Shea Butter: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

What is Shea Butter?
Sheabtter or Shea Butter is a natural plant extract fat from the fruit of Sheanussbaumes (shea tree) is obtained. The nuclei of these tasty fruits contain this fat that is rich in valuable ingredients, unsaturated fatty acids and unsaponifiables. For more information about the application and effect of shea butter, see " skin care "and" Hair Care ".

Shea tree
Shea tree
The shea tree grows in the sub-Sahelian zone in tropical Africa. In this zone it belongs to the naturally occurring vegetation. To date, no one has succeeded to cultivate the shea tree in plantations. The tree is about 15 meters high and contains only from the age of 20 years fruit. The green fruits gain in out-ripened state a diameter of 4 to 5cm.

In Africa the tree is considered sacred. For centuries, will find the natural products of the shea as a source of food, personal care and natural medicine use.

After harvest the fruits in June, the shea nuts obtained are dried. In a complex process, the nuts are cleaned several times and crushed or ground. By gentle heating may eventually be skimmed off the shea butter. The shea butter produced in this way is unrefined. If the shea butter then refined, it loses in beta-carotene and loses the yellow color and the nutty-earthy odor. For all of Shealogic eU sold shea butter unrefined shea butter products exclusively in organic quality is (with ECO certificate) used.

Africa's secret to a soft and geschmeigen skin
Healthy, beautiful skin
Shea butter is a highly nutritious and skin rain barrier Direction moisturizer. Your specific combination of fatty acids, sterols and vitamins A, D and E, plays a crucial role in the health of skin cells. Therefore, shea butter is the product of choice for protection, maintenance and regeneration of the skin.
Shea butter is also the oil with the highest content of unsaponifiable components, consisting of nutritious and regenerating organic elements that keeps the skin beautiful and healthy.
Sustainable hydration
Shea butter keeps the skin not only on the surface, but also in deep layers of the skin moist by keeping them supplied with vitamin A and fatty acids needed by the skin for a long lasting moisturizer attitude. Shea butter leads to good results for the driest parts of the body (elbows, knees, hands, heels), the need intense moisture.
Silky smooth skin with increased gloss
Rapidly absorbed by all skin types, helps shea butter to healthy radiance with firmer, silkier texture with.
Skin with a younger appearance
Shea butter is an excellent anti-aging ingredient that promotes skin regeneration, reduces the depth of wrinkles and at the same time prevents the formation of new wrinkles. Vitamins A and E contained retain moisture and protect the skin from oxidation, while so-called "Karitene" (latex component of shea butter) offer sun protection.
Calming irritated skin
Shea butter supports the skin-healing in the event of minor burns, eczema, psoriasis, superficial irritation and itching. This effect is due to Zimtester (a Fettsäurenart) that promote inflammation and healing.
Protection against corrosive agents: wind - sun - cold
Shea butter leaves your skin with a protective film that shields aggressive influences permanently throughout the day. During extreme cold or windy days, the shea butter protects constantly exposed body parts such as the face or hands. Shea butter provides UVA protection: it provides an excellent treatment before and after sun represents, prevents peeling skin, and promotes a nice tan.
Skin resistance
Shea butter helps the skin regain its strength to fight against stretch marks and prevent the formation of further stretch marks. It can be used to strengthen the skin on the breast, legs and abdomen and is therefore ideal for pregnant women or persons who reduce their weight.

What is shea butter apply?
Shea butter melts at body contact relatively rapidly by the body heat. In applying smaller amounts they massage the shea butter with just light pressure and circular movements into the skin (possibly previously between the two palms grind). In the case of a large-scale application, you can melt the shea butter before in a pot or bowl and if necessary a few drops of essential oils to add. For more information, see Application Tips .

Shea butter and skin care

Botanical name
Butyrospermum parkii family Sapotaceae - Sapotengewächse

Of the plant

In the West African countries of Sheabutterbaum is native. The tree grows up to 15 m high and only reaches an age of 20 years and his first 30 years from its full fruit production. The Sheabutterbaum can be over 100 years old and at that age its fruits can be harvested. The 4 cm large nuts contain about 50% fat. For this reason, although there are many cooperatives that collect the nuts and export or establish themselves in the country, the shea butter, but very few bio-farming projects.

Not only for beauty, but also in the food industry it is needed and used in their home country as a cooking fat, natural skin care and a candle.


Saturated fatty acids, oleic acid, impurities, triterpene alcohols, vitamin E, provitamin A, allantoin.

It contains a particularly high proportion of unsaponifiable matter, depending on the charge between 5-11% lies.

Market situation of shea butter

Mainly export Burkina Faso and Mali shea butter. But also in Ghana, Togo and Benin export plays a major role. Here these countries are among the poorest of the poor.

So writes Tiego Tiemtore in his report (01.04.2005) that, according to the National Bureau of Statistics and Demography of the export of shea nuts earned about $ 12 million in 2003. An estimated 80,000 tons of fat are extracted according to the Ministry of Agriculture annually from the fruit of the tree. But the women's groups in selling large quantities of at least 20 tons per month, the shea butter and other nut products from the resulting about washing soap, toilet soap and ointment. The women now have more efficient and less strenuous processing methods, how many pictures suggest. However, the women per kilo only get between 4-6 cents of the dealers who in turn sell it for about 1.4 dollars on the international market.

And from the newsletter in October 2005 of Lisbeth Ulrich , for the NGO Coordination Post Beijing, Switzerland under newsletters is clear: "The fact that the quality of shea butter produced in West African countries is often poor. For some time, projects are underway in several West African countries with the aim of the women to inform you how to produce high quality shea butter. For that, a broad knowledge is required. For the marketing difficulties of shea butter, along with the high Qualitätsanstandard the exporters who mangendeln market knowledge of women and a poorly organized sales network. For this reason there since the beginning of this year, a UN project. "

So desirable are sources that promote the fair trade, including the shea butter from biozertifiziertem cultivation (organic) and products of different companies, accompany the cultivation, harvesting and processing the spot. Because only with secured supply contracts and especially paid a fair wage for women in poverty can be counteracted site. An inexpensive shea butter comes from the world market and promotes only the trading range of dealers and brokers, but not the women from the West African countries.

Cosmetic products and food industry

It is indeed always advertised with the same words for the skin care properties of shea butter in a cosmetic product. For this, the shea butter provides excellent marketing Tags. However, the percentage of shea butter is still low in these products eventually. As often be the Sheabutteranteile in conventional cosmetics industry in body lotions and creams usually only 15% and in soaps only 10% among the most synthetic and petrochemical ingredients. Similarly, the shea butter is refined in such products and originates from the world market already to minimize the production costs alone.

In the food industry can be incorporated to 5% in chocolate shea butter after the European cocoa regulation in order to reduce the very expensive cocoa butter content.


Shea butter is offered only very rarely unrefined. Because natural shea butter has a very intense fat smell that most Europeans do not like us. Shea butter from organic farming may be unrefined, but deodorized. This shea butter the odorous ingredients and dyes are removed. By nature she has, depending on the origin, a yellowish or greenish color. The deodorized shea butter is white and odorless, such as refined. In the refined shea butter, however, is - despite marketing - nothing more nourishing and contain valuable active ingredients are usually added after synthetically again.

The physical effects

Shea butter is an all-round care for the skin. However, it is very firm and crumbly and just beginning at hand heat to melt. The easiest rubs you a little shea butter in your hands and bring them only on the face or on the body.

The dry and sensitive skin, it releases moisture, protects against skin aging and wrinkling. You can compensate and bolster what the age is younger-looking skin fine lines. They also refines the skin, but not only in the dry, but also in the impure skin.

Right here it is especially helpful because the bad skin is usually inflamed and at the pubescent skin is often the face affected. By the ingredient allantoin she is very anti-inflammatory and helps the skin to a more rapid healing and normalizes inflammatory processes.

This shea butter is the choice for the conversion of industrially produced cosmetics on natural cosmetics. Because, as described in the article "allergies and skin problems", it comes after years of application of mineral oil cosmetics to major problems in the transition to natural cosmetic products. Since the petrochemical ingredients of industrially manufactured products are deposited in the subcutaneous layer. And if in the conversion process then "goes up skin" which is the shea butter a non-irritating, gentle, anti-inflammatory and very effective care.

But also in the treatment of existing scars old and they can be used. So writes Eliane Zimmermann in her book "Aromatherapy for Health care workers" on page 191: "... that could be observed in the treatment of scars, an increase of Elasitzität of the fabric."

Rough skin that usually are found on the knees, elbows and feet, making it soft and supple and normalizes keratinization. A daily massage with shea butter gives very beautiful and well-groomed feet and our feet have been neglected in our beauty care the most.

In itself herstellter cosmetics shea butter is a good Stabilisatur, of a cream to soften or fixed, depending on the entered amount. But also from a mixture of shea butter and another untreated vegetable oil, such as jojoba or almond oil, in equal parts, a simple balm can be produced already in the water bath at 30 ° C. So you can already maintain very gentle and natural face and body.

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