Tribulus and secondly the effect of training alone. But the combination of both causes is possible.

I was amazed and pleased with the performance, showing that bodybuilding but may not be so bad for the body ;-)

Back to the topic. Spurred by the question whether Tribulus Terrestris can increase testosterone levels, I took this self-experiment.

It was the free testosterone during the Tribulus Terrestris taking measured and compared to a few months later without an income.

On the other hand, it is interesting to know what physical changes can occur through Tribulus or more testosterone.

Therefore, I continued my untern force power of the 3 king exercises bench press, squats and deadlifts compared and documented its values ​​both with and without taking Tribulus. In addition, the comparison of body weight and body fat.

Front away! This test is not a scientific study. He is my subjective opinion. My statements may be false or lead you to a wrong conclusion.

The test conditions

Start taking: 27/09/2010

End of the intake: 10/12/2010

Duration of treatment: 11 weeks

other sports nutrition :

2 capsules Kre-Alkalyn EFX per day (from day of administration of Tribulus terrestris)
Body Attack Power Protein 90
Multivitamin-mineral preparation
Magnesium and calcium supplement
Training Plan:

5 Series Split with 3 sets and 6-12 repetitions (classic volume training), a training day was only the belly with additional cardio (45 minutes).

Diet plan:

Starting day of the week was in my 18 to this date manually performing anabolic diet with 2200Kcal and nutrient distribution following:

Protein at 62%> 330g
Fat at 34% => 80g
Carbohydrates at 4% => 30g
The dosage:

I have taken a German Tribulus Terrestris product. I want the name deliberately not name, because I had a good working relationship with this company and want to make anyone ill. This test should be universal and I will perform more personal tests with other German and international manufacturers of Tribulus Terrestris and face.

Einnahemform: capsules containing 1200mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract with a saponin content of approximately 80%

Income amount: 2400mg per day (recommended 1200mg)

I have deliberately taken the double dose than recommended, in order to make the test result may be even more pronounced. The idea was that maybe a higher dose is more effective.

The results

Off we nitty-gritty. How Tribulus has worked? Could I record an increase my testosterone levels and thus strength and muscle build?

In this test, I approached without any expectation. Thought or hoped for better but I have a measurable Anstiegt. Even though this would be only minimal, I would have been satisfied and Tribulus Terrestris would be worth taking a life.

But as it is just the way he comes first, and different as you think :-)

The blood test

On the picture below you see in the right column at the bottom marked on 15/11/2010 my testosterone levels, which is 5.86.

Based on the date you can see that between the start of taking on 27.9. and the test of the blood value at 15:11. more than 45 days or six weeks lie. Theoretically seen sufficient time to detect an effect of Tribulus. If Tribulus require a lead time for the development of his action, I could almost guarantee by the late test after 6 weeks of taking an action.

The same is true for the test without Tribulus, which was conducted on 23.3.2011, more than 3 months after stopping at 10:12 .. Even if Tribulus should have a long half-life, the effect would still after 3 months virtually no longer available to be. So I take it from a subsequent action or test error.

As you can see from the picture, Tribulus terrestris had no effect on my testosterone levels.

With 6.12 the testosterone level was 0.26 units above the value WHILE taking Tribulus Terrestris.

Well, if you look at it very carefully, then you can conclude from this that taking tribulus even lowers testosterone levels. However, since the difference is so small, I want this acceptance has CLEARLY BE EXCLUDED, because measurement error or fluctuations in testosterone levels throughout the day may be the cause for this difference.

Both blood pictures were taken in the morning at 9.00am. The time in which the testosterone levels in men is highest. Deviations by possible variations in the course of the day can be excluded.

An irrefutable fact is, however, that Tribulus Terrestris at ME no effect on testosterone levels had shown.

Tribulus Test Results
Tribulus Test Results
Feats of strength

Through the blood test, the result is actually already almost certain: No effect

But perhaps at the feats of strength?

Below you'll find an overview of three exercises that are performed in powerlifting. I have documented my strength values ​​both before taking, while taking and after the taking.

Bench Press

100kg / 6Wh - without Tribulus (22.9.2010)
115kg / 5WH - with Tribulus (12/06/2010)
140kg / 4WH - without Tribulus (14.2.2011)

120kg / 6Wh - without Tribulus (2.9.2010)
130kg / 6Wh - with Tribulus (15.10.2010)
150kg / 6Wh - without Tribulus (1.4.2011)
Deadlift in Multi Press

160kg / 3WH - without Tribulus (31.8.2010)
170kg / 3WH - with Tribulus (12/07/2010)
165kg / 5WH - without Tribulus (22.3.2011)
As you can see, I have become stronger while the revenue. This result is put into perspective, because an increase in strength is at leistungsfokussiertem training, as I have completed it, the rule rather than an exception sonderliche by a sports nutrition.

You can also see that even after taking a complete power increase was recorded without Tribulus Terrestris very nice.

On the other hand, I've also consumed Kre-Alkalyn, which also causes an increase in the force, so that the result of Tribulus blurred and hardly/ Not being seen / felt.

Result: No clearly discernible increase in strength Tribulus Terrestris.

Body data

As with the power services, interested in the body data, which I follow with body weight and body fat (measured with calipers after 3-folds method) both before taking Tribulus, have performed during and after.

Body weight / body fat

95kg / 12.9% - without Tribulus (18.9.2010)

96kg / 12.6% - with Tribulus (26.10.2010)

95kg / 12% - without Tribulus (5.1.2010)

Note 1

from 1.11.2011 - new training -and- diet plan

Training Plan

4p split - only change to the starting training plan from 27.9.2010: no more cardio on Wednesday. Abdomen was integrated into the leg day. Training on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Diet plan

maximum 2500Kcal and about 300g protein, 60g fat circa, circa 180g Kh

Diet was not taken as accurate. This explains, among other things, the increase in body weight.

Note 2

from 1.11.2011 beginning of my strength training plan tests

You realize a truly minimal increase in body weight while taking Tribulus. This value MUST be qualified, because as the 1.11.2010 I have my calorie intake increased (+ 300kcal) and less overall attention to nutrition.

Also, I had from that date completed my summer diet in 2010 and the weiterenKre-Alkalyn consumed, which provides through a water retention for weight gain.

Result: No clearly discernible weight gain by Tribulus Terrestris.

Subjective impression with Tribulus Terrestris

Well, a purely objective judgment after such a long time hardly possible, but I can still make good statements about because my workout comments give me information about my mental and subjective physical condition both with and without Tribulus.

According to the records of the last months, there were no dramatic differences in my physical feeling. There was no noticeable power boost, where I can say: "This is the Tribulus!" Nor was there felt subjectively more power or a faster regeneration.

Just as I felt while taking it, I felt also before and afterwards.

A slightly noticeable change I perceive by the Kre-Alkalyn, which are in terms of performance during long training sessions noticeably more power.

I would even argue that purely through mental stimulation and / or eating right before a workout more power and power can be perceived as my feeling alone Triubulus Terrestris.

Final words about my Tribulus Terrestris test

To be honest I was very surprised by the results. I'm actually assumed that a slight, perhaps noticeable effect from Tribulus occurs, but neither the numbers nor the subjective impression has ensured a recommendable result.

Now this test is guaranteed to be very much a stir and upset some people in the sports nutrition industry, but this test confirms me in my thinking.

Naturally helps sports nutrition , but it is and remains supplements. My philosophy is that with minimal use to get the maximum. It is not necessary to buy the latest supplements with great sounding names. One can achieve without great results.

I would like to state once again that sports nutrition in general ONLY may be seen as a supplement and NOT as a substitute for natural foods.

Back to my test. At this point I would like to avoid responsibility by myself, because my results and tests could be faulty. They were not performed under clinical conditions and subject to many influences that could have distorted the results.
This test was subject to my personal circumstances and the result may not be transferred to other athletes.

The variety of influences, such as training and nutrition, but also stress, sleep and much more, my result could have been falsified.

I'll keep at it and continue to do blood tests with and without sports nutrition.

In an interview with Sports nutrition experts and other athletes, I could get the same information on Tribulus Terrestris in experience, in which a question is asked, with my supervising athletes (see above) is connected.

Can Tribulus Terrestris may in athletes with testosterone levels below the normal level to increase its cause?

Now I'm training for a long time and continuously,'m young, and to keep me correctly. Can it be that an effect on my people group may not be recorded, but for athletes with low testosterone levels? Maybe! It would be interesting to find out to make look as Tribulus Testosterone Booster not quite as old as in my test:-)

If you are willing to perform similar tests like these, so please let me know. I look forward to any further opinion and every review.

I am aware with this article that I pretend an opinion. , But I want you to make yourself a picture, because this test could be flawed as I said!

Tribosteron obtained from the thorn plant Tribulus terrestris, already in ancient Chinese medicine was known. The plants contain steroid-like compounds called saponins. These are held in legumes and in basil and are there for normal food intake. Saponins are phytosterols that are used to treat prostate disease and for influencing the estrogen synthesis.

In the fitness and bodybuilder scene Tribosteron is presented as a natural anabolic. Promised an increased testosterone levels, which lead to faster muscle growth and strength gains. Also, less water will be stored in the tissues and endurance will increase. Scientific studies have not yet shown that results on the purely medical effects also could be found. In long-term animal studies paralysis and jaundice were observed, a toxic effect on humans has not been observed, possibly occasional gastrointestinal symptoms after ingestion.

However, caution is necessary for performance athletes. Several participants reported positive doping samples. Although there is scientific evidence that Tribulus Terrestris is not biological preform of testosterone, but only activates hormones, which then stimulating effect on the body's production of testosterone, the athlete comes under suspicion of doping. This then is not a matter where the increased testosterone levels is due, but only that it is increased.

Who moves in the fitness and bodybuilding scene, will certainly come with this substance as a dietary supplement in touch. In addition to antihypertensive effects, the material is attributed to stimulate sperm production. An elevated level of testosterone increases the sex drive of the man. Doctors advise diabetics, only very cautiously or not to take the substance. Who on the main and side effects of the substance and knows his body observed, must make their own decisions about the use of the substance. Athletes should avoid the substance, as far as competitions and checks are pending. A confidential conversation with the doctor and the coach ensures that limits are not exceeded. On the market there are preparations that contain other substances. It is to be sure to acquire the purest possible supplements in order to know exactly what is put into the body.

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