Shea Butter: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Originally Shea butter is a natural product from Africa, specifically from the Sudan zone between the two countries, Uganda and Senegal. In the prevailing tree savannas known as the shea tree, which is also called shea nut tree or African butter tree grows. From the fruits of this tree, the Kariténüssen, the shea butter is extracted. When the nuts are in the botanical sense, however, to berries . From the 1-2 cm large brown fruit core covers about 50 percent from fat, shea butter is extracted. After all, in the shea butter ultimately nothing more than fat.

To get the precious fat, the nuclei are first washed, roasted and then crushed in part. Then the porridge comes in boiling water, in which the shea oil from the seeds dissolves and can be skimmed off. The oil has a pale yellow color and strong smell earthy and chocolaty for nuts. This property shea butter is often used in place of cocoa butter as a substitute fat in the production of chocolate. Shea Butter: A small Gesundheitselexier are essential for the beneficial effects of shea butter called unsaponifiable constituents such as triterpenoids, oleic acids, vitamin E or beta-carotene. These have a soothing, moisturizing, moisture control and smoothing effect on the skin. thus Shea butter is ideal for you if you have an rough, chapped and irritated skin. Also, the signs of skin aging, skin flakes and grated sore points counteracts shea butter. stretchmarks can be reduced by the fatty cream as well as burns and sunburns by the soothing effect can heal well. Thanks to the sun protection factor 4 You can shea butter at low solar radiation even use as a sunscreen.

Shea butter is extracted from nutsShea butter nourishes your skin and your hair
Popular is shea butter in older women, the cream but is considered as an anti-aging miracle, as it promotes the production of collagen and reduces wrinkles and prevents wrinkle formation. Besides the skin as an application area can you shea butter used in the hair. Due to the application gets your hair noticeably more shine and bounce. But not only in the beauty industry shea butter plays a crucial role. So nobody in Africa for a long time by the medical action of the nut fat. People who suffer from rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, there use the fat to get rid of annoying pain. In addition, the fat of the Karitébaums can promote wound healing and reduce inflammation. Eczema, psoriasis , skin allergies and hives are also typical applications of shea butter. Shea Butter: Then you need to look for when buying! for export shea butter is refined in the rule, that is, the shea butter is purified and concentrated by an industrial process. The fat will melt odorless and tough and loses its white color. The reason for this is that the beta-carotene is lost through the refining. The shea butter treated in this manner can be found in most cosmetic products that you can buy in the drugstore. Nevertheless, you should make sure that unrefined shea butter contained in the product, because it has now been scientifically proven, the purchase that only the unrefined fat all caring and healing properties. Look So getting the list of ingredients on if you buy a product with shea butter. A clear indication of unrefined shea butter is the price, as this is usually much higher than in the refined version. Shea Butter: So you treat your skin properly you can apply directly on your skin unrefined shea butter The. However, the untreated fat is very tough and hard. Before you can apply butter, You ought to therefore several minutes of hand kneading or put the heating in a warm place such as to enable the fat is liquid. then you can massage into your skin shea butter easily. often used the cosmetics industry Shea butter also therefore in pure form, but they mixed with other vegetable oils to make them more user friendly. This mixture, however, you can also make yourself. In this way, you can also be sure of what all is included in your cosmetic product. Shea Butter: Natural cosmetics homemade To produce a rich body butter, you need besides pure shea butter is also a good vegetable oil. This mainly coconut, almond, avocado and jojoba oil are suitable. The shea butter you get at any pharmacy, in many herbal shops or in online stores. While you can certainly get a good quality at the pharmacy, you should the Internet be a bit more careful and first order a small quantity to test the quality. Besides oil and shea butter you still need a vessel for melting and a potty in the you finally filling the finished butter can. With regard to the mixing ratio of oil and shea butter, there is no accurate directive. Lesser amounts of oil to a 50-50 mixture ratio, anything is possible here. Depending on the decision mainly on the chosen vegetable oil and your personal taste in the consistency of body butter. TrauDich easy to experiment a bit!

Start first with a small amount of oil and mix more and more is added until you like the consistency of the shea butter. Besides, you should mix both products in a warm water bath so that the shea butter are liquid and can combine with the oil. It is helpful also if you umrührst the mixture from time to time. Do you like this mixing ratio, you can fill in a little jar and put in the fridge to cool the cream. The shea butter is then so long preserved, as well as the oil is preserved - usually about a year. Pure shea butter you can use over four years, without being rancid it. Do you support the healing effect of shea butter, you can enter into the mix also tea tree, lavender oil and nigella.

The essential oils are also effective against eczema and skin inflammations. Do you want to create a contrast butter that smells good especially, you can also take advantage of rose, ylang ylang or geranium. For a smooth and healthy skin Shea butter is the perfect remedy from nature. They not only prevents wrinkles and moisturizes, but is also a small medical miracle cure for many different ailments. Although Shea butter is not cheap, but worth it in any case, to invest in this product. You can even so you can easily make yourself an effective body butter. Give it a try!

If you're wondering how to get are beautiful and flawless skin shea butter is the answer for you. Shea Butter for the skin works wonders if you use it regularly. It has wonderful effects on the skin and blemish free and radiant.

Shea butter is basically a native of West Africa and is to be extracted from the Karite tree of the mother. It is known for its moisturizing and restoring properties. It is to be in effect when cooking as well as in soaps and various other cosmetic products.Shea Butter for the skin

Shea butter benefits for the skin

There are in fact countless benefits of Shea Butter for the skin and is said to be in use since ages.
It is said to be extremely useful in the treatment of various skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacia.
It is known that the elasticity of provide skin
It is an excellent moisturizer.
For pregnant women, it actually works because it helps remove the stretch marks.
It protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun also.
It is effective for those who help with the aging of the skin and to tone down the skin.
Shea butter is used to strengthen the skin.
It is anti-inflammatory
, it makes it more supple and younger.

How to use Shea Butter on your face

You can apply daily Shea Butter on your face in order to achieve the best results. Just take a little shea butter and apply to the face and massage gently. Shea butter is known that dark spots, facial lines, small scars, cuts, wounds, chapped lips to reduce.

Shea butter applies to your entire body massage as well. Apply quickly absorbed easily to your body and it is. You can even use it after shaving or waxing to prevent skin irritation.

How effective is the Shea Butter

Shea butter is very effective because it is natural and therefore no side effects. If your skin is dry or suffering from cracks then you can also apply. It helps to save your skin from the harsh climate and sun damage and dehydration.

It aids in the production of collagen and therefore it is anti-aging butter. For patients with wrinkles and crow's feet, this can serve as a great remedy.

Shea butter has a great number of vitamins and minerals and nutrients that are required by the skin. The best aspect is that you can even babies in on skin.

For patients with damaged or cracked heels foot, Shea butter is to be an effective means. Apply it. On your cracked heels and then wash with warm water

If you apply it on your toes helps to remove smelly feet.

Shea Butter for Hair Care

It's not just your face or skin, can enjoy the benefits of Shea Butter, but it works wonders for your hair also. It gives vitality and shine to your hair.

It is especially suitable for those women who live in the tropics and suffer from hair damage on a larger level. Take some shea butter and apply on your hair. After applying evenly to the hair just wrap a warm towel on your hair for about 15-20 minutes. Shampoo the hair on the regular way and use Shea butter conditioner afterwards. You will see your hair get extra shine and bounce.

If you have dull or dry hair, then it will certainly be very useful for your hair. Massage your hair with shea butter. But make sure you do not use refined shea butter on your hair to get the maximum benefit.

Shea butter products

There are different types of shea butter, which are available on the market today and it is up to your needs than what you want to buy.

African Shea Butter Cream: This is a 100% natural. It is in the raw form and unprocessed. It helps to balance the skin tone and also repairs your skin. It is imported from Ghana. You can apply it directly or just rub it on your hands and then apply. It is perfect for your body, hair, nails, lips and so worth buying.

Cantu Shea Butter Natural Skin Care Hand and Body Cream:

It consists of pure shea butter produced and helps to moisturize the skin. It acts as a soothing cream for your skin and revitalizes the skin. It contains vitamins A and E, and helps to reduce the signs of skin aging. It helps to protect the skin from sun damage.

Nubian Heritage Body Lotion Shea Butter: It is rich in vitamins and minerals that are considered essential for the skin. It contains vitamin B 5, vitamin E, cocoa butter.

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A protected tree
is the fruit of the shea shea wild. Sometimes the shea tree is also called "butter tree", he is one of the few oil producers in the Sahel. The fruit offers many possibilities: the flesh is eaten, drunk the root extract or used for spas. The trees without fruit yield become firewood. The ash is used for fabric dyeing. The caterpillars, which sometimes hide hundreds in the leaves, and serve as a delicacy food.

No fast breeder
If the tree 15 - 20 years old, he begins to bloom. Then again pass 3-4 years until it bear fruit. With 45 years of tree reaches its full productive capacity. The fruits are green and have the size of a plum. The external pulp is removed (or eaten), dried nut and the shell smash. The core contains 46-60% fat. From 100 kg of fresh fruits it produces 20 kg of dried seeds.

Collecting the shea
Most Karitébäume located on barren land or then on arable fields. The harvest extends from June to August and during this period the ripe nuts fall to the ground. This is at a time where women are otherwise busy with a lot of field work. The Karités be inKörben after collection, carried calabashes and pelvis home. If they must be left in the bush, the piled under a tree.

First processing of shea
If a woman with her ​​Karités comes home they are piled up at the house. Later, they are then placed in the sun to the outermost shell drops. This fatty sheath is during harvest time a delicacy, later she is eaten by animals or drops. Now the Karités be poured and cooked until the film has completely dissolved in a saucepan. Subsequently, the Karités dried on the floor, this may be 3 - last 7 days. Then the fruits are stored in clay pots and baskets before further treatment. Well dried they can be stored for months. Now the Karitésin be entridnet a mortar, then the nut and shell is manually disconnected.

Production of shea
nut is now carefully roasted, ground in a mortar and again washed. In a hand mill, the nuts are ground into flour and schütet in a basin. In another phase of the butter is cooked with the addition of hot water, in hard work, the mass is stirred by hand and knocked until the shea butter slowly coming to the surface. Now, cold water is added and the half fat mass may be removed from the surface. Subsequently, the original brown mass is cooked in a pan for 10-15 minutes, the impure particles are sorted out. Now the time has come to pour the shea butter and the solidification she gets a yellowish-white color. At the end of the day the butter has clotted.

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